Looking to create a Tacoma, WA Cell

Discussion in 'Survivor Cells' started by defied, Aug 9, 2012.

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  1. I need at least two more people.

    I love Washington state, and all of it's cities, and people, but the only Cell here so far is Bellevue... B-Town and T-Town working together? Yeah... If you know the difference and distance, you'd know that would be a disaster.

    Anyways, hit me up if you are interested.

  2. Man... I'm going to be the only person alive in Tacoma? Sheesh. 0]

  3. I am a cell of one.

  4. I am a wolfpack of one. I'm all T-town teeth...

  5. I am in Tacoma, sup?
  6. ObsidianChief

    ObsidianChief Got Your Back

    I'm in Snohomish, does that count?
  7. dynastyhan

    dynastyhan Famous

    Tacoma assemble completed!

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  8. HighCadet

    HighCadet Got Your Back

    Over the bridge
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