Lifeline Design Article #2 (Duty Roster) - 3/18/14

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, Mar 18, 2014.

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  1. IllBlazer

    IllBlazer Got Your Back

    I second that.
  2. Auzarion

    Auzarion Starting Off

    This my friends is Project Zomboid. I am surprised you guys have never heard of it since its one of the biggest grown games through the past 2 years when I started with it.

    What the game is about

    This game is basically like a walking dead one. No specials nor running zombies. Basically its walking dead and george Romero lore. And in sandbox you have full customization on what zombies can be like and etc.

    State of decay more feels like a cross between Left 4 Dead and Dawn of the dead lore.

    Our multiplayer is going along well. Bugs being squashed and so on. Theres still a bunch of bugs but its really fun!
  3. Auzarion

    Auzarion Starting Off

    Only posted this stuff because you asked what it was. :p Its a really fun game.

    Still State of Decay cannot wait for Lifeline! I love both these games a lot.
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  4. dynastyhan

    dynastyhan Famous

    Vienna Cho looks smokin hot :)
  5. Bea$tTeam101

    Bea$tTeam101 Got Your Back

    better than lily to bad alan wasn't the leader and he died it should've been sam with inappropriate shirt. Vienna Cho is more serious
  6. Raziel Kal'Therec

    Raziel Kal'Therec Starting Off

    you give me control of Sasquatch, the bonesaw of breakdown, or something similar, and a badass machete...

    and I will go Blackwatch on your ass at an impossible to win last stand that I know is coming.
    and I will chant this creed until the fuse on my last grenade goes off in the hand that I just shoved into a juggernaut's mouth.

    "When we hunt, we kill!
    No one is safe!
    Nothing is sacred!
    We are Blackwatch!
    We are the last line of defence!
    We will burn our own to hold the red line; it is the last line to ever hold!"

    ―The Blackwatch creed. (Prototype)
  7. Blackoutlantern

    Blackoutlantern Got Your Back

    Did anyone walk around with more than one person by your side in the original? I know you could have about 3 people with you; I'm wondering how many you'll be able to have by your side this time round. I go it alone most of the time but with the new one it seems we might have to travel around with at least some back up.
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  8. Kiel555

    Kiel555 Here To Help

    Nah, I never used the buddy system in the original recipe but will send out a fire team in Lifeline if I can. Haha. My real concern is if your wingman disappears as soon as you start a mission. I can see taking a wingman with me but once you rescue whoever and take them back to base does that make your wingman RTB on foot?
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  9. gish

    gish Got Your Back

    Will the new facilitys in lifeline be put in breakdown and vanilia??
  10. DayZ

    DayZ Got Your Back

    In the military I would hope that your wingman doesn't just head back whenever he/she gets tired - "or, like, whatever, dude." Completing the "mission" should include completing your mission - might cost influence.
  11. MatchesMalone

    MatchesMalone Got Your Back

    No, aside from content adding via patches. What is in Lifeline stays in Lifeline. The bases in breakdown/original would need to be revamped for the new facilities in Lifeline
  12. aepop10

    aepop10 Starting Off

    Will this new map be connected to the old as one huge map?
    Is it possible to use DLC for map expansions like that?
  13. MatchesMalone

    MatchesMalone Got Your Back

    No and No.

    The new map is just for Lifeline and does not connect with the original at all. Also, technically speaking it is very hard, if not impossible, to add new maps to an existing map. Hence why most games opt to have the player trigger a transition between maps (ie no seamless connection).

    The best approach for existing maps is to modify the existing assets or layout, but the size is exact and cannot be changed.
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  14. Blackoutlantern

    Blackoutlantern Got Your Back

    I had that a couple of times in the original where your partner would disappear for no reason and then show up back at base later on. Was quite annoying and part of the reason I used to only travel alone; that and their AI was a bit dumb in my opinion, I'm trying to sneak around a horde of zombies an am succeeding, until my partner decides that one or two are getting too close and attacks. I can't recall but I think I left them to die because of their stupidity.
  15. Blackoutlantern

    Blackoutlantern Got Your Back

    The Fallout games were prime examples of that.
  16. Kiel555

    Kiel555 Here To Help

    I'm okay if they bail on me because they are tired, sick, etc. My concern is if my ally bolts simply because I started a "mission". For example, If I'm playing as Kilo and have Vince as an ally, we go check out a civilian in trouble. I'm sure Vince will stay for all the fighting but once I talk to the civilian we rescued and agree to take them back to "Camp Leonidas (Black Friday...yeah right)", that's the start of a mission and Vince may leave. Then the big question is will Vince go around the big red area in the center of the map or is he going to pull a Maverick on me?
  17. Blackoutlantern

    Blackoutlantern Got Your Back

    Ahhh, I see your point. See now if it was multiplayer, you'd only really have to worry about a few of us doing that to you :p

    But yeah, they didn't pick the best routes back home in the original and always seemed to get in to trouble; which was great for side missions, kept things interesting. But when you were out and about and came across someone on a supply run and they headed straight toward a horde of zombies without stopping... That was just retarded and annoyed me, to which again I sometimes just left them to get beaten down before I helped, in hopes that they'd learn their lesson.

    Alas, this was not so...
  18. Kiel555

    Kiel555 Here To Help

    I think UL plans for one more twitch video this next week. Maybe they will show this feature. I know they encourage the buddy system and it seems like a good idea due to the increased difficulty (as compared to the original recipe) of lifeline. I just don't want to use allies if they are more trouble then they are worth.
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  19. niftyeye

    niftyeye Got Your Back

    Hopefully there is some sort of group system, I can't see the Military sending out lone soldiers to rescue VIPs myself, so hopefully Ill be about to have a fireteam of around 4 people or so.

    We'll see, but Ill be happy either way
  20. TenaciousMarine

    TenaciousMarine Got Your Back

    You can make your squad as long as you have the Influence points to do so. Just walk up to other characters hit "Y" and order them to follow you.
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