MMORPG Interview, 1/17/14

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, Jan 17, 2014.

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  1. Undead Sanya

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  2. Hortey

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    My god...

    "I play MMOs to escape reality, not to wallow in it. I want my MMOs in some ways realistic, yes, but realistic for the Middle Ages, or for Middle Earth, or for 10,00bc, or for a future that is fiction, not possible fact."

    Person in the comments does not want a zombie game because they would rather play in a fictitious world. I would assume this was just a misunderstanding and maybe that person does not actually think a zombie apoc is coming if I hadn't been looking for a new machete on amazon and found like hundreds of products built solely for zombie killing and read so many reviews of tools that were "good for a zombie apoc".

    I mean, I love to think about what would happen in apoc scenarios as much as the next guy, but at what point do you actually start to believe it's coming?
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  3. Do you mean to say you think it isn't coming? :eek:

    Between the dropping rates in education and "Bath Salts" attacks and their ilk...we won't have to wait for people to die and rise from the dead. They'll be true "living" zombies...

    Main things I'd love to see in this "MMO that is not an MMO" would be:
    Injuries require seeing an Enclave doctor - laid out on a bed for 12 hours (sleep, fade to black, healed)
    Survivors that get sick and require Enclave doctors
    Perma-death - either in SoD form as it currently is or as a separate server ruleset
  4. Alan Gunderson

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    I, unlike the person Hortey quoted, enjoy my games hitting very close to home. I don't want to escape reality, I want to embrace it and come to terms with it.

    This is why I enjoy games such as State of Decay and Telltale's the walking dead instead of WoW or something.
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  5. sinzindetta

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    I freakin hate MMO's. I can't support your next game if it is a MMO.
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  6. I would rather pay a yearly release of State of Decay sequels than buy or subscribe to Class 4. Just saying... It would be hard to keep the fans gained from State of Decay (like me) if Undead Labs absolutely want to create their dream game. There is enough MMOs in this market, we don't need a DayZ with community management.
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  7. e5futter

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  8. CTANKEP32

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    I prefer to imagine future SoD with a kind of close knit family/englave style Co-op/Multiplayer rather than an MMO orgy,
    SoD is so fresh in it's elements that it would be short sighted to simply reduce it to a basic Zed beater, I imagine a future game of SoD having all the elements of the game as it is, AI characters and all plus an ever increasing depth of interactive functionality,

    Introducing a new MP system is obviously something that everybody has been wishing for and there would be loads of ways to structure it though i always felt that if i was playing a game of SoD I would be happy to play host to some co-op buddies at my base, each player would maybe have their own little band of survivors so as to not needlessly get mine KIA, it always led me to belive that to balance this MP mode without turning the SoD into a PvP would be easy and leaves the options open for players to come and go as they do, (Perhaps to close the session a player moves his/her survivors to an objective at the edge of the map so as to facilitate them moving to another game or map or simply not being at the home base when they aren't playing), supplies gathered could be shared/traded and retrieved from their own locker and a portion of the resources could be taken with them to use in their next game session, the possibities are boundless and,
    for players who want to battle with other humans i alway felt that if there happens to be enemy humans they should be AI controlled and sure, maybe they could be scripted to launch the odd attack on your base and that they roam the field on their own missions too.

    Community/Base decisions (Buildings, reseach etc) could even be made by an in game vote, this could involve everything to defensive deployments to who your radio operater is, (could be cyclical like some of the other base facilities, after all how much dialogue does what's her name have anyway?)

    Trick is to keep State of Decay unique and dangerous while keeping an SoD multiplayer game jerk and troll free, after all not everyone cares about your survival as much as you, your family or your friends.
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  9. VladimirKenju

    VladimirKenju Got Your Back

    For those of you that dislike MMOs, and even those of you who love them, the thing to remember is UL is set to create something unique. Something they can be proud of. They did a damn good job with SoD, and i have faith that they will continue this trend for future games. And the fact that they take a full honesty approach to their interactions with the gaming community is amazing, and if that was the only good quality they had, it would still be worth investing in. Hell, this is the only company that I have seen tell members that this game may not be the game for you, play the trial a few times before you buy. Keep up the good work UL, waiting for some wonderful news about your next development.
  10. This is why I enjoy games such as State of Decay and Telltale's the walking dead instead of WoW or something.
  11. Negnar Holf

    Negnar Holf Here To Help

    -Crawls out of the Games subforum-

    Dear god, YES! This is what I joined this forum so long ago for! The zombie MMO that UL always wanted to make! Now, I know it isn't confirmed, but with an interview like that? Even if I have to wait for UL to release two more games before it happens, I'll still be here.

