Human Survivors in State of Decay 2 Part 1

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  1. Wait, nobody is mentioning that fascinating skull-like image on the leather (pleather?) jacket? It looks like there is a star on one of the others. Come on, that is SO COOL! It opens up a whole world of factions and enclaves. I mean, one bunch of reavers may have skulls or bloody emblems while others may have... I don't know, golden shields or some other images. It is a great way to differentiate your group from others and to tell when you're being raided by a particular group of enemies. Nichole, I am telling you if you have a basic set in game and want to offer a set of more advanced or "clan" type emblem as a DLC I am in and will pay for that for my group. Seriously. Right now. Pre-order and everything.
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    It's a nice thought/suggestion, but they've already stated that clothing/attire/ character appearance can't be altered unfortunately.
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    Personally, I'd rather clothing symbols be unique to the clothing item and not something the player sets for the base. Realism issues aside I'd have more respect for the unique appearance of survivors if everybody wasn't branded with the same thing.
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