Live Stream 10/14/14

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, Oct 13, 2014.

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  1. Undead Sanya

    Undead Sanya Here To Help

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  2. Undead Sanya

    Undead Sanya Here To Help

    And if you have questions for the boys and can't make it to the stream, post here. I'll get them to the fellows.
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    And as for the questions:
    Are you suuure there's no more DLC for State of Decay?
    Will the Shop open back up anytime soon?
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  4. Mad cannibal

    Mad cannibal Here To Help

    Are you streaming remastered SoD or old SoD?
  5. WillieSea

    WillieSea Famous

    I would like to see some actual game playing skills shown off. :p
    But I suspect you guys are really playing like that so that everyone else will feel good about how they play. ;)

    #1. Are there any plans on future patches for the current SoD and DLC's?
    #2. Will you be at PAX South in Texas in Jan 2015?
  6. Please say yes to #2!!!! I can totally make it to a Texas one.
  7. Undead Nicole

    Undead Nicole Community Manager Staff Member

    I can say yes to We'll be at PAX South.
  8. I asked Nicole this a week ago and she said yes, They will be at PAX South.
    See you guys there!

    Whomph, Nicole Ninja'd.
  9. WillieSea

    WillieSea Famous

    I 'knew' they would be there because Jeff talked about it at PAX Prime. I figured I would put that question there so they could let everybody know on the video stream! You know, a little advertising isn't bad. ;)
  10. Any spare 3-day passes? They're all sold out and I didn't even know about PAX South until tonight. >.>
  11. Saturday is also sold out...
    I'm going Friday.
    You should too. Js.
  12. It's likely I'll be working on Friday but I may try that.
  13. liamypoo

    liamypoo Famous

    Really hoping they don't ask me to do overtime today so I can get to this! :D
  14. IrishDead

    IrishDead Here To Help

    will definitely be there :)
  15. Dantron

    Dantron Here To Help

    Dantron was once called a square by a human; Dantron inquires if this is a derogetory term for robots.

    P.S. Corvids are the best birds. :)
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  16. Indeed it is! You want to be a cube or a cylinder to have equivalent "cool" factor as a robot.
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  17. Kid Kayole

    Kid Kayole Here To Help

    Just checked in for the first time in a while just in time to catch this - but it says the xbox stream is down on my phone! (Android) Gutted! I'll keep trying though!
  18. Kid Kayole

    Kid Kayole Here To Help

    Still can't figure out if I'm a day late and I've already missed this - timezones blag my head!

    Well if I have, at least I've got the app and an account ready for the next one - every cloud and all that
  19. IrishDead

    IrishDead Here To Help

    at the time of this posting, it starts in an hour...right now I'm the only one
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  20. Kid Kayole

    Kid Kayole Here To Help

    Right - I've got the time down! Thanks for that, I knew the forum was the way to go! Still getting 'xbox stream down' on the mobile site and I can't find anything on the app

    Quick edit: I'm now following Undead Labs - one step closer haha
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