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  1. For starters, zombies are not out to eat brains that was from a crappy movie with talking zombies. Go to Wikipedia and look up a Cordycep, it's a fungus that causes a zombie-like effect on ants and other bugs, so if people really wanted to we could make a type of bio weapon that could cause a similar effect. It's not full blown zombies but it's pretty close.

    So I think a Cordycep bio weapon is less far fetch excuse than anything supernatural.
    Tell me what you think.
  2. 2 things I have to say on this
    2. I'm kinda pissed cause the one freakin week I leave to the Caribbean you guys announce the game, its like I've been watching a turtle and nothings been happening and the one freakin minute I look away it charges at me and bites me in the ass
  3. Silent_Bob

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    Game looks like good fun if a little rough around the edges. Glad they have added stealth elements to it. Next video they should show just non-combat elements to show it's uniqueness, alot people on the web writing it off as another zombie game/clone
  4. Things like that (I am familiar with Cordyceps) work for zombie-like
    creatures, sure, and that's what the strategy they went with in 28
    Days Later
    , and REC 1-2. That doesn't get you to State
    of Decay
    's reanimated corpses, though.

    As for the brain-eating thing, I know which movie it's from --
    although I don't think it's all that bad, and I really quite
    liked the third entry in the series -- and included it more as a
    humorous aside. Most of the characteristics we now associate with
    zombies has more in common with the revenants/vampires that began to
    appear in European folklore from the 1700s onward, than they do with
    the African zombi/Haitian zonbe; so if you want to be a
    purist, even Romero needs to go. I Walked with a
    would be "ok", but that's about it ;)
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    I don't agree with you about Zack Snyder, loved Watchmen and the Dawn of the Dead remake was awesome, best zombie movie in my opinion. While Return of the Dead was a dark comedy it still had it's moments and really was the first fast zombies movie. I love The Walking Dead and those zombies are not that slow. I was talking more about the George Romero zombies, now them are some sloooow zombies. What makes the shamblers scary is the fact that they can sneak up on you because sometimes you can't hear them coming. You can hear the fast ones from a mile away coming at you. Though in a real (cough) zombie apocalypse I prefer your slow ones, really slow ones. :)
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    Funny you said that, was searching online and came across a fun read. It was called "5 scientific reasons zombie apocalypse could actually happen". I found it interesting and funny.
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  7. Fleshblight

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    (bold above mine)

    Fleshblight makes a statement and a preamble, then posits several queries, then makes a request of "Slow Zombies" --

    The statement: I agree wholeheartedly with your preference for zombie ambulation.

    The Preamble -- like a lot of people, I was first introduced to the Ophiocordyceps unilateralis fungus via the BBC-produced series, PLANET EARTH. The segment on the fungus focuses primarily on ants, and shows how those infected are first mentally incapacitated, then physically immobilized, then subjected to an ordeal that can only be described as Mother Nature at Her most horrifyingly raw.

    Basically what happens is this -- after invading the ant's body, the fungus consumes the hapless insect's vital soft tissues over a period of 10-14 days, readying itself for "spore" activity. When this stage is reached, spores literally "sprout out" of the ant's head and body and continue to extend outward like the gnarled fingers of an evil witch. It's just awful. (I remember holding my head in a vice-like grip as I watched the segment.)

    It should be noted that, on occasion, infected ants will remove themselves from the colony, moving in an almost trance-like, predetermined fashion. It is this radical change in the ant's behavior, the fungus driving it insane and upwards on a stem of a plant, that has led some people to use the term "zombie ants."

    The Queries -- Are you suggesting that a fungus can be manufactured that would attack a human brain and cause spores to sprout out of it the way it happens with the ants?

    If yes, are you implying that infected humans would simply walk around in a state of confusion, then sit down somewhere and eventually perish; or are you suggesting that the fungs would turn them into the kind of human-flesh-craving zombies we see in "The Walking Dead"?

    If neither of these scenarios, what ARE you implying?

    Is the "zombie-like effect" you postulated in your post above merely infected humans looking -- and acting -- dazed and confused?

    The Request -- Please describe (in as much detail as possible) how a "full blown" zombie acts, and then compare and contrast those actions to the actions exhibited by ants infected with Ophiocordyceps unilateralis to make us understand how the two conditions are "pretty close" in nature.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Gentlemen, this has gone wildly offtopic. Please take it TO Offtopic. Thank you :)
  9. Well I know that the Ophiocordyceps unilateralis is not a full blow zombie, but it has similar characteristics to a zombie virus, like the confusion that would be exhibited by someone infected as the virus spreads throughout the body, and the loss of individualism, the ants came into a trance-like state that made them incapable of thinking for themselves. There are advances in science, so it is possible to heal or recreate an organ or cell using stem cells, imagine something like Ophiocordyceps unilateralis controlling reanimated corpses from stem cells that are in a rabies-like state trying to spread the virus through bite or scratch, Zombies! It would be like resident evil in the way of skin care gone wrong (medical purposes), or in the wrong hands, a weapon to bring a whole nation to its knees. I know for now its a little far fetch, but as science advances, we'll see. In the end I still think anything man-made would be more explainable and believable than anything supernatural.
    Tell me what you think.
  10. Sorry Undead Sanya, didn't see your comment, I get a little carried away, but I'll take it to off topic.
  11. I can't wait for release for 2 reasons
    1. I've been here pretty early,might have been quiet but I was watching
    2.One of friends thinks this game is blowin out its ass and is gonna suck,made a bet with him really wanna shove it up in his face and show him wrong
  12. ShoutsAtMeat

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    Amazing! :) It feels weird not saying class3, but I'll get used to it. Can't wait!
  13. Never mind friend saw the vid says he thinks the game is awesome I win the bet
  14. Biggsmile

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    I've never been so excited waiting for a game. Would make an an amazing Xmas gift :D
  15. Will this game be a decent length? I get tired of playing a great game only to be shocked at how short it is. It's disappointing to know that you spent hard earned money on a game that's way too short. I also hope that the game is as great as the trailer makes it look. I'm a huge zombie fan and I always wanted a free roam GTA like zombie game. They have something like that in Saints Row 3 but it's not the whole game. I want this game more than any other game that's coming out. I have faith in you so please don't pull an Operation Raccon City. (Having a great concept go very very wrong.)
  16. Womack its a sandbox game
  17. I'm glad we now have a name and I'm sure there is much more to work on, but what about cheats??? My stepson was playing grand theft auto today and they have cheats you can put into on your phone in the game. So my question is will there be a feature like this in the first state of decay? I kno some before prefer to play without cheats(which I will until I complete the game) but some people just need an advantage or just prefer to use glitches or cheats. Maybe you can add a feature after the game is released, that when you complete the game, you unlock all the cheats and just spend hours mowing down zombies with unlimited ammo...or unlock a tank, or helicopter. Maybe it's not the path they want to go down, but it'll be something fun and/or different someone could do after they spend the time to complete the game anyway...personally I like the idea...thoughts???
  18. I don't think that'd be possible if it's a sandbox would be able to beat the main storyline but that won't end the game. Skyrim certainly didn't.
  19. We have a trailer now,I'm so excited I could plotz!!

    Seems like we got light at the end of the tunnel now folks; in a way that makes the waiting so much worse. I am still very excited though, I can't wait to see more!!
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    yes awsome i want and will buy this game day 1 i ll even get both pc and 360 this blows them all away bring this game out soon pls or a demo soon
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