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Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, Aug 21, 2012.

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  1. murdock1969

    murdock1969 Starting Off

    i hope you have a single player cheat or someway for the lone wolfs can play class 4 until i found out about this game from day z which i dont like because i want to roam and kill zombies drive help a.i peds not have some kid snipe me 10 minutes into game if no single then make it to where u can shots others who want to shot each other not me i love you guys and s.o.d this is the best game ever
  2. foxhound400

    foxhound400 Starting Off

    Class4 is the mmo version, state of decay is the single player xbox arcade title, with little info about class4, your lone wolf style would maybe work in state of decay but who knows, maybe there might be a single player mode, but only time will tell.
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  3. My friend told me that an interview was released saying the game will be a windows 8 exclusive, can this be confirmed here? Because If that's true, you're probably gonna take a big hit in PC sales...
  4. Biggsmile

    Biggsmile Starting Off

    Hope not.....Hoping it'll be PC and Xbox 360.
  5. woooo can't wait for the game please don't lett it be to long till it comes out :)
  6. I know this is a bit random and has absolutely nothing to do with wat u all r talkin about, but I was wondering: can u form different relationships with the individual survivors??
  7. foxhound400

    foxhound400 Starting Off

    Could you go into detail on your question, lol what kind of relationships??
  8. I've read lots of interviews, and i havent read anything about being just for windows 8...
    But i think only Sanya or somebody of UL can confirm that.
  9. I'd pre-order the game if it was possible, looks awesome! :D
  10. foxhound400

    foxhound400 Starting Off

    Hmm, I wounder what else we will see at pax this week undeadlabs =)
  11. hi i think state of decay will be at pax becuase it will be at microsoft booth at pax
  12. foxhound400

    foxhound400 Starting Off

    I know, they will be there ! =)
  13. Fleshblight

    Fleshblight Banned

    (bold above mine)

    Fleshblight predicts --

    I can tell Class 3 is gonna be a difficult game -- in the sense that players will die a lot. But I'm intrigued by the idea of being able to assume control of (i.e., switch out between) "rescued" survivors at random. However, I do hope that, once one gets the knack of the game's main mechanics, one will be able to extend the life of a survivor indefinitely. The prospect of collecting one's cadre of people and then growing fond of certain ones and taking them out regularly is exciting. From a certain point of view, this game mechanic seems reminiscent of X-Com. Which, in my book, is a cool thing.

  14. Well i hate to mention another game, but like in the Walking Dead episodic game. The way u interact with certain characters and the things they see you do determine how they feel about u. For example, one character may like ur leadership and decide he/she wants to follow u EVERYwhere. Or maybe if you seem to favor one person a bit more, a best friend sort of bond is formed.
  15. foxhound400

    foxhound400 Starting Off

    Ah I see, well that'd a great question =)
  16. this game looks amazing in every aspect, definetely buying this. please dont make it a 2013 release dont want to wait that long.
  17. I hope I get the time to watch it live :3
  18. foxhound400

    foxhound400 Starting Off

    Same here, can't wait, but wish I was going to pax =(
  19. I still think the glowing red eyes is like, the only bad thing about the zombies in this game. XD I don't see anything else I could even start to call out about it. XD that just shows how good you guys are doing. usually games have alot of things one person can call out as problems, Hell usually I could even find at least 5 things just from pictures. this game by you guys.. Nope, just 1. AND you had a video. Win for you guys, TOTAL win for you guys.
  20. foxhound400

    foxhound400 Starting Off

    The red eyes are not so bad, adds to the effect to them, =)
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