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  1. Fear

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    Expendable: Discussion and Application Thread

    "30 Students, One Week, One Winner"

    The year is 2054. Opinions aren't accepted any more, your choices in life are limited, you are merely a pawn. Break from this and suffer from the consequences which are usually death or beaten to near death. Your country is run by the new authoritarian United States government. Each year to keep people in line a group of randomly selected students who are in a university are forced to take part in a game of life and death so people who are thinking or are part taking in any acts to try voice their opinion, influence others or over throw their government fear them.

    This is you. You are a student in California. This means your character varies from the age of 19 to 24. You have no idea of the events about to unfold, to your knowledge you are being offered a chance to go on a field trip, the destination is unknown however it is told you are going to a convention that offers chances to look at different careers your major can lead into. You sadly volunteered either because you wanted, your friend made you, your parents forced you, and whatever the reason you still must face the fact that you'll be pitted against your friends, enemies and crushes for your life. The question is, will you kill and survive or will you be killed?


    Rules and how it works:

    All right so this is both a role-play and a game to clear that up. Your character might die. I have no guarantees for your character to survive or win. Some of you may get very mad at me, so please refrain from doing so because I may be the reason for the death of your character. It comes down to rolls and your weapon.

    Rolls: I will be rolling with a 100 sided dice, via a website. This will be the overall success of your said big move (trying to hurt or kill someone, etc). 1-25 will most likely end in a fail. 26-50 you will succeed but not with your original idea. 51-75 you will succeed but not as well as you wanted too and 76 and up will be a success. For example if I wanted to kill Joe by hitting him over the head with a bat and rolled a 1-25 I’d complete miss, with 26-50 I’d most likely hit him but nowhere near the original destination I wanted, if I rolled 51-75 I will most likely hit him over the shoulder and with 76 and up I’d hit him over the head. I will however write more than just the roll but a detailed explanation of what happened.

    Injuries: You’re player can become injured. Depending on how severe his/her injury you will lose 1-20 points each time you roll until you have healed this said injury, affecting your final roll.

    Weapons: Like the injuries, your weapon you begin with or you stole off another opponent will have a 1-20 bonus on your roll, affecting your final roll.

    Random events: Remember I said 30 students. There are others you will encounter controlled by me. You may encounter an innocent, cowering, crying girl, will you kill her? You may encounter a psychotic student majority in football. Expect the unexpected. All encounters won't just be life or death but also test your morals and beliefs. You may even meet someone wanting to team with you. I know it seems like a heavy job for me to control multiple people but I won't be busy at all hopefully and devote my time to this. I want to keep you on your toes so I won’t be biased and send you a character I want to send you instead, I will put the characters in a hat or something and draw them out and that is who you get!

    The normal rules apply:

    • Be kind to the other fellow role-players outside of the role-play
    • Don't complain if your character dies, I have sworn to be fair
    • Don't be OP (Over-powered)
    • Listen to me and any other GM because whatever we say is final, yeah?
    • Have fun, I made this to enjoy a game with you all, so please enjoy yourselves!

    Character Creation:

    Ah, so it is time to make a character! First of all you are limited to one character sadly as not everyone will not want two characters and will deem it unfair. So I basically want the well...basics of a character creation format. However if you are lazy or want a guideline, here you go!

    Name: (Simply the first and last name of your character, maybe even a nickname!)
    Age: (Remember! Ages of 19-24!)
    Major: (I am happy for you to major in anything you like. :) )
    Personality: (Share a few traits on how your character acts. Please bold the top three traits that describe him/her the most, please. You’ll find out later why!)
    Appearance: (The overall look of your character)
    Attire: (Wear whatever you like, please remember you didn't know what was going to unfold so no bulletproof vests under your attire)
    Biography: (I'd love to read about your character and sure others will to so please write something!)


