Microsoft's making a mistake not allowing UL to at least show off something to keep interest.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Thunder Ice, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. Thunder Ice

    Thunder Ice Here To Help

    We've gotten more gameplay footage over two years of games like Sea Of Thieves than SOD2 in a year. I've heard more about that game than this game.

    Microsoft should let some gameplay footage come out. Remember when Dying Light was first announced in 2013, and we got a 10 minute gameplay demo? That got me pumped as fuck. Microsoft allowing something similar would get people interested again, or at least get people remembering that this game is still around instead of expecting people to be okay with getting a trailer then getting radio silence for months.

    It's E3 2016 all over again.

    Like, I literally at least want to see what this game could've ended up being before the US decides to bomb the shit out of NK and start WW3, you know.

  2. Gmutant

    Gmutant Here To Help

    I think that we're more likely to see another civil war here in the US, what with the MSM openly promoting the assassination of the president, than we are a global war.

    I get where your coming from though.
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  3. Dbomb 12

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    I don't know. I think Donald and kim are all bark and no bite. I guess we'll have to wait and see.
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  4. OldDogF14

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    OP: you know, lots of people are disappointed that the game isn't out or the floodgates of information haven't been opened, but this "ommagerd, game gon' be forgotten and fail!" thing has become something of a theme. Are you, by chance, familiar with the story of the boy who cried wolf?

    You know, I watched some retired Colonel from the Army on the news the oother night, saying everybody should calm down because "the North Korean missiles don't carry enough fuel to reach Guam." And all I could think to myself was, "Well, someone doesn't know how ballistic missiles work."
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  5. Righteous Ham

    Righteous Ham Here To Help

    Microsoft has a strategy for SoD2 and nothing you, I or Undead Labs themselves say* will cause them to deviate from it. You have to understand they are operating on a scale that renders individual opinions rather pointless and with information we don't have. I'm not condoning this behavior, nor do I believe in the slavish devotion to cloak and dagger style information security the industry insists upon, but it is the reality of how games publishing and marketing works right now.

    *It might be that UL has more wiggle room in this regard, at least insofar as the upper echelon of management are concerned. Though, I'd place good money in the belief that there are hard limits.
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  6. Furie

    Furie Here To Help

    Ever heard of the Dirty Louisiana burger? It's a KFC thing with barbeque sauce, supercharger sauce, and a pepper mayonnaise in specific places on the burger. Done right the top bun has sauce followed by hash brown, a different sauce, cheese, the chicken, and then lettuce with the third sauce on top of the bottom bun. You look at one of these burgers and you can see the care that's gone into it. But I got one the other day and they'd literally just squirted all the sauces on at once, making the entire burger a sloppy mess looked a lot less appetising. I sent it back, got another that was just as bad, and walked away with both a refund and a complaint that's got me a free bucket as compensation.

    Now I'm not just bragging about free chicken here (although I have been known to do that); there's a point to this. Sometimes rushing is going to backfire on a company. You may have objectively the most delicious chicken in the world, but you should still take the time to present that in the best possible manner, else it may come across so badly that you lose a customer. The video games industry has some of the most entitled and fickle customers in the world. Presenting things right has become one of the most important parts of the process as a result.
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  7. Righteous Ham

    Righteous Ham Here To Help

    I do like your tasty analogy and let it never be said I would begrudge anyone bragging about delicious chicken! However, @Furie I feel that it doesn't quite fit. It works better if the person you order the burger from refuses to tell you what's in it or even when you'll receive it. Also, they probably are going to charge extra for condiments.

    Joking aside, your point about presentation is otherwise spot on.
  8. Felio

    Felio Here To Help

    If it makes you feel any better, gameplay demos have a way of disrupting the schedule as they get everything needed for the demo ready to work flawlessly for the demo.

    Do you think they have the first vertical slice? I would expect so, but that release pushback...
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  9. MstrJedi Kyle

    MstrJedi Kyle Here To Help

    I dont mind waiting. Just means that there is more surprises when the game does release.
  10. Furie

    Furie Here To Help

    We know what the base game will be like far better than we did at this point with the original because it's a sequel. So in this analogy, the core burger is the bun and the chicken, and we know what they'll look like together if we've had a chicken burger before. But it's the new stuff they're adding that I'm equating to the sauces. Just show the burger and we get something we've already had before so why bother with this. Show it with the sauces (features) we've heard about but not seen yet, and have those sauces just hurled on randomly, and it looks like they messed up the core burger by over complicating it. But put the presentation (game video) together well, placing those sauces in just the right positions that they add their own flavours without overwhelming the rest of the burger (almost word for word but with features and games), and everyone wants to buy one.

