Lifeline Design Article #1 - In the Army Now - 2/27/14

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, Feb 27, 2014.

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  1. broudie

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    If the description is any indication, the largest change in the game play is that the game gets harder over time instead of easier. In SoD and Breakdown the hardest parts of the game is when you have just started out and almost like a nekkid babe in the woods until you jack your first car or fortify your first home site. In Lifeline however it seems like the game gets progressively harder as you run out of resources. Would like to see how that plays out
  2. OldDogF14

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    Well . . .

    From top to bottom (omitting certain grades for the sake of brevity) it goes: General>Lieutenant General>Major General>Brigadier General>Colonel>Lieutenant Colonel>Major>Captain>First Lieutenant>Second Lieutenant>various grades of Warrant Officers>various grades of Sergeant (e.g. Sergeant Major, First Sergeant, Staff Sergeant, Sergeant First Class, Sergeant)>Corporal/Specialist>Private First Class>Private. At least in the U.S. Army. Commissioned ranks in the USMC and USAF are the same as the Army, while Warrant ranks (where used) are also the same, but some of the enlisted ranks have different titles but follow the same pattern. Commissioned and Enlisted ranks and ratings in the Navy have completely different titles because, well, we like to be different.

    Anyway, there is always a chain-of-command in the military, even in the worst case where it has to be decided by who has the most time-in-grade between two people who hold the same rank.
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  3. YojimBeau

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    You got your SFC (E-7) and SSG (E-6) backwards. I would also note Master Sergeant (E-8), which is equivalent to First Sergeant, just not in the command position.
  4. MatchesMalone

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    I doubt the game will incorporate that. The whole system is about you taking control of someone until they are tired, killed, or hurt. Then you switch and that person gets to create outposts, take walks with people, and generally take the lead on things.

    UL may incorporate the chain of command in the story, but not in the gameplay.
  5. OldDogF14

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    Which is why the NCOs are listed parenthetically and why I said some were being omitted - Master Sergeant is also missing, as well as some of the E7 and E8 variations. :)

    Anyway, the point was that a chain-of-command always exists.
  6. Bob Crees

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    Looks like it will be more important to grow your own food.
  7. I've played through story mode a couple times now on normal SoD, and I was thinking a helicopter of some sort would be awesome for Lifeline. Even some sort of transport like a Blackhawk with no attack capabilities. Not sure how realistic it would be to insert into the game, but just a thought... Imagine going to conduct a mission, and having a squad of soldiers unload out of a chopper... Or just solo scouting purposes. Make it cost fuel, etc to use it for balancing purposes. I am in the military, and this would add a ton to the realism. Just a thought :)
  8. Bob Crees

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    Might be worthy of a 'one off occurrence' - maybe to drop Food, Ammo & Meds. I think if you look at the possible story line of Lifeline, we will just be a small detachment out there, being fully equipped at the start of the game. As the game progresses, then either the Main Base; which is elsewhere gets over run, if not then we could expect at least one re-supply.
  9. Another way to incorporate a chopper would be to provide 1-2 that are playable in the beginning, and when it's gone it's gone (ie, you wreck it, it gets attacked when landed, etc). This would go along with you start off powerful and go downhill.
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  10. MatchesMalone

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    I believe the Lifeline map will not be as big as the original map, so we may not need a chopper. But overall, I doubt they could incorporate a chopper within a month's time. As they plan on showing it off at PAX in April and I'd imagine they'd want to ballpark the release to late April or early May. But that's my guess.

    A new art asset that requires new animations, new gameplay controls, and allows players to avoid zombies and hordes? That is a big investment for something that would, in my opinion, deviate too far from the game's goals. Which is to have you face hordes and attract zombies and risk your life. Not to be give you a stealth vehicle.

    It would be cool, but I'd wait for a larger game and when they could have a larger budget.
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  11. Negnar Holf

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    This was a response I gave to someone who suggested the same to me in a PM.

    1. Although I have high hopes for Lifeline, I highly doubt we'll be seeing helicopters and vehicles with mounted weapons. It's a helluva lot of coding, animating, designing, and the such just to get a regular vehicle up and running, let alone a vehicle that flies or has additional models (the HMGs) attached to them. You have to create the physics, the gravity, everything. As such, in the time UL has been given, I'd recommend not getting too excited for the concept.
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  12. DayZ

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    Probably in smug overconfidence leading to overextension of resources and shocks of some kind precipitating major reverses/collapses - which sounds about right.
  13. Will there be home sites in Lifeline? Are the drop zones considered as homes/bases? I like your idea of reinforcing a chosen location in SoD, and to construct a personal army base to stand against the hordes of the dead would be awesome!
  14. MatchesMalone

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    Lifeline only has one base. No word on number of outposts, but you will only have one base to defend and you cannot relocate.
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  15. Kiel555

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    I think it would really help the game atmosphere if SOME of the Sherriff patrol cars were repainted black and white with DPD insignia. Make it look like city police were involved along with County forces.
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