    Simple as that! Once you have your bio ready and have read the rules post and if you have any questions please don't be afraid to ask!
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  2. Fear

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    If you would like to be friends/crushes/dating any of these NPCs please tell me and I will add it onto their little blurb. :)

    #1 Ryan Kelly - 22 - Sport - Handsome, athletic, douche-bag. Together partially with Madison.
    #2 Carlos Lee - 21 - Arts - Trust-worthy, charming, friendly. Best friends with Rose.
    #3 Timothy Anderson - 21 - Chemistry - Smart, nerdy, shy. Friends with Todd and Justin, crushing on Heather.
    #4 Stephen Russell - 24 - Business - Self-absorbed, intelligent, Neat. Keeps himself.
    #5 Harry Bryant - 21 - Film - Excitable, childish, funny. Best friends with Kathy, also crushing on her.
    #6 Todd Garcia - 24 - Mathematics - Mature, sensitive, smart. Friends with Timothy and Justin.
    #7 Justin Watson - 21 - Chemistry - Stoner, idiot, care-free. Friends with both Todd and Timothy.
    #8 Benjamin Richardson - 24 - Health - Frugal, ambitious, romantic. Dating Steven, Heather's brother.
    #9 Steven Jenkins - 22 - Education -Rustic, expressive, funny. Dating Benjamin.
    #10 Kathy Russell - 21 - Literacy - Collective, aspiring, caring. Friends with Harry, also friend-zoning him.
    #11 Kuboto Orsangai - 19 - Kendo Specialist - Friendly, charismatic, Calm. Best friends with Selim.
    #12 Marilyn White - 21 - Dancing - Quiet, sweet, modest. Keeps to herself, crushing on Todd.
    #13 Beverly Young - 22 - Teaching - Cute, excitable, playful. Best friends with Amy, dating Jacob.
    #14 Bonnie Smith - 23 - Engineering - Independent, hard-headed, easily angered. Friends with Rose.
    #15 Rose Maroon - 21 - Art - Mysterious, chilled, goth. Best friends with Carlos.
    #16 Elizabeth Williams - 24 - Law - Risky, impatient, persuasive. Friends with Heather. Occasionally sees Elizabeth.
    #17 Heather Richardson - 22 - Health - Wealthy, ambitious, level-headed. Benjamin's sister. Friends with Elizabeth.
    #18 Amy Gonzalez - 21 - Psychology - Unorganised, friendly, curious. Best friends with Beverly.
    #19 Sara Howard -23 - Fashion - Cheery, gossip queen, air-head. Friends with Sara and Madison, dating Mark.
    #20 Madison Olson (Fear) -22 - Photography - Social butterfly, vindictive, bitchy. Friends with Sara and Chantelle. Dating Ryan.
    #21 Selim Kirdiran (FTcivic)- 19 -Teaching- Silent, kill joy, gentleman/delinquent (Nice to girls, jerk to guys)
    #22 Chantelle Lloyd (Julia_Faye) - 20 - Cosmetology - Cute, drama queen, self-absorbed. Friends with Madison. Sort of dating Mark...
    #23 Ronan Fraiser (Matt419) - 22 - Medicine - Friendly, intelligent, cautious. Dating Amy.
    #24 Jacob Morales (TheMuse) - 23 - Fire Technology - Adventurous, charming, dependable. Dating Beverly, friends with Ronan.
    #25 Mark Sanchez (K-Man) - 22 - Sport - Good-looking, athletic, brave. Friends with Ryan, dating Sara cheating on her with Chantelle.
    #26 Dean Reynolds (Liamypoo) - 23 - History - Brave, athletic, womaniser. Casual sex with Elizabeth.
    #27 Kevin Parks (Virgel) - 20 - Microbiology and Immunology - Mature (Introvert with extroverted tendencies), extremely loyal.
    #28 Gwen Anderson - 20 - Music - Rebellious, smart-ass, trouble-maker. Tim's sister.


    #29 Luther Vonner ([URL="http://forums.undeadlabs.com/showthread.php?37422-ll-Expendable-ll-Discussion-and-Application-Thread&p=367274&viewfull=1#post367274]Mad Cannibal[/URL]) - 37 - Planner, greedy, disciplined.
    #30 Jinx - 23 - Sadistic, heartless, mute.
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  3. FTcivic

    FTcivic Here To Help

    Name: Selim Kirdiran
    Age: 19
    Club: Soccer Club
    Clothes: Black Jacket of the Red Dragon Gang, Black Pants, Blue shades, Red belt, black-red trimmed basketball shoes, and a pair of metal cleates always with him in a small bag.
    Favorite Sport: Boxing
    Major: Teaching.
    Hobbies: Reading about Empires, World War 1, World War 2, Korean War. Also learning about the Cultures of Turkey, Japan, Europe in General, and America.

    Bio: He arrived from Turkey at the Age of 14, coming from Istanbul, and having a pride as large as his nations history. Selim did not quickly adapt. Ignorant, stubborn, and not caring about the local culture, he did not mind not making friends.

