Lifeline Trailer, Date, Price, and Twitch announcement

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, May 26, 2014.

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  1. Death Knight

    Death Knight Got Your Back

    [​IMG]Black Friday ya'll!
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  2. Takuro_Spirit

    Takuro_Spirit Here To Help

    That was a great trailer! Glad to see it announced for this weekend, CAN'T WAIT!

    Man, I was SO CLOSE to the date in the contest, and I was just joking about it being released May 31st. Clyde appears to have won, as he guessed the 30th. CONGRATS!
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  3. Dantron

    Dantron Here To Help

    Dantron will take a few extra naps on May 29 so that Dantron is full refreshed for May 30. :)
  4. This is a big thumbs up to the UL!
    I'll be sharing the trailer on my youtube account to make the Zombie Virus spread!
  5. Commander Fi5h

    Commander Fi5h Got Your Back

    Great news!

    The trailer was brilliant, especially the ending, as many of you have mentioned! ;)

    Really cannot wait until release, great work UL!
  6. niftyeye

    niftyeye Got Your Back

    Great news and I loved the trailer.

    Also a welcome bonus that its out earlier than I expected, I have to work during the day on saturday and sunday but I have the evening time to get some serious gaming done ;)

    What time is it released in the UK? If I can play a few hours before work friday night thats an even better bonus :D
  7. If it's like other Steam releases, it'll go live midnight Thurs early morning UK time.
  8. cenu

    cenu Got Your Back

  9. cenu

    cenu Got Your Back

    How far UL has come . Super proud ;)
  10. Shadowfogkiller

    Shadowfogkiller Here To Help

    YAY! But, boo for the trailer being on the IGN website. All I see are people complaining about how it should have multiplayer or Co-op :mad:.
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  11. niftyeye

    niftyeye Got Your Back

    Awesome, looks like Ill be getting up bright and early friday, hangover from the previous night be damned ;)

    Probably means Ill get all of my soldiers killed within the first 5 minutes of contact lol
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  12. Loco Little

    Loco Little Got Your Back

    Good job UL, you never fail to surprise us with good news, you fully deserve all the success coming your way. I have no reason to doubt that this DLC will be just as good an addition to SoD as Breakdown, probably more so!
  13. WillieSea

    WillieSea Famous

    The Most Anticipated DLC of 2014!
    That is awesome that it will be released earlier than expected, I can't wait for its release so I can stomp some zeds in a Danger Zone!
  14. yarwest

    yarwest Starting Off

    Im so pumped for this, all good news and the trailer is truely awesome. How do I claim my free copy? (I won the homesite contest)
  15. Shyer

    Shyer Here To Help

    Have I ever told you lovely staff members how fucking excited I am??
  16. Good Lorde

    Good Lorde Got Your Back

    Basically all my emotions at the moment.
    So excited..
    (Possible Breakdown update also? I'll cross my fingers).
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  17. Relentlessx757

    Relentlessx757 Starting Off

    Wow I wasn't expecting this to come out so soon, and it sucks it is releasing on Friday, because The Forest comes out that day and I have 15$ for it already. So, Lifeline is gonna have to wait which is something I wasn't planning on. :(
  18. e5futter

    e5futter Here To Help

    TU5 will be released at the same time as Lifeline. Which will have a large amount of bug fixes for breakdown, story, etc. :)
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  19. Zombie_Coats

    Zombie_Coats Here To Help

    Ty. Lovely-jubbly! :cool:

    Thats trailers smoking.... :smoking: lol
  20. jwideman

    jwideman Got Your Back

    Too soon for me, even at that price. Just bought a XBox 360 controller for use on my PC. Oh well.
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