Lifeline Trailer, Date, Price, and Twitch announcement

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, May 26, 2014.

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  1. It'll likely be everything from November (or whenever TU4 was) through April PC patch notes. Not sure they'd be able to get the 5/27 PC patch one shoved in so quickly.
  2. liamypoo

    liamypoo Famous

    Such a long wait though. :(
  3. TenaciousMarine

    TenaciousMarine Got Your Back

    It's PC, I'll do some more scavenging for a Xbox TU5 list
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  4. TU3 notes came in the day before it maybe...24-26 hours to wait until TU5 notes? (I couldn't even find the TU4 page with a cursory glance...and Title Update 4 brought up TU2/3 threads >.>)
  5. Already some new meat to chew on ! Little bees at UL are truly amazing, so much passion in your work guys, I really feel it. Seeing the price on this new release makes me proud that there are still guys out there makin' games with fun and passion (and even after their instant popularity peak since the first month SoD came out!!!) you are making an old school gamer change his opinion about game makers industry. I was expecting something around 20$ (wich would've been a fair price still) but there you go astonishing me with a price under 10$... This is the best zombies survival game out there, literally crushing any interest I had in any other titles, making Dead Island look like a hobo in the slums. Now I'm only wondering about one thing, one question resonating in the back of my mind... Any other projects outside of SoD ? I mean any other game genre on the discussion table ? Because I don't think I could praise your work more than I did on SoD... Undead Labs team as gained my deepest respect as game makers, and I wish to follow your work in the years to come, whatever the genre of games that comes next (tho with the name undead labs I do expect more delicious rotten flesh to chew on!)

    Thanks a bunch for your hard work to everyone on the UL team,
    I'm now counting hours until the download is aviable.
    Long Live the Undeads !
  6. DayZ

    DayZ Got Your Back

    Thanks. Personally I'd limit it to not more than 10 total , with a saving throw to see who might not make it hanging on the roof. They take their chances, but at least they have a chance - then the RV arrives and they get KIA'd within minutes. How poignant.
    . . .

    The ammo cap fix is critical - was that fixed completely in an earlier PC patch?
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  7. It's Thursday here for me. Article written up. Lifeline is AWESOME!!!!!
  8. Death Knight

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    I can't wait for tomorrow!
  9. gish

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    Can it Friday now?? Please I'll do anything!!!!!!!
  10. I heard its not gunna Friday till about midnight. Much disappoint :(
  11. kunoichidestiny

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    i wish lily would make it in lifeline cause she's my fav. character :p:p:p:p:p
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  12. Or maybe MARCUS !
  13. Tacomagic

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    You know the saying: It's Friday somewhere.

    Or something like that. I don't really do idioms.
  14. L0rd Shogun

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    What time on 5/30 ? Like midnight Thursday night, or like midnight Friday night?
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  15. niftyeye

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    I would imagine and definitely hope it will be midnight thursday, so tonight.
  16. XzerothreeX

    XzerothreeX Famous

    Can we get a ruling on the timeline?
  17. What time zone are you? If its GMT then definitely not.
  18. Going off old Steam looks like the Steam release will either be 12am PST or 10am PST, depending on Steam and developer agreements.
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  19. gish

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    I wish it came out now
  20. CazRock1

    CazRock1 Here To Help

    Very excited... I'll be showcasing Lifeline on my Youtube channel as quickly as I can record and upload my playthrough!

    Just watched a Preview video and I LOVE IT. First Wave attack on homebase was GREAT!
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