Machinima Video on SoD, 8/30/2012

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    (Hat tip to screenamesuck, who found it and posted it, but who could no longer post to the thread after I whooshed it to this section.)
  2. We need one of those State of Decay t-shirts! :)
  3. -Thumbs up-
  4. Please! Ones that don't look as dorky as the last batch of shirts!!!!!! I saw a PAX gameplay video with a guy being reflected in one of those shirts! Sell the shirts! Hoodies! Fall is coming! Make some bank!
  5. DLC: Jeff Strain, Sporting a UL sweater or SoD shirt. Only way to "meet" him is to be put in a horrible situation for Jeff to come in and save the day!
  6. Um i dont know where to post questions ive been trying to find where to do it but idk but anyways i would like for you guys to consider intigrating (for class 4) the severs between pc and xbox beacuse i have some friends that like the pc better then consal i dont personally but i want all my friends to be as happy as possible
  7. The pictures on the wall at 0:35 will make nice wallpaper on my Pc ^^ and i agree with the T-shirt idea: NEEEEDDD OONNNEE :eek:
  8. I still look pretty back there.

  9. I want buy it, but im so sure it will not be allowed to sell in germany :`(
  10. Now don't quote me on this because I have no idea, but is that even possible? I've never seen any current games do that before, maybe I'm just picking up ones that don't have that integration. Or maybe it isn't possible is there anyone that knows this for sure?
  11. Abhor Deities

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    It is completely possible. Final Fantasy 11 (The online one) has PC, Xbox, and PlayStation gamers all playing with each other. I don't know the technical stuff behind it. But I would imagine the company has to have it's own server and code it to understand the different input devices.
  12. if I am not going to get a t-shirt I can always kill myself so I can be happy that I can't wear a shirt anyway.
  13. I was unaware of this example, The only game I could think of that had cross platform multiplayer was shadowrun.
  14. Yeah, the reality of cross-platforming is only that the limitation comes from writing a software interpreter (essentially an emulator) that permits for data exchange. to put it one way, if you have a really poor interpreter translating what you're saying to someone else, they are going to miss the message you're trying to relate. But if you have a very skilled interpreter translating for you, even the emotion of what you are trying to express makes it through the language barrier. cross-platforming just takes a lot of coding and testing, but it certainly can be done. but i have a question. Why would SoD not be available in Germany?
  15. Fish00007

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    Because they can't watch Gangnam Style...
  16. Huh? Gangnam Zombie style?
  17. Isn't there something about violent video games not being allowed?

  18. yes

    yeah i have an old xbox 360 game shadowrun that has intagraded servers

    p.s. didnt know there was 2 pgs and some1 mentioned shadowrun already
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  19. very well said "if it sucks in singleplayer" it will suck in multiplayer, i see that all the time where i have played alpha and beta singleplayer games that are being ported to MMO and the game dynamics suck and you loose interest after 2 days of playing.
  20. Microsoft has changed their policy since FF11.

    "The Xbox 360 version was announced to be cancelled, after Tanaka revealed the Xbox Live system and Microsoft's "different point of view" proved to be incompatible with his and Square Enix's own, hinting that Microsoft required a version with separate servers from the eventual PlayStation 3 release"

    "DUST 514 was initially slated to be one of the first cross platform games, pitting Xbox 360 and PS3 players with each other but CCP has since dropped the Xbox 360 as a potential platform; the choice of PlayStation 3 exclusive was determined by Sony's more open platform allowing Dust 514 to connect to the Eve Online Server, Tranquility, whereas Microsoft's Xbox Live did not."
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