Lifeline Trailer, Date, Price, and Twitch announcement

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, May 26, 2014.

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  1. L0rd Shogun

    L0rd Shogun Got Your Back

    Should upgrade to Twitch broadcasting, then youtube highlights sir!
  2. Vers

    Vers Here To Help

    I'm already seeing reviews pop up. I am refraining from reading them. I can wait twenty four hours... I can wait... twenty...four.... hours....
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  3. 8 or 18 hours to go! Depending on Steam/Xbox release peeps
  4. tommyboy21

    tommyboy21 Got Your Back

    I've read a few reviews, and I haven't seen anything that would "spoil me" necessarily. Most of it has been the very basics of the story (which they've talked about in blogs and Twitch streams). The only real thing I was "spoiled" on was the names of your first 4 characters, and that's merely because I was too lazy to go back and read the information where UL talked about them
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  5. codythepatriot1776

    codythepatriot1776 Starting Off

    how many GBs is it going to be? I want to make sure I got enough room before it comes out
  6. mudster

    mudster Here To Help

    I woke up and realized it was May 30th!:D
    But then i remembered that Australia is one day ahead of the U.S and now i'm sad:(
    "curls up in the corner and dies"
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  7. IllBlazer

    IllBlazer Got Your Back

    it would be cool to know the size that the Xbox file will be, hah. As long as it ain't over 75gb or so I'm good, lol
  8. Considering their compression methods...I'd say under a GB.
  9. kassle

    kassle Got Your Back

  10. Vers

    Vers Here To Help

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  11. zoneout

    zoneout Starting Off

    So cheap? What? How can you say its cheap when you dont even know how much content there is. Unless they mentioned somewhere that this dlc is a 20 hour play through. I dont think its cheap, I think it might be priced right or a little tad over, all depends when its released.
  12. Nengtaka

    Nengtaka Here To Help

    State of Decay has replay ability, both Vanilla and Breakdown. If Lifeline isn't, I would be surprised.
    And $7 is very cheap when compared to money grabbing Call of Duty DLCs, for $15 each or $50 for four.
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  13. Vers

    Vers Here To Help

    They mentioned about six hours to complete the story. So I guess in your book this might be a robbery of your money.

    But I'm willing to bet most will gladly fork over seven dollars for the new weapons, new map, new characters, new story, new structure types, vehicle skins, support types, achievements, fan tributes, and the chance to lay down some serious lead down range in a way that you couldn't do on a regular basis in the original game and Breakdown DLC. Then there's always the replay value (the story can end in different ways depending on how you do) as Nengtaka pointed out.
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  14. Blackthorne

    Blackthorne Here To Help

    Completely agree. I've seen DLC for some games which barely give a third of the extras that Vers has listed here for what I would consider an obscene price tag and it's considered acceptable by the local standards.

    So tomorrow when Lifeline comes out on Aussie Steam, I'll pay that there $7.00, enjoy the generosity that is Undead Labs and fire up a game that will be an absolutely awesome ride.

    Here's looking forward to the AARs from one and all on the forum next week... I'll be too busy cracking zed skulls over the weekend to check in, no matter how many times Lily keeps pinging me on the radio asking me to do so :p
  15. kunoichidestiny

    kunoichidestiny Got Your Back

    I wish marcus make his appearance on lifeline too:):):):)
  16. NeoXCS

    NeoXCS Got Your Back

    I really liked the trailer. I saw it the other day. I'm excited this is coming out tomorrow, but I'll have to wait till next week sadly. At least I can get the TU5 to hold me over till then. Thanks for all your hard work UL! :)
  17. i hate waiting 7 am to swiss and no game :( i play now more then 300 h and i need more:rolleyes: its time to kick zombies in the ass.
  18. You will see will surely see! ,-)
  19. thehelpman

    thehelpman Starting Off

    You guys are doing a great job with this ill be waiting till 10am tomorrow for this.
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  20. I'm here in New Zealand & on xbox live lifeline has shown up, but only 58 mbs & its free.
    does anyone know if its the patch or dlc?
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