Medical Outpost does not provide the daily +3 Medicine

Discussion in 'State of Decay Bugs' started by QuickSave, Nov 25, 2013.

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  1. QuickSave

    QuickSave Starting Off

    Title: Medical Outpost does not provide the daily +3 Medicine

    Frequency: 100%

    Steps to reproduce:
    Launch State of Decay
    Establish a medical outpost
    Observe that the values are not adjusting properly

    Observed Results:
    Despite the fact that I've established 2 Medical Outposts, the daily Medicine adjustment remained -1. The daily expense of Materials went up as meant to.

    It may or may not be connected to the Ed's condition at the start of the game. Perhaps the daily -1 Medicine consumption cannot be altered due to the script (this is all speculation).
  2. Raptus86

    Raptus86 Starting Off

    If I understood it correct than u will receive +3 Medicine every real day. For every Outpost u will get +3 Ammo and -1 Material... If you have a food outpost than u get +3 Ammo -1 Material every gameday and +3 Food every real day. I am not 100% sure. I red it in a SoD Wiki. Could be that u receive all only 1 time every real day... I wrote it only because to tell u about the SoD Wiki... there is the information u want. Hope it will help.

    *edit: damn its german, but at the bottom of this side u can change the language to English.
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  3. QuickSave

    QuickSave Starting Off

    I understand what you're saying, I've also referred to the Wiki in order to figure it out. That's what I'm saying, when it reaches "0" (zero) it doesn't go any higher and is stuck there instead.
  4. jwarner

    jwarner Starting Off

    Currently, the medical and fuel outposts appear bugged. They both worked in previous updates, but after TU3, they stopped working. Every other outpost is fine though.
  5. QuickSave

    QuickSave Starting Off

    I'm pretty sure (80%) that the Ammunition outpost gives me the same kind of BS. I'm going to check again but I don't think its isolated to Fuel and Medicine.
  6. jwarner

    jwarner Starting Off

    Really? I just checked my game, ammo and materials seem to be working fine for me.
  7. in my recent games i never had any trouble with medical supplies so i didnt need to make a medical outpost anyways
    there is far too much medical supplies in the game either.

    Same goes for unneeded somehow....

    always having a stock over 80+
    what lacks on ressources are food and Ammo^^
  8. QuickSave

    QuickSave Starting Off

    Yeah I agree with you... I wish they were a little bit more balanced on demand :)
  9. Vers

    Vers Here To Help

    Even after the TU4 while at the Truck Depot base, I had a majority of my outposts as medical (like 5) and I didn't see a significant change to my caches. I was always at -4 to -6 daily. With lots of people with a fever, and always being at 0 resources I felt I couldn't help them. (yes I had an infirmary).

    I was also getting the resources bug at the Truck Depot where it said I was overstocked but I wasn't which might be why it wasn't working. But...

    If anyone has clarification on how medicine outposts work in the game and the benefits, I would appreciate the help.
  10. QuickSave

    QuickSave Starting Off

    Generally speaking, if you're really late with building Infirmary and upgrading it all the way to Medical Lab (Tier 3), you're going to have severe issues with treating the rampant epidemic. Building and upgrading your Medical Facility should be your HIGHEST priority upon settling. This is because Medicine is moderately rare resource (not as rare as, say, ammunition, but easily second after it), which makes it really important that you do not waste it on epidemic that could have been prevented.

    The particular bug I've reported is not associated with Truck Depot. I'm fairly confident you would have the issue I described in OP either way.

    The benefits of Medicine Outposts are as follows: +3 Medical Supplies & -1 Materials per day. They provide nothing else as far as I know.
  11. Vers

    Vers Here To Help

    Okay, thanks! I usually try and set up the infirmary first and foremost. The glitched outpost just threw me for a loop, I've never had a need to look and understand how they worked before having a huge epidemic on my hands.
  12. QuickSave

    QuickSave Starting Off

    Yeah, I understand :D That's what the good games do, you know, they force you to adjust by experiencing failure.
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