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Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, Jan 17, 2014.

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  1. Negnar Holf

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    Haha! You don't know who you're speaking about! The vast majority of the developers in Undead Labs have 10+ years of experience, and come from some of the biggest names on the market. If that doesn't convince you, then lets look at the leader of the operation, Jeff Strain. This is his excerpt from Wikipedia.

    Jeff Strain is a game programmer and one of the three founders of ArenaNet. He served ArenaNet and NCsoft as the leader of the Art and Production teams and President of Product Development respectively. He was previously the lead programmer of Blizzard'sMMORPG World of Warcraft; he also created the StarCraft campaign editor and worked on Diablo and Warcraft III. He is credited as a programmer and executive producer for Guild Wars.

    Dat track record. Lead-mothafuckin-Programmer of WoW. Executive-mothafuckin-Producer of Guild Wars. Those are the two most successful MMOs currently running, and he was a key member in the creation of each. If anyone can piece together the greatest game you've ever seen, I'd place my bet on this man.
  2. Abe F

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    I know how to Google lol.

    I stated my opinion on the subject nothing more nothing less ;)

    Jeff and his team have done amazing work no doubt. If you consider unforseen issues in game development then you'll see what I mean.

    I'm sure MMO or not it'll be great.

    My point and opinion:)

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  3. Negnar Holf

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    Oh, lol. I gotcha, I gotcha. I was assuming you thought this was just a ragtag team of indie developers, lol. That's what all my buddies first thought when I told them about Undead Labs (most of whom played Guild Wars and WoW. The irony.) and the game they were designing.

    It's all cool, brother! I'm of the same mind as you!
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  4. I hate MMO games. I play alot of MMO's before. I play DayZ, WarZ/Infestation Survivor Stories zombie based games before. I REALLY really hate that game. State of Decay is the Best games i ever played! I really like playing alone without other people sneaking around headshot me. One more thing i hate about mmo is in the end it's player vs player and NOTHING more. Joining an enclave doesn't help one bit, there's thousand of enclave in mmo that kill each other when they meet and i just in one of them. I can't even do one mission without someone kill me if they have weapon, no matter what weapon they have. Not in State of Decay, It's like my dream come true :)

    I don't like the Breakdown idea at first but after I try to play it, I really enjoying it! I didn't know it was so fun :p
    I really hope next state of decay have the same gameplay as before plus new feature and I really want to know what happen to Marcus and Lily after they blow up the wall :)
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  5. Dantron

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    Dantron, just having realized that Dantron has not yet posted in this thread, creates a post of surpassing beauty whose words of wisdom, inspiration, and insight into all things makes you weep with joy and wonderment. When you wipe the last tears from your eyes and you return to the thread to re-read Dantron’s magnificent post, all you find is this sentence (and the sentences before and after this sentence). You are forever haunted by the memory of that one time when you understood the entire universe.

    What Dantron is attempting to convey is that Dantron looks forward to UL’s bright & shiny future! :)
  6. This is you not even giving the company a chance, MMOs as a genre are not bad, I have played them all even the free to play games out of Korea, what is bad is how the industry has allowed the genre to stagnate.

    MMOs need to change if the genre is to continue to be successful. On top of a flooded market, too many choices, we have seen very little in the way of ACTUAL innovation. I discuss MMOs with friends and colleges a lot and have a lot of ideas to breathe life into the genre. I am sure UL does too we need to give the ma chance before we write them off.
  7. Negnar Holf

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    *Sigh* Peeps really need to do their research. When UL started off, it was to make a zombie MMO. When they made SoD, they intended it to be something of a trial run for Class 4s mechanics. Everything they've done so far has just been building up to Class 4. I don't really want to dig up old threads (many of them had fights about PvP vrs PvE, with me championing PvP), but I will if I need to.

    Look at it like this - imagine State of Decay, but with super-coop (Presuming they stick to SoDs engine and all that). It's what every forum member and their brother wanted several months ago!

    And Dantron, I saw the future as you see it for that brief moment in time. I shall be haunted forever.
  8. Norker77

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    Reply function is broken :(
    All it does is put that stuff in the quotes instead of that great post.

    Dantron is right though (even if I can't quote his post), I think so as well.

    As to the MMO, I don't think it's going to be an MMO like we know them. MMO is probably the closest "existing" thing to what they are planning. I have great hopes.
  9. e5futter

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    It will be a mystery to us all. :)
  10. Vers

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    Is there a "suggestions" thread for future titles? I'm sure it would fill up and be endless, but it's sort of entertaining and could be beneficial.


    Never mind.
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  11. I completely agree. I havent the time required for MMOs. I like to play games at my own pace and not have to worry about anyone else hijacking my gaming. Its understandable that there is a huge market for MMOs and i am not against them, but i do hope that work and improvements will continue on SOD.
    This game is awesome, i think you guys did a great job. Been waiting for a good zombie game like this for a while.
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