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    @Phacops added please follow the entry submission form.
    @SwissArmyKnife added please follow the entry submission form.
    @the modding community Sorry it is taking a bit longer to add your submissions and I haven't been able to work on any mods. I really want to get back into modding state of decay but I have a real job now and it takes up most of my time. I am sure one weekend I will get the bug again though.
  3. @Afetogbo sorry, it's been a long time (over a month) since I got to mod as well and I was just trying to push the LL thread back out there. I'll edit the post so it follows proper protocol :)
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    You can see how long it's been since I read the first post - I didn't even realize you had one, haha. Sorry, mate.

    I had to leave for ~3 months while I was working multiple jobs, I understand :)
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    You can come back any time - we'll be here :)
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    I second what people here said! You can come back anytime! :D
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  9. AND ME!!!
    i edited it to make SoD have a cloudy more gloomy look then the original Suny Style, for my GLOOM Mod i uploaded to nexus today
  10. spacemousetw

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    Don't know why but I use gloom and it seems didn't work, can you tell me how to use?Is that just work in story mode?
  11. Well if that's happening, then it probably only works in story. I'll look into it. Which folder did the files go into?
  12. spacemousetw

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    your mod's file in here:game/levels/class3/
  13. IDK theno_O
    No one else reported trouble.
    Maybe it requires moving to the next level, or starting a new game.
    What exactly happens when you load it?
    Is there anything else in the Levels folder, if so let me know.
  14. spacemousetw

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    Is this mod has day and night?
  15. Should be just day.
    Though a newer, more visual version with fog, gray skys, and dreadfully dark nights is going to update this one.
  16. spacemousetw

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    Well I think I have to move to next level....
    @Amelia Crasman , I finally move to next level, but it doesn't work, it has the day and night circle,and has shadows...I play Breakdown, is this mod support BD? or just for story?
    @Amelia Crasman ,
    I finally take it to the correct folder and it work, but make a strange circle in the middle of screen, do you have any ideal what is that?
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  17. Oh my god Thank you!!! I was Seeing this thing too, especially on the newer version. I Was look at each texture, Material, or object files in the game for days. Now I Know It was the mission mission0 file. I Actually came here to the forums to ask @Phacops about this, Because he edited the same file to make the Fortitude Mod. I'm still experimenting with it. I think it's a result of editing the Terrain occasion Multiplier or for keeping the original Sun Vector values in the xml. But Yeah if I do figure it out, I'll Update it to the Newer HDR and FX Version. , One with just the dreadfully dark night, one with just the Gloomy-er, mystic, and atmos Skylight and Sun, And one with both Gloomy Day and Dreadful Night.
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  18. Phacops

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    The short answer is that a lot of the shaders/settings are modified so there's a lot that causes horrible issues when you change it. It took days to really fiddle with things in a way that didn't break.
    I ported the settings from the class3 info into CryEngine and messed with them there, using the same files as UL did so there were less breaks and issues more apparent, though it was never perfect, haha.

    I haven't messed with it in so long that I can't speak to it off the top of my head, so I can only motion to checking my file you mentioned to see what is different.
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  19. Just a general Question, I want to make 100% or at least 90% of the zombie spawns to be a feral. Heres what i Changed, I took always live off, I lowerd the spawn weight of every zombie except the feral to 10, I went into the levels\gametokens\zombies.xml and libs\gametokens\zombies.xml and made the percent of zombies that spawn as freaktype3 100,. And when i start the game, The first 5 mins there will be like 3-5 ferals every min; But after that I will see "Normal Zombies" spawn as ferals. They are in a pose where there arms are spread and one foot is lower then the other. They will mimic the feral and walk(Glide) around a bit then stop, then walk(glide) around a little bit, like I set the feral to do. If they face my direction, they will speed up to the speed of the feral and chase me, and when they get at distance where the feral will pounce, they will just go back to a normal speed/attack zed, until you attempt to run they will speed back up. Ferals will still spawn but it'll be like 1 every 5min and normal zombies will spawn a little lower, but the "Normal Zombie" Ferals will be everywhere "Gliding" across the ground. Since you had some experience with freak spawns, Do you know what to do?
  20. @Amelia Crasman Are you trying to do this for Breakdown or for Story or Lifeline?

    I've only ever messed with the gametokens bit for bloodlust changes.

    For Breakdown, you can use sandbox.xml to edit spawns of zombies.

    Story and Lifeline, I think you'd only have to change the zombie groups in zombietypes.xml to have 0 weight for Ambient, Ambush, FreshGrunts. You may also need to change the rtsevents.xml file to have Zombies.Hordes set to False on lines 97 and 203. You can also change the FreakName.Percentage values to 0 for the others and see if that helps.

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