June's Xbox One Community Challenge Results - Kill 100m Zombies

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Nicole, Jun 30, 2015.

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  1. Fabian907

    Fabian907 Famous

    And you just broke your arm, good job, good job! Jk
  2. Cejao

    Cejao Famous

    three hours ago, I was in breakdown lvl 1 , using hazmat Walter and I tried to use the radio to call in Milo, and nothing happened, except I wasted 50 influence. nothing appeared on the map, he didn't appear in my community, my community size number did not increase. so I quit and went to story mode. used the radio, called in Milo, he appeared at home base like he is supposed to. ( i dont want to start breakdown all over again unless i really have to.

    Still no ammo drop on radio. will check again later and update if I have it.
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  3. deadlineclick

    deadlineclick Got Your Back

    Has anyone tried calling Milo after you move up a level? Will you get to have multiple Milo characters like you can have multiple incendiary revolvers? Can you leave Milo behind on the last BD level and call another one when you move up? I can test having two Milo characters now but would like to keep that valuable 50 influence instead. I'll do it later when influence isn't an issue.
    Has anyone tried either of these?
    I do have ammo drop now. I already have too much ammo though. :mad:

    Update: I tried adding another Milo and I get the message: "You already added Milo to this community once."

    I think it is safe to say you can't leave him behind and simply add him back in after you move up a BD level. Maybe though? I'll try if Milo gets killed or if he doesn't make the cut when it comes time to load the RV.
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  4. Cejao

    Cejao Famous

    Sigh, ive already made 2 breakdown games and gotten to a new home base and tried to call in milo and other than burning up 50 influence and my 1 use making it un-useable again, nothing happens. It might be because I had already found Milo in breakdown before the challenge. (known glitch/issue) The ammo drop doesn't exist in game for me in breakdown or story, I didn't play State of Decay from June 2nd, until July 1st. So I may be in-eligible for the community achievement, I guess if you didn't help get the 100 million kills, you dont get none of the loot.
  5. Mr.Atoz

    Mr.Atoz Got Your Back

    Hopefully it'll be there when you check back in. The sad thing is it only comes once per game....but it certainly helps.
    Hey has anyone ever mentioned to you that you look a bit like Norman Reedus? :)

    The photo I use is from the original Start Trek series ( a favourite of mine )...Mr. Atoz ( Ian Wolfe )... he's a librarian of sorts ( I like books ). In reality I look more like Bart Simpson than Vin Diesel. ;)
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  6. I dont see the achievement and the ammo drop...this is becoming seriously disappointing with this game

    Honestly, Undead Labs, why isn't the patch working for all SOD players? I also dont see ANYTHING about the achievement or the ammo drop either.
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  7. Dantron

    Dantron Here To Help

    Dantron informs Fabian that Dantron is not a feeble meat-bag with weak human arms. ;)
  8. Fabian907

    Fabian907 Famous

    And I stand corrected :D
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  9. deadlineclick

    deadlineclick Got Your Back

    I tried adding Milo again after I left him behind on the last BD level I was on. It said I had one use so I tried it.
    Same message: "You have already added Milo to this community once".
    The option on the menu greyed out and I'm pretty sure it still took my 50 influence. Pretty sure, not positive though. No need to try it. It doesn't work. They should just take it off the menu as a choice after you use it.
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  10. Cejao

    Cejao Famous

    Ok, this explains why It didn't work for me in break down, I had already found him in may (known issue) in breakdown lvl4, he came along with a survivor community i was bringing to my home base. So I did a challenge just for Milo in the main story, that's good enough I guess. That's the only place it seems to work for me.

    Ammo drop is non-existent, again could be that between June 3rd - June 30th I didn't login to state of decay at all. Not until July 1st for the new monthly challenge (that I knew about) (how was I to know they would invent a secret surprise community challenge?)
  11. Cejao

    Cejao Famous

    didn't poke my nose into the forums until the end of June. so was clueless.
  12. my ammo drop radio call hasnt popped yet anybody else having this problem?
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  13. Mr.Atoz

    Mr.Atoz Got Your Back

    I'm way out of my league here and I'm sure UL is seeing this and working towards a solution for you. But in the interim if you haven't already try clearing your cache ( clearing your persistent memory 3 times AND unplug your power cord at both ends leave until light winks out AND by clearing the persistent memory ), clear your alternate MAC address then log out and log back in....it can't hurt and stranger things have cured issues before.

    If that fails get a black rooster and head to cemetery at midnight on the first full moon, take the rooster and ....no wait that's for creating zombies.....

    Good luck and my fingers are crossed for you.
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  14. Tried all that still a no go
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  15. Mr.Atoz

    Mr.Atoz Got Your Back

    Sorry to hear that Harvey239.
  16. I got the ammo drop option and didn't even know there was a challenge to complete...SWEEEEET! I was able to grab mine in the regular story mode so for those saying it hasn't popped, are you waiting for it to appear in Breakdown or Lifeline?
  17. rebel36

    rebel36 Famous

    I've had the ammo drop achievement since the first of the month I believe. Just unlocked Milo in Breakdown the other day. It was called the fireworks achievement I think... I'm not certain. Got him after killing 100 zeds using explosives. Sweet!:)
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  18. Tried it in all three modes no go
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  19. Pegout

    Pegout Got Your Back

    I still haven't got the ammo drop in breakdown i killed many zeds in June
  20. ronindanbo

    ronindanbo Got Your Back

    Piggy has more ammo :) no more porkchop parties for Zed ***Oink***
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