Lifeline Design Article #2 (Duty Roster) - 3/18/14

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, Mar 18, 2014.

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  1. Lost Kilo on a scavenging run.Getting that Generator up and running important.
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    Aye, I don't think we'll be the only ones experiencing this glitch. Nearly ran over one of my allies because they just weren't getting in the van. Actually had to send one home because he got stuck in a cage at a view point and no matter what I did to try and make him follow me (Out of the open damn door that he couldn't quite squeeze through cause he couldn't navigate his way out!?), he just couldn't get unstuck. He stayed there after I sent him home, so I left him and found him back at base when I got back.

    But, hopefully these will be worked out soon enough.
  3. Yep.That's one if the great things with UL they always listen to us in their title updates.
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  4. Okay, Undead Labs... I have liked the game for the most part so far. Everyone has their mistakes (ie: Lilly existing), but this Lifeline thing is just a joke. Why is 3/5 of the map not available? I get it's a lot to ask for you guys to actually make a city. I do. But don't talk about having a city if you don't have one! Why not just make the first 2 floors of each building and then saying the elevators aren't working and stairs are blocked? I mean, come on guys. It was bad enough when you talked about a multi-player update in every interview until you got record breaking sales, THEN changed you mind. But now you went out of your way to block off every road or building that was new. I mean there are sections of the map that are literally pulled straight from the base game! I know it saves time, and some buildings will be reused, but at least place them differently. How can you say you gave fans a city when you block off the entire map other than a giant oval of highway?
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    I had a little whine about this when I found out about the danger zones, dunno if you can loot in there; don't know if you'd actually get the time to if I'm honest. But you can get in the red areas, it's just helluva tough to get through or stop.

    They did give us a city and to be honest, its only a dlc. So to have a new story line, new characters, weapons, vehicles and map, they've done pretty well in my opinion; yes things could be a little better, but they're good enough.
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  6. The very few areas you can actually get to spawn hordes of zombies a second. That's not being in a city. That's a really lazy way to prevent exploration in an already small map. Plus, there are just as many areas that aren't red that you can't reach. Yeah, it was just a dlc. I get that.

    And new characters and weapons aren't really justification. Most guns act exactly the same anyway(which is fine, but 5 more machine guns that just shoot isn't new content. It's a new skin. Who cares?) Characters? A few new voices with 4 lines, and the exact same 2 soldier models with a few different faces? Okay again. But that's not what we paid for. We paid for a city. We got a donut with about 20 buildings that you can actually go in to, most of which (if not all) are re-pasted from the base game.

    I mean, you're right. It's just a dlc. But I guess I'm just tired of dlc in general. It's always shallow and rarely does anything for the real game. I mean you can't even use the new map in breakdown. If that's what you call a new map. I miss when games came out with everything you could want already in them. And some unlockables and cheats would be fun too. I mean, I get some people hate cheats because "it ruins multiplayer", but they changed their mind about that update as soon as they got some sales.
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    Fair crack man; I see your point with the re-skinning of characters and the new guns. I suppose you could also see it as a lazy way of stopping exploration and maybe saving on a bit of time and effort; but the way they have explained it, is that you would expect a city (Being a heavily populated area and all) to have mass amounts of the infected within, that could still be seen as an excuse to slack off; but I still think it works well.

    I'm with you that I'd like more to explore; again, that was one of my gripes when I first saw the map, and it's still not been answered as to whether or not you can actually loot anywhere within the danger zone (Given half a chance of course) because that was something I was looking forward to trying.

    As for payment though, I'm pretty chuffed with what I got for £6; you get games that have either crappy add-ons; or are just awful themselves, that cost more than that and they're supposed to be of a higher profile (Killer is dead is a prime example, enjoyed it because it was just a much stranger version of Devil may cry basically, but it was awful and I should never have had to pay £15 for it).

    I think cheats would be somewhat amusing, but would take away from the survival element of the game; you go running in to a danger zone with god mode on, there's not really anything you're achieving aside from maybe trying to see whether or not you can explore further than you can actually see, or than the zeds let you get. Same principle with unlimited ammo really. But it would be fun for a while to just stand there and beat the ever loving snot out of a group of juggernauts without fear of being ripped in half...
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    I think what I like most about lifeline is that it's not more of the same. In the original recipe there are lots of places to loot and lot's of map to explore. In breakdown, you get to loot the map as many times as you can stand it. Lifeline is not about looting or exploration. It's about saving lives and moving out as soon as the job is done.

    I'm actually impressed with what UL did for content in this dlc. A new map, music, characters, story, base, base facilities, buildings (never saw the clinic, funeral home, gun shop, spaghetti forge, etc in the original recipe), military truck, different colors of existing vehicles, redone Danforth PD squad car, tons of Easter eggs, and seagulls down by the port area.

    The base siege is always the highlight of the game as is seeing the chopper take a few more people to safety (well, as far as we know).

    These are stand alone games. I doubt you will ever see any crossover between them unless it's a TU that adds rucks in trucks for example. Lifeline, as a stand alone game, is a pretty good deal and offers yet another unique way to experience a ZA not available in the other two stand alone games.
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    I do appreciate that they didn't go with the same formula for Life line (With the way you play I mean). I need to get hold of an Xbox again to carry on playing, but I was in the midst of running a couple of experiments. Seeing if the game would eventually force the story line on if I didn't progress past the upgraded radio first. And Seeing if there's a way in to the danger zone that could explore more than just the little areas you can reach.
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    Got to respect the beard bro
  11. I like lifeline but i mostly get dead sticks where no one does anything or i get the running stick as i call it where they just keep running even off the map and mission fails cause they die or im out of mission area trying to follow them. Also would be nice if on the hq com tower there was a button to ask for the next target to get cause the waiting just sucks since time does not keep going when you turn the game off like in default game or breakdown.
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    Some of the budget should go to getting Samuel L. Jackson to do a MF Zombies line ala Snakes on a Plane.
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  13. "I am tired of these MF'n Ferals in this MF'n valley!"
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