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Discussion in 'PC Mods' started by ThatChristmaskid, Jan 1, 2018.

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  1. It's been a long time since I've done any sort of modding, let alone play the game, but in my travels I've come across a new idea.

    How probable would it be to make a new radio system for State of Decay?

    I would want to make it similar to how the Fallout Series has used radios, making them more than a key for communication, but also for simple entertainment. Have the radios play music, give updates on real world events, even trigger missions.

    Some ideas for the mechanics:
    • Let the survivor know that there are new enclaves on the map
    • Trigger scavenger missions
    • Let the survivor know when an enclave collapses
    • Plays music
    • Fully voiced
    • Possibly give the radio station a physical location on the map
    • Hearing stories of survival in Trumball Valley
    And if it weren't too difficult, I would also suggest adding multiple radio stations, so that way players could enjoy a variety of genres, like a pop station, rock, etc.

    More ideas:
    • Making a fully voiced NPC character, to put a face to the voice.
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  2. Shadowfogkiller

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    That's a good idea! But I know that modding can be a pain the neck :confused:
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  3. I know that for a menu realistically we could use a different "radio frequency" tab to toggle it on & off.

    I remember there was a stream back in the day before Year One dropped, the devs opened the radio option and clicked on a different tab for some mod tools. So the code exists, somewhere.

    I need advice of the resident experts before moving forward on this.
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  4. QMJS

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    That could almost all be done with custom scenes.

    Adding a new physical location on the map would be rather difficult.

    Playing music could be done, but might present an issue... it would probably interfere with other scenes because the specific sound would go on too long.
    Although, you could customize it by pointing out the specific location the sounds are stored, so players could replace them with their own music. (That might prevent any unwanted legal stuff too that comes along with using copyrighted music.) Just adding a radio command to play "song 1", "song 2" and such should be fairly easy... they would be mostly empty, and the SuccessScene= would handle the sound. You might want to add in a variable that only allows one to be selected when no other one is playing.

    The different radio tabs are all handled through radiooptions.xml in the contentmanager directory, the same place missions are. The main tab is ChannelID="0", and the two loyalty reward things are on ChannelID="1". I would use 1 myself, but 2 is also available, and possibly the others, although I never tried to put anything in them.

    I would start with scenes, and take a look at Lily's stuff for when she tells you about a new enclave, and work from there for "Let the survivor know that there are new enclaves on the map".
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  5. FreedomFighter

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    I want the radio call to cancel mission. Some mission generate so bloody far away from where i am comfortable with.
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  6. Stealing this idea for the other forum, because I definitely want to bring this to life and I know it'll take more than until the end of Jan.
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  7. Sounds good. Lets make it real.
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