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Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, Aug 21, 2012.

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  1. Not really, I think it's MUCH scarier to see the pure death and decay of the eyes, pale-color of their original tint due to lack of oxygen and dying cells. Some because of them being blurry hazel are white. THOSE eyes... In THOSE eyes, you can see the pure death, and pure evil that lurks where their soul once was.
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    Hey take it easy lol, I understand, but well I think they look alright, but maybe its a way to tell the different types of zack, like diff between walkers and spriters
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    all i can say is i cant wait,there is no other game out there like this.i wish you guys would make this game number 1 more stuff to come later dlc i will buy this game day 1 love you guys keep up the great work
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    Ahem to that =]
  5. Hmm. State of decay huh. Since I heard of the name I have found it a little "funny". The name is self explanatory but the core concept in which the PR or Dev team is emphasizing about the game is well a 180 of that. Since they're really seem excited about a customizable safe house. To be honest I don't like the idea of a safe house if it truely is safe. If its a Z-Apocalypse or any apocalypse, there should be nowhere safe. Now if this "play house" is not 100% safe then kool props to team.
    I'm also trying really hard to not put high expectations because I don't want to go to high and game comes out short. I only say this because this team is suppose to have characters from well established game developers, including Jeff himself. With a strong team should come out some type of magical game of greatness. Lol. Ether way that's just my 2 cent
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    So now that PAX is nearly two weeks behind us and the "State of Decay" pinata has been whacked open and all its juicy and multicolored morsels have spilled out for our viewing delight, is it fair to say that SoD will now retreat back into informational hibernation until the beginning 2013?

    Just trying to get an idea when might be a good time to peek back in here for new updates.

  7. I have heard about this today and just finished watching the trailer. Awesome job so far guys, and I will patiently wait for this to come out. :D
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    Welcome aboard dude.

    Well I'm afraid you'll be the only one waiting patiently for SoD's release. We're all a bunch of frothing loons wanting.....needing it soooooooo badly.
  9. Oh don't let what I said fool you, I want this so badly right now. But, I know I'm going to have to wait until this is released (or atleast the beta) for my neverending hunger for games like this, to be sated.
  10. ha ha hahahahahahah We've become zombies for State of decay
  11. Just imagine what it is going to be like once the devs start unleashing more info on the game. We'll be hanging on their every word if we are not doing so already :p
  12. I can't wait for this game take all the time you want with it because I want this to be the best zombie game out there.
  13. Yeah take all the time you need but not to much lol
  14. This game looks fantastic. I cannot wait to play. Great job! :)
  15. Ill do everything for that game... *O*
  16. I hope it's another trailer.
  17. This comment "Yesterday we delivered a massive Content Complete milestone to Microsoft, which means the focus from here is polish, bug fixing, tuning, and balancing. The end of the road is in sight. We’re incredibly excited to get State of Decay into your hands. Thanks for being with us so far." in the news section for 16/11/2012 I hope means that this game is getting somewhere?

    Any idea of ETA?
  18. ETA has been stated countless times. It will be Early next year for release. They didn't even confirm spring as a release, so it may even be February or march.

    That is actually from a full article that was posted on the actual UL site, telling us where they are in development, and what to expect for info over the next couple months.

    If you don't have the time to read it: They have finished creating content, and are now on the balancing, tuning, and bug fixing side of development. Over the next two months there will be videos, articles, screenshots, Hell, even some new concept art maybe. Each with a theme. Each month featuring different aspects of State of Decays overall gameplay that have yet to be announced, or elaborated.
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