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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Tim Waterson, Nov 27, 2017.

  1. I think it’s a good idea.

  2. I don’t this is a good idea.

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  1. The one thing I kept seeing in the forums are ideas for character creation and they are ,for the most part, great ideas. The unfortunate side effect we have all considered is that if a character we created dies, many at that point would simply stop playing. I say instead of finding ways for those ideas could ruin the game for us, we should find ways to build upon them.

    I ask you this, why settle for one when we can make many. For those who know of XCOM 2’s character pool feature, this idea is pretty much the gist of it, but for those who are unfamiliar with it, It allows people to create characters, aesthetically speaking. Once a character is created, It will become available by chance, along with their stats. I f you came across a character you liked, you could easily add them to your character pool.

    If you have any ideas of your own, feel free to share them here.
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  2. Bob Crees

    Bob Crees Banned

    @Tim Waterson - Welcome to the Forums:)

    The whole ethos of SoD is about the 'Community' rather than the individual. I know in the past that I have 'Rage Quitted' when say I lost Marcus and then Maya with the space of about 10 minutes.

    As for making your own characters, we are yet to be informed whether we can do this in Sod2
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  3. YojimBeau

    YojimBeau Famous

    Goddammit, as a proponent of the "you get what you get" team, you actually hit on one of my favorite features of Xcom that contradicts that sentiment. I absolutely love the character pool in Xcom. I'm thrilled when Kitty Claws shows up early in the gane and I get to develop her into an ultimate killing machine. I particularly like it when she becomes my sniper. There's something special about that for me, perhaps because that was my first experience with her.
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  4. I didn’t mention that the stats would stay the same, Kitty would be likely be an absolute killer in one walkthrough, but a complete hindrance in another.

    I also never said that you would start with these characters, you would likely need to locate them through interactions with their respective enclaves.

    I’m merely providing an idea, how they would choose to incorporate this would be completely up to them.
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  5. The idea itself is open to interpretation, how this can incorporated is completely up to Undead Labs to alter it to their own flavour.

    How I would hope this would be is down to two baselines.
    1. Obtainable only through random events.
    2. Never has the same strengths, weaknesses, behaviour or qwerks.

    Whether any of this, or at all,happens doesn’t bother me.

    P.s This idea came from a funny thought about my asshole friend being in a zombie apocalypse and being awesome up until he gets pounced by a feral, then the survivors put up a monument that looks like an original Xbox. Thank you for the welcome.
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  6. orgelambart

    orgelambart Here To Help

    I would love the idea of creating certain survivors.. you can cherry pick what you want them to be, then have them randomly show up.. That would be totally amazing.. You can create yourself, your friends, your family, whoever you want and have them randomly show up in the game..

    Or even just letting you create their appearance and name I guess would be great, not as good as actually letting you hand pick what you want,
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  7. Alan Gunderson

    Alan Gunderson Here To Help

    I'm more in favor of "you get what you get", personally. The aspect of randomized survivors would probably be hindered by people who keep "recycling" new survivors until they get their OC of choice.

    "Character farming" is already an... 'issue' to say the least, due to certain shed-related methods granting survivors the survivor of choice after some time due to a survivor pool where the knowledge of a desirable survivor being somewhere next in line exists.

    Point being I think this can easily ruin the aspect of a totally random community from all strides of the setting if players just kill survivors and restart games until they get the team they want.

    The only difference between the current problems of that and this idea is that it would take longer and the player could create exactly who they want to see, providing further motive to use these meta-methods.
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  8. MrFish

    MrFish Got Your Back

    Getting what you get wouldn't be an issue if there weren't very clear advantages to characters with Reflexes, Powerhouse, and various utility skills that make characters without utility or combat skills basically a body that eats your food, uses your ammo, and occasionally picks fights.

    There is a very real issue of marginal productivity here such that the game rewards you playing a sociopathic gang leader who arranges unfortunate accidents to keep their crew small over a magnanimous benefactor out to rescue anyone and everyone they can.

    Hopefully SoD2 is balanced a bit better in that regard in that even the no-skills have their place in your group and managing a few dozen people is as rewarding as keeping your RV-rolling homies a small tight-not crew with darwinistic tendencies.
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  9. Alan Gunderson

    Alan Gunderson Here To Help

    I'm not going to say that you're wrong but with how long I've played the game I've realized that you don't need reflex, powerhouse or any utility skills to not just succeed but prosper in SOD. Every single character can have a bad mood so it's not limited to "useless" survivors, while the useless survivors can learn weapons specializations and the moves (which may or may not be OP by themselves) with it. Sure, it's nice to have a swordsman that's also a reflex badass, but I'm not going to go ahead and say I need it or the insta-kill of regular swinging isn't already doing the job.

    I thought the same way when I was exploring the game until I realized that all of those questionable traits that made characters terrible barely mattered to the game. When it comes down to it, your reflex ninjas, doctors, brutes, snipers... they are going to eat your food, use your ammo, and occasionally pick fights too.

    State of Decay doesn't make this kind of playstyle of accepting who you get with minimal vetting a handicap either (it sounds weird admitting that this is a playstyle and not just regular gameplay). Quality weapons aren't hard to locate at all once you know where to look. A headshot is a headshot. The most shitted-on survivor can perform a finisher with the 'z' key no different than anyone else.

    In my character mod I've actually replaced character skills on all sides of the spectrum with the dozens of unused or under-used negative (and positive) traits that both came with Lifeline and were left behind in the original game to give each survivor more "spice" for these exact reasons. Rather than worrying about making survivors overpowered or underpowered, why not just have them focus on making the characters a little more fleshed out and actually respectable? That's my line of thinking.
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  10. CaptainAssassin

    CaptainAssassin Here To Help

    Agreed. I've given a few Reflex and Powerhouse characters the boot, simply because they're too high-maintenance in the 'mood' department.
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  11. MrFish

    MrFish Got Your Back

    That's kind of my point though. Community management is basically all about getting rid of people.
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  12. CaptainAssassin

    CaptainAssassin Here To Help

    IME that was a bigger issue with original SoD (when roof-riding still worked). In YOSE BD, I lost interest in overpopulating my community. The occasional 2 or 3 maybe, to refine or upgrade my core group. But usually it was to relieve Zeika or Sgt. Tan of their lovely weapons... and then leave them behind. As the levels progressed, it was more beneficial to keep a full spread of enclaves on the map, for all the weapons and ammo I didn't need.

    My 'community management' was the habit of using all 7 of my core group regularly, to keep their moods up. And having survivors whose spirits are more easily lifted than others, made that responsibility much less arduous.
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