    Basically exactly what you said above me, but written by a hungry guy. ;) In fact, I'd bet money that you starred addition is pretty much spot on in this case.
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  11. Dolbs79

    Dolbs79 Got Your Back

    Hi Guys. My only concern is, That the hype and buzz around this game is going fast. For us hardcore players we will always buy SOD2 when ever its released. But for the casual gamers which make up most of my friends, now the release date has been pushed and there is very little real game play footage to look at. They all seem over it now and are looking forward to other AAA titles like Days Gone/Anthem. I really do think Microsoft have made a mistake pushing the release and lack of good game play trailer. I hope im wrong.
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  12. DougH

    DougH Got Your Back

    Is the Dirty Louisiana burger sitting under a heat lamp for 6 to 12 months while they are waiting for the new Microsoft trays to serve it on? Or are they continuing to work on it an perfect it, add new sauces, make it fresh?

    It would be really nice if it was the later, but that would be a huge expansion of scope that would require a lot of additional budget. If they had that, I think they would be happy to advertise it.
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  13. Righteous Ham

    Righteous Ham Here To Help

    When Microsoft is ready to begin the media blitz, they will. Look at like this: right now, they aren't interested in generating hype for SoD2 because the game is part of a larger marketing strategy we aren't privy too.

    As you pointed out, the hardcore fans are going to purchase the game anyway. When you say things like that Microsoft actually hears, "you don't need to spend precious marketing dollars on me as I'm already sold on the concept." You, I and people like us, don't require hype or advertising or to be drip fed information so why exactly should they do this? Your argument is that they would lose the causal market, and I can assure you they will not.

    Releasing information too early has the chance of generating buzz but also of losing the attention of the fickle causal market. This market is the one they are most beholden too as it's where the vast amount of profit is to be found. Therefore, decisions that would benefit one over the other are nearly always going to fall in favor of the one with greater earning potential. Especially, when the aggregate opinion of the hardcore fans can be summed up with, "I'm still going to buy* it but..."

    Having said all this know I do believe they could handle things better than they have been. Clearly some stuff changed behind the scenes that caused the initial delay. Thus why the information drought has been much longer than originally intended. Personally, I think its related to Microsoft's new console and their need of a decent launch library to help push sales. Though, in truth, we'll likely never know the full reasoning.

    *Here is where they need no longer listen to you.
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  14. Doomen Gloom

    Doomen Gloom Famous

    More would be good if for nothing else than to get us talking about the game again, August is now half over and it's only 3 1/2 months to 2018 so before you know it SOD2 will be out:)
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  15. Undead Nicole

    Undead Nicole Community Manager Staff Member

    So, I get that you guys are impatient for new information on the game. Heck, I'm impatient to give it to you.

    With that said, please remember that we don't do politics in this forum and putting a political rider on your message is more likely to get it dismissed and / or removed. (Just for future ref if you want to remove or edit here.)
  16. Furie

    Furie Here To Help

    The actual, non metaphor burger, is one of those once a year jobs, so yeah, kinda buried. And my experience is that it didn't get improved each year, but was released by people who'd now forgotten what was good about it and tried to shove as many out as possible before moving onto the next big thing.

    I'm hoping the analogy with the game ends before that though.
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  17. Undead Sanya

    Undead Sanya Administrator Staff Member

    Ham is pretty smart.
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  18. Arky

    Arky Starting Off

    Beautiful Summery of a point that isn't easy to explain. What a fantastic and thought provoking response. Well done!
  19. Bob Crees

    Bob Crees Famous

    People are still buying YOSE, so I cannot see UL loosing their Fan Base, but it would be nice to have say, some more Concept Art.
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  20. Thunder Ice

    Thunder Ice Here To Help

    Remember in the months before SoD's release that UL released just 30 second to 1 minute clips of random gameplay? I'd be more contempt with that than

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