Lifeline Design Article #2 (Duty Roster) - 3/18/14

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, Mar 18, 2014.

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  1. Kiel555

    Kiel555 Here To Help

    Huh..I'll have to give that a try. On a good day I have about 250 influence haha so having an ally or two just never happens.

    But you're saying that if I've got the influence to burn that I can ask more than one friend to go with me? Did not know that.

    Still, what happens once you start a mission? Does your ally (allies) cut out on you and RTB via the most hazardous route possible? Or do they stay for the mission too?
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  2. Blackoutlantern

    Blackoutlantern Got Your Back

    It is easier to go it alone sometimes, but yeah; the buddy system will most likely need to be enforced, especially when planning on using cannon fodd... I mean, aiding each other if attempting to enter the red zones.
  3. Blackoutlantern

    Blackoutlantern Got Your Back

    You start out with Marcus, Maya and Ed on the original; granted that's just the start of the game, but it suggested you could take one more with you. Plus there's a couple of missions where you team up with more than one other. Again, story and not the best example; but still suggesting that you could ally with more than one.
  4. Kiel555

    Kiel555 Here To Help

    Oh sure as part of the story no problem. But to say just go out looting, could Marcus ask Maya, Ed, Sam and Jacob to go with him assuming enough influence ( like 400), all friends, no injuries, tired or sick?

    I know it seems like a noob question but I've never used this feature. I like it and knew the day would come when it would be needed and looks like in early June it's going to be needed. Haha.

    But it's no biggie. I just remember problems with the ally bolting on you once you started a mission. Could be bad in lifeline if that's the case.

    I was planning on giving the buddy system a try this evening but these things tend to go awry. You know them zeds. They are so inconsiderate when it comes to science projects. haha.
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  5. liamypoo

    liamypoo Famous

    No, only one person can come with you for 100 influence.
  6. niftyeye

    niftyeye Got Your Back

    But the Military doesn't really work in a 'lone wolf' style, especially if its a zombie outbreak and they are very short on numbers, hopefully you will be able to take a couple of squad mates with you at least.

    If thats not the case, there are always mods to fall back on.
  7. e5futter

    e5futter Here To Help

    Actually, UL said in the stream that it costs less Influence to take a soldier with you. :)

    [changed because it sounded rude.
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  8. liamypoo

    liamypoo Famous

    I thought he meant to the original game.
  9. gish

    gish Got Your Back

    Wait so soldiers are worth less then people?? So are they less human?? Hmmmm
  10. Rusty

    Rusty Got Your Back


    Yep, I'm still around! :D
  11. e5futter

    e5futter Here To Help

    Sorry if I came off a bit rude. ._.
  12. Blackoutlantern

    Blackoutlantern Got Your Back

    Yeah he did.
  13. Kiel555

    Kiel555 Here To Help

    Sorry for the confusion all.

    I'm looking forward to playing Lifeline with an ally in tow. I'm thinking Kilo and Vince will be my search and rescue team that go out into the shit and bring home the bacon. Not Kevin Bacon but these VIP's that the brass wants extracted.

    Anyway, never used this new feature of having an ally go with you into the ZA. Done plenty of the missions where you get a free ally (anger, sadness, cbt. training, etc.) but not one where you ask a friend to go with you for 100 influence to watch your back.

    Maybe next Tuesday's twitch video will cover this topic. Especially what happens if you have a friend with you watching your back and you then start a mission.
  14. TenaciousMarine

    TenaciousMarine Got Your Back

    Not exactly Sanya's justification for this was Chain of Command. Soldiers have to follow orders.
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  15. DeadlyTowersSux

    DeadlyTowersSux Starting Off

    Can't wait for this; especially liking the look of Sasquatch. Love that big lumberjack beard of his!
  16. Undead Nicole

    Undead Nicole Community Manager Staff Member

  17. Blackoutlantern

    Blackoutlantern Got Your Back

    If you haven't already cracked on with it mate, your allies stick with you through everything but HQ defense.
  18. Influence now reduced to around 50 now
  19. Kiel555

    Kiel555 Here To Help

    Got it! I never leave home without a wingman and for only 20!

    However, there are some issues with the buddy system that I never encountered before because I never used it in the original recipe game. It takes a while to load up 4 characters into the truck. I did the mission where you rescue Dr. Horn's ex-wife and we were there past sundown just trying to get everyone loaded up.

    They bump into one another or just stand around a lot. I try and move the truck but I'm too worried that one or more of them will interpret this as reckless driving. Anyway, after fighting off waves of zeds and trying about three times...maybe it was 4 we were underway. Whew...kind of frustrating but you first.

    To add insult to injury, I had Vince with me and he was a "dead stick". This I remember vividly from the original recipe, survivors that do nothing to help kill zeds or even defend themselves they just get in the way. Good thing I was playing as Kilo. A good NCO is ready for any contingency!
  20. Having the same problem with allies also.
    Still loving the intense game play and it has me 100% tuned on to level 3 alerts now.Really enjoy the base besieged and music score has me pumped.
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