    Hang on, I need to calm down...

    Alright. I stepped outside to run a few laps around my block. I'm calm. I swear.

    So... Here's my question - if UL was to confirm an MMO, how would they handle the planning process? I know you guys have always avoided maintaining secrecy, which is really good. Would you take the next step, and design the game with the consumers (us)?
  12. Benfynyn

    Benfynyn Here To Help

    Um... are you saying

    a) That you are experiencing so much happiness that you were compelled to poop.


    b) That you are extremely happy that you were able to poop.

    Either way, I'm happy about the news and that I did not just poop (though if happiness could trigger such an occurrence in me I surely would have since I am so damn happy).
  13. VladimirKenju

    VladimirKenju Got Your Back

    I believe they are already doing this to some degree. They are compiling are desires and dislikes. As long as thier next big development stays within the SoD general concepts then the process has already started. Its just in the informal stage at the moment.

    Edit: i would also like to add this quote from Sanya from the 7/30/13 Q&A

    Because philosophically, I think it’s important that we back up our oft-stated goal of making you partners as far as possible.
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  14. Negnar Holf

    Negnar Holf Here To Help

    Indeed. It's going to be a bit challanging, creating an entirely different concept of MMO. You have to take so many groups into consideration when designing one (something I know Jeff has dealt with in his many years with Blizzard). There's the PvP group, the PvE group, the RP group... Professional, Casual, and everything inbetween. It's a lot to juggle.

    For example - I want full PvP, but with a serious zombie threat that forces people to decide between cutting others throats, or working together. Other people around here have voiced a desire for no PvP at all. Even more support a neutral stance. A professional MMO designer has to work with ALL of these conflicting opinions, and mold a game that suits everyone's desire. For example - you can make it to where people can be bandits if they want, but you have to make it so challanging that everyone isn't going to try it unless they're willing to put up with the difficulty. Or, perhaps you can make two separate types of servers for PvP and PvE (I know UL has stated previously that they don't like separate servers, due to the fact you have to update them separately. Not an easy job for twenty-something folks).

    I just hope they remember their roots (*cough* MMOzed *cough*), and what those roots desired.
  15. VladimirKenju

    VladimirKenju Got Your Back

    I doubt they will forget their roots. If we were dealing with an inexperienced group of game developers that would be more likely. But the core group has multiple years of experience and the decided to make the community a crucial part of their process. Why would that stop now. Plus several MMOZED member are also members of the UL forum, We need to make sure an give them are honest feedback and desires.
  16. Negnar Holf

    Negnar Holf Here To Help

    Microsoft, of course!

    But all joking aside, I never said they'd abandon us. I'm just curious as to what the future holds, especially now that Microsoft is fully supporting the company.

    Not only that, but I'm sure I wasn't the only one who caught the 'free MMO' line Jeff put up. Perhaps more folks are going the way of Guild Wars?
  17. VladimirKenju

    VladimirKenju Got Your Back

    I look at it this way with Microsoft. they gave UL the ability to make SoD very little input from them. They also didn't rush them and gave them more time to flush out SoD before release. Because of that UL made the best selling original XBLA game. Microsoft still has a chance to mess things up, but I hope that they learned from the previous experience.
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  18. I would love to see class 4 work on a similar way to how sim city was supposed to work, a group of communities on one shared map with the opportunity to trade and help each other out.
  19. Negnar Holf

    Negnar Holf Here To Help

    Or fuck each other over... Heh... Heh heh...

    Oh wait. Hazard is the Sim City equivalent of a neighborhood watch. I can't go bandit.
  20. Abe F

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    I'd like a multiplayer just cause I have so many friends on Xbox that would love to join me in some zombie smashing.

    Most of them shelved the game till it is multiplayer which is fine. I didn't lol.

    If it is done correct I want it but I understand the difficulty behind making a game.

    Rookie indie dev here.

    If it becomes to much of a hassle discontinue the MMO and do what you do best.

    You have my admiration and support either way.
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