    Personality-Boxing-Silent, kill joy, gentleman/delinquent (Nice against girls, jerk to guys).
  4. FTcivic

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    FEAR! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Sorry. That was my own character. I ended up making a character. For myself....(Look under the PM. If you wish, I could PM you the real NPC?)
  5. TheMuse

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    Bio coming soon, heads up, my character will be dating Beverly, his name will be Jacob (revamping my character from Matt's superhero story). Which makes him friends with Amy, too.
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  6. Fear

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    No, no. All characters go there silly. I am adding your NPC now. :p

    Madison is my character.
  7. FTcivic

    FTcivic Here To Help


    Oh. I see. Well. I'm. Terribly. Sorry. Please do excuse...my idiotic screammm...
  8. Fear

    Fear Here To Help

    Okey Dokey. :)

    Will add that now!

    You'll find most of these characters aren't meat shields. They all have backgrounds that I didn't mention so they aren't just going off their three personality traits.
  9. FTcivic

    FTcivic Here To Help

    LALALALALA A friend just sent me RAGE. The game. ;) *Wipes tear*
  10. Fear

    Fear Here To Help

    Fear's bio for Madison will be up soon, probably will have different personality traits for her.
  11. Julia_Faye

    Julia_Faye Famous

    Just noticed you have gay guys. :D If we could have two characters I would def make one too. Oh and can Mark be cheating with two people? None of the other guys interest me.. :p
  12. Fear

    Fear Here To Help

    How about would you rather be dating him and being cheated on (behind your back, you can have assumptions) or would you rather be the one cheating with him, while another girl dates him.

    Oh and yeah, the gay couple. They are nice folk, they have a back story and such. :)
  13. Julia_Faye

    Julia_Faye Famous

    Def rather be the slutty cheater behind his girlfriend's back ;) But Lilly is already doing that so I'm conflicted. :(
  14. Fear

    Fear Here To Help

    That is what I am saying, I will replace you with either Lilly or Sara. I guess our girls will be friends. :p

    Actually why don't you replace Lilly all together. Like I remove her character and you can take the spot as your character is sounding similar and it would be better just getting rid of Lilly altogether? Yeah?
  15. TheMuse

    TheMuse Here To Help

    I don't know if we've ever done gay character before, have we? Is this a landmark RP now haha :)
  16. Julia_Faye

    Julia_Faye Famous

    If that's what you want to do. I didn't mean to mess up your story. :(
  17. Fear

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    Name: Madison Olson
    Age: 22
    Major: Photography
    Personality: Madison is a social butterfly. But doesn't mean she is kind, Madison is very vindictive and bitchy when she needs to be which is usually most of the time when people aren't up at her 'level' of popularity. However she can paint a smile on her face and pretend to be friends with anyone to get what she wants. Not loyal at all, has an excellent memory and can be flirty when she wishes.
    Appearance: Attractive, soft facial features, shoulder length blonde, natural hair, slim, fit body figure.
    Attire: As seen above in the picture, however a more detailed version: A dark black, blackish blazer, a white, tight-fitting blouse, a very short plaided skirt, white stockings and heels.
    Biography: Madison has always been the centre of attention. Her attractive body and looks, her charismatic skills and vindictive behaviour let her rise to the top in high school. Madison gets what she wants when she wants and she was given the title of school captain by popular demand. She threw the most memorable parties. Madison cruised through high school with hardly applying her knowledge, making others do her work. Madison found an interest in photgraphy when she realised how many photos she took of herself, others and places in general.

    University isn't any different, her daddy paid for her to get in, she is still one of the most popular girls in the University of California. To keep her reputation she is dating one of the popular Jocks and is in the social comittee and hosts parties regularly. Unknown to everyone Madison finds being popular hard and wishes some people could relate to her, however mentioning this to anyone would ruin her popularity in her eyes.
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  18. Fear

    Fear Here To Help

    It is fine, some of them were temporary anyway, do you think she will be friends with Madison? Bio just above this post. :p
  19. Julia_Faye

    Julia_Faye Famous

    Oh good. That's what I was waiting for to see if we can use pictures lol. Yeah I can just use the traits you already have for Lilly, it will work with my character and we would def be friends and talk shit behind each others backs. :cool:
  20. Fear

    Fear Here To Help

    Haha, of course I don't mind pictures. You don't have to use Lilly's traits I just thought they would be similar. So use any traits you like. :p
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