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Discussion in 'State of Decay Guides' started by Del44ZSlayer, Jul 11, 2017.

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  1. Del44ZSlayer

    Del44ZSlayer Here To Help

    I have 4 of my 7 people sick at the moment and going through the medicine resources count like there going out of fashion. However, either I'm seeing things, or the individual meds in my locker are disappearing also? Most notably the tusin and codine, but I'm sure the ibuprofen, aspirin and others etc are also going down in number! Iv never noticed this before, and I was unsure if sick survivors actually deplete your "individual" meds from the locker besides the actual main medicine resource? To be fair it's been awhile since I had so many actual sick people in one go so Iv not got anything recent to compare to. I just thought with how fast the main medicine resource goes down when you have a few sick, surely they don't take your individual meds too? Saying that, realistically, it makes sense, it just peeves me is all LOL :p
  2. maltriagon

    maltriagon Here To Help

    I feel like survivors grab a lot at random, medicine included. Not sure if having lots of sick survivors would increase this. I agree it would totally make sense. Either way the best way to fix is hunt down that medicine resource and upgrade your medical facility. : ) I figured i'd respond with my lack of knowledge since this was empty. Maybe somebody who's looked into the games code can help with this.
  3. Del44ZSlayer

    Del44ZSlayer Here To Help

    I appreciate your help @maltriagon it was baffling me as I was forever putting tusin and codine in my locker and the overall totals didn't appear to be rising, if anything they were going down? I know the actual medicine resource was vastly depleting as I'd 45 medicine when I logged off an the next time I logged on I'd only 5 medicine resource! I don't know why there all getting sick, Iv a fully upgraded medical lab, I always do that first and the workshop and dojo last, but now another person is sick? Clearly someone is highly contagious LOL :)
  4. chikawowwow

    chikawowwow Here To Help

    I saw someone else say how they keep certain items safe by putting them in the vehicle storage, might be useful for you.
    If you do the same with the resource rucksacks you should know that only 9 (or 10 maybe?) can exist at once. So grabbing another rucksack will make #1 disappear and so on.
  5. Del44ZSlayer

    Del44ZSlayer Here To Help

    That's a really good idea @chikawowwow thanks for that! Esp putting individual meds in a parked car too may save them from being gobbled so fast? Iv seen it done just never really had much problem with influence so didn't bother, but this medicine issue may need me to revise my storage strategy. Hmm...?? :)
  6. Bob Crees

    Bob Crees Banned

    Meds will go from your locker, if you have sick people.

    I tend to park my 'Storage' vehicle(s) just outside of the 'protective' ring of my Home Base. I also drop of Construction Material rucksacks outside as well, as in the past I have dropped them near to the gate(s) and my NPC's have gone and collected them. I am not sure if NPC's will raid a 'Storage' vehicle if it is too close.
  7. maltriagon

    maltriagon Here To Help

    You had 45 medicine resource and that went to 5 next time you logged on? Correct me if i'm wrong but don't you only lose one medicine resource per sick survivor per day? If that's the case how many sick survivors did you have? XD
    I guess you could have let it run a few days from being logged off. But if you had five sick survivors it would take the five game days to deplete it to 5. Not sure how fast it runs when you're logged off though.
  8. Bazza

    Bazza Here To Help

    I know it's obvious but having a medical expert and fully upgraded medical facility goes a long way in deciding how often people are sick and for how long, im pretty sure there's a connection with the kitchen and where the food is stored too, something about attracting vermin if I remember correctly.
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