Lifeline Design Article #1 - In the Army Now - 2/27/14

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, Feb 27, 2014.

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  1. niftyeye

    niftyeye Got Your Back

    Really? It would make perfect sense for there to be military helicopters as well as tanks to be there, I'm sure with a serious disaster such as the dead rising and killing every living thing in sight the Military would send everything at it. The choppers would be vital for fire support to units in trouble or for simply evacuating VIPs, heck its already referenced in the design article.

    The issue is balance, if Tanks and Helicopters were for example, extremely expensive to call in, were only available for a limited amount of time and were very situational, they would work well.

    Take a Tank for example, it would be excellent at taking out Juggernauts, but would be useless against a horde unless it has a large supply of ammunition, which in the name of balance it wouldn't. If the tank runs out of ammo its just going to get surrounded and bogged down, leaving the crew trapped.

    You could always make up a lore reason for it, by saying that the Military forces sent to Danforth are very short on mechanized equipment because all of the flashy toys such as Jets, Apache Gunships and Tanks have been sent to 'more important' hot spots, such as Washington and New York.

    One other thing, can you please edit and combine your posts instead of posting 3 small posts in a row in the space of the a couple of minutes? It causes more load on the servers and makes life more of a headache for Admins looking to clean up topics and stuff, plus its slightly annoying :p
  2. CaptainAssassin

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    In effort to avoid being taken out of context, I addressed helicopters and tanks for two different respective issues.
    I can totally believe the military would use helicopters, or a cargo plane, etc. (as a scripted event, like the finale in L4D 'Dear Air'). But what I don't see happening (in SoD) is the player taking control of those aerial vehicles. The game can hardly render the terrain fast enough to keep up with a fast car, let alone a flying machine.

    As for the tanks... let me start with military intelligence & resource allocation.

    Its two weeks into a viral outbreak. The military force was originally dispatched to deal with civilian quarantine, investigation, marshal-law perhaps. Armored vehicles, yes... but tanks— not likely.
    Even when the military realizes the gravity of the situation (or already knew), they can quickly learn the best method of engaging the enemy. Tanks are designed and allocated for engaging other tanks, vehicles, buildings, bunkers, pillboxes, etc. They would not be effective at engaging targets that only have close-quarters offensive capabilities, and who are in no way susceptible to intimidation or shock and awe. The tank would be covered in zeds, and the crew inside could do little at that point. There are far more effective, more maneuverable, more fuel efficient platforms available. As for gameplay— totally OP, and totally unnecessary.
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  3. gish

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    Tank could run over a horde??
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  4. Pajama Dad

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    A 60 ton tank is unlikely to get bogged down by the squishy bodies of a hoard. Blinded perhaps, which might lead to the crew running into trouble- there isn't a great amount of visibility when a tank is locked down. Sights could easily be covered making movement dangerous.

    A tank crew's biggest issue is breaking down. Either engine trouble or throwing a track.
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  5. Kiel555

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    Yeah but wait till it hits a pebble! Haha! Now you have a flying tank!

    I think it all depends on how the military perceives this start of a ZA. If it's viewed as civil unrest tanks could be sent in since they have a calming effect on rioters and intended to engage vehicles trying to breach their check points.
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  6. koolaidman35

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    well I guess you could maybe call in an apche helo not to pilot it but to kindof be a fire support thing like the artillery markers and stuff like that and you could see a chopper hovering over you shooting the zombies in front of you, youd still have to throw a marker but it would use a precise machine gun to effectively wipe out at least 15 or 20 zombies,it wouldn't have to move that fast at all once its there just hover around and be there until it runs out of ammo and you get a radio call from the pilot saying he has to refuel and rearm and will be back in a bit or something like that. also thechopper wouldn't have to be that detailed I guess so it would kindof be a tad bit less work for the devs, and it could just be lika a nose cannon that just basically looks like an LMG from the original game being fired at the zombies.
  7. CaptainAssassin

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    "............................" o_O

    Ummm, a what?? I think you've discovered a new oxymoron maybe.
  8. koolaidman35

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    haha funny,
    im trying to find a way to explain it that makes sense
  9. koolaidman35

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    well lets just forget I ever said that as a matter of fact
  10. XzerothreeX

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    That 20mm cannon under the Apaches cockpit is actually pretty accurate.
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  11. ArthurJS14

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    I hope your right, it would be really fun to have a unique team for lifeline to work with. :)
  12. CaptainAssassin

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    Well, that's not exactly apples to apples... :D

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  13. ArthurJS14

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    I know Rick Grimes was only a Deputy Sheriff, (I have been with a Sheriff's Office for 3+ years now) yet he was known as "The Sheriff", a symbol and title of authority, in essence he claimed this mantle as the leader of the group early on in the Walking Dead until they get to the prison, part of his claim to being the leader of the group is derived from being a Deputy Sheriff. I don't agree that rank is thrown out the window, or will be, even when things go bad there is a system of continuity across every branch of the military and government. So if the Major is killed, the next senior rank in line is in charge and calls the shots. I also believe that the game can change and is not going to be exactly the same as the original game in each dlc or iteration of the game or future games, this is confirmed with some of the new features/mechanics hinted at in the information releases so far for lifeline. Lifeline should be quite a different experience from what we have seen so far.
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  14. koolaidman35

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  15. turbo

    turbo Starting Off

    Something about Breakdown... So addictive. Sandbox to the max. Lots of time to really learn what you can do with game. I have had every home base multiple times and gotten to know the different characters, heroes, their strengths and specialities. If you haven't played Breakdown you have barely touched SoD.
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  16. koolaidman35

    koolaidman35 Got Your Back

    because if the lieutenant dies then the corporal takes charge of the group if the corporal dies the seargant takes charge, and if the seargeant dies then u got the privates in charge of basically themselves. I think that's correct anyway.
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  17. koolaidman35

    koolaidman35 Got Your Back

    I hav
    I havent gotten breakdown yet cuz I just got state of decay like a week ago but should I get breakdown now, or wait till lifeline comes out and get lifeline first?
  18. CaptainAssassin

    CaptainAssassin Here To Help

    I don't see how that would benefit you. They're totally separate game modes. You could be playing Breakdown, while waiting for Lifeline to be released... just like the rest of us.
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  19. Bob Crees

    Bob Crees Banned

    Kool, work through SoD first, as that's a real good way to build up to BD. Then go to at least Level 6 of BD, before you get DLC. That way you will be existing in this Zombie Apocalypse.
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  20. Bob Crees

    Bob Crees Banned

    Looking at some of the messages in this thread, then Yes, there needs to be a Chain of Command within the Military, However in the UK (in the late 70's early 80's) the training was all about working on your own if needed. In a Real World scenario, it would not take long before the only 'chain of command' would be you and your mate, thinking how the hell are we going to survive this s..t. Your Platoon Lt or Sgt may still be alive, but if their heads are deeper in the sand than yours are, then you really are on your own. (As a reference, I was an Infantry Man in the Gloucester Regiment and became a Sniper in the same). I am ideal for the Watch Tower, don't forget me when you load up the RV:)
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