IGN Video on SoD, 8/31/2012

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  1. Cant wait cant wait please let it come out soon
  2. are they releasing full gameplay?
  3. As I saw in the video, the game seems like it has lots of bugs (like the door). I just wanted to know, since the game is coming out soon, are you guys going to fix the bugs before it comes out?
  4. Tb0ne9921

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    They have fixed a lot of the bugs and the game is in pre-cert, welcome to the forums :p
  5. Some bugs they can fix with updates on the Xbox
  6. Damn, really looking forward to the game
  7. Nightowl

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    Donmt have time to hang around,, is this Video new or not? if so somone take the link and start a new thread,,if not iam sorry !! [video=youtube;wvDSxeL2LuI]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wvDSxeL2LuI[/video]
  8. Not new sorry
  9. Have not been this excited since the first fable.This game looks like one to remember years from now like all the old school games.
  10. NiteFox11

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    I know this feeling.
  11. It's rare i get this excited over games any more, really cannot wait for this, last time I got this excited was Xcom: Enemy Unknown, Pretty sure i'd be content with just that and State of Decay on my Xbox for a while :D Videos look great, as for bugs/glitches, it happens, from what I've seen it doesn't seem to take too much out from the gameplay, might break immersion a little but It looks so far from a deal breaker for me.
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