In Joyful Strains, Let Us Sing!

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, Jul 12, 2013.

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  1. Bad news buddy, I'm Aussie. I know the anthem is in joyful strains, then let us sing. I was just saying let us rejoice in response to the awesome news.
  2. I'm pretty sure adlibbing your national anthem counts as a +1
  3. Stevilknievel

    Stevilknievel Banned

    +1 for everybody let us mark this day by surrounding the campfire and engaging in sing song and dance

  4. Thanks for getting the NZ release out UL.
    My community is currently mourning their first death. Maya, pulled apart by a juggernaut while looting a garage.
    Well at least her death unlocked an achievement :)
  5. Can't wait to purchase it ...... soon. So far it's still not available in Oz. I will be trying each day until it is though :) Thanks UL for your efforts on our behalf!
  6. Stevilknievel

    Stevilknievel Banned

    Not Maya... anyone but her :(
  7. That includes addlibbing the 2nd and 3rd verse of our anthem that nobody in the country knows?

    I swear, we're the only damn country that makes a complete 6 minute song for an anthem...

    Next time I hear "November Rain", I'm singing our anthem over the top of it to see how far I get... once I learn the rest of it.
  8. Adam Hills reworked Advance Australia Fair to fit Working Class Man by Cold Chisel "Working Class Anthem"
    What would be your zombie apocalypse anthem? Highway To Hell? Pure Massacre? These Days?
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  9. *crickets chirping*
  10. Well in about a week I'll be searching for supplies while keeping an ear open for the sound of survivors who need help. Popping my vitamins like a good boy, staying alert for that curious zombie glow.
  11. ZedsDead

    ZedsDead Got Your Back

    It's The End Of The World As We Know It

    Especially because after the latest patch, I really do feel fine.
  12. YAY. UL facebook update says we should have access by about 7pm (AEST) Friday 26/7 :) WOOHOO! Thanx UL!
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  13. bashprompt

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    In the interim I have been giving a work around out to my near 60,000 Twitter followers since the game first launched; so please don't be disheartened if your sales in Australia don't seem so great, most people won't want a censored as crap version because our government are nanny staters similar to your right wingers in the US, and of my near 60,000 followers (and 8 million readers on syndicated blog posts) I am sure that most zombie fanatic Aussie's who would buy this game in a heartbeat have probably already read my work around and got it.

    I'm just worried you guys will get bad sales because we already bought it from the US sales and think we are a market not worth selling to! :p
  14. I'm playing the Aussie version and am not feeling worse off. Sales should be just fine :)
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