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Discussion in 'PC Mods' started by deathst4r, Dec 28, 2013.

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  1. deathst4r

    deathst4r Got Your Back

    deathst4r's CARNAGE MOD ISSUE #5 (for Breakdown only) (2017-09-16)

    Download link:
    http://www.affenbauch.de/deathst4rs CARNAGE MOD.zip

    carnage mod issue5 title.png

    Special: The Survivor List with all primary talents listed.


    State of Decay & Breakdown: '© 2013 Undead Labs LLC. All Rights Reserved.’

    Thanks & credits to Draciel, Cypherdiaz, smashly, Phacops, Last Post and DutchMike for their impressive mods and for inspiring and teaching me how to mod State of Decay.

    A special "Thank you!" to dude1234, who provided his wonderful tool XML2BMD.

    Without their fine work this mod would never have happened.

    This mod includes the following addons/tools with permission of their authors:

    - XML2BMD v0.3 by dude1234 (2014-03-01)
    - MasterClock 2.0 by Last Post (2013-12-30)
    - Semi-Automatic firemode as default setting for Assault Rifles & Sub-MachineGuns & Light-MachineGuns by Last Post (2013-12-12)

    Thanks & credits to Afetogbo for his cooperation. Check his Evolution Mod!


    1.) Please delete/overwrite any previous versions of this mod.

    2.) Copy the contents of this ZIP-archive into your "State of Decay"-main-folder. Please make a BACKUP of all your files first, since you will have to overwrite certain files, for example from other mods, to make this mod work properly.

    3.) Enjoy.



    See the FEATURE LIST by just clicking on the large backpack icon below:


    I had to move the feature list to another post because of the 10.000 character limit.

    WORK IT!

    Of course you may have a look at my modded files and change them as you like it.

    I provided all the XML-files for the current version of my mod and the feature documentation refers to which XML-files/scripts include which changes, so that others can learn from my modding.

    If you plan to release your own mod based on my files, a little credit is always highly appreciated.

    Best regards,
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  2. MattyDienhoff

    MattyDienhoff Here To Help

    Awesome! Props for describing which file contains which changes and including the XMLs. It's great to be able to pick and choose (although I like almost everything you did, so I really won't have to), and I like being able to look at what other modders did (and how) in order to learn. So, thanks for that!
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  3. deathst4r

    deathst4r Got Your Back


    Q: Will this work with vanilla State of Decay?

    A: Nope, unfortunately not. This mod is for Breakdown only.

    Q: Man, I don't like the changes you made to X. Can I play without these changes?

    A: Depends on the changes, but for some of them: Yes, you can!

    For example, if you don't like the item changes, simply delete the following folder
    (or rename it to something completely different):


    If you don't like the zombie spawn rate and car rarity, simply delete the following file (or rename it to something completely different):


    If you don't want to use the modded characters.xml and want to get rid of the custom portraits for the legendary survivors, simply delete (or rename) the following files:



    Q: Do you want feedback on your mod?

    A: Yes, that would be great. Simply use the thread on the Undead Labs forums for comments and feedback or send me a private message.

    Q: Will the mod require a new game for the changes to take effect?

    A: I highly recommend starting a new game. But you can also BACKUP your old savegame and try, if it works out somehow. You should switch back and forth between two characters once at the start of a new game as soon as possible, so the game registers traits like “Powerhouse” correctly.

    Q: What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

    A: What do you mean? An African or European swallow?

    As always: BACKUP your files, especially during the zombie apocalypse. :D

    Have fun, everyone!
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  4. Wheres my Credit? Just kidding. :D

    Thx for the awesome work, will test it next week.

    One thing i´ve seen what maybe cause a problem "later", but just a small one. Dont know where i have seen, so... In higher Levels max people that shown up for a Base is 24 or 25? So the 20 for the bigger Homesites maybe a little too much.
    Maybe u know the exact Survivors u can get in hogher Levels and when im right maybe bit slowering needed Survivors for STW+Fairgrounds to 18 or near that cause u dont maybe have the Chance to get them. Just thinking...

    And just reading Notes i think the "tiredtimer" is bit too high. its now 3x normal. 2x maybe better too cause u should not stay always on just 1 or 2 characters.

    Other things looks fine, will test in the next days and keep up the good work. ;)
  5. yk999

    yk999 Got Your Back

    Hey very nice mod, thank you. :)

    The only thing i don't