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Discussion in 'PC Mods' started by Afetogbo, Jan 28, 2014.

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  2. I figured it out! The zombie spawn system in Zombietypes.xml works the same way the item spawns do in the search.xml; The first item (or Zed) on the listing, has the greatest chance of being spawned. I just reorganized the zed listing layout so that the feral is listed before the "ambient" Group. Results, literally every single zed is a feral. Time to start filming a new YT series...
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    Name: Home Lighting Realistic
    Author: WillieSea
    For: YOSE - Story and Breakdown
    Category: Home base changes
    New Game: Not required, will not corrupt save games if removed
    File changed: \Game\libs\prefabs\facilities.xml
    Verion: 1.0

    Adds light sources to your current home base, from fire in the fireplace, to burn barrels and propane lanterns. This mod does not add a lot of light, but it adds what 'I' feel real survivors would setup for lighting.
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    It finally come! When I come home I will try it. Can't wait for it.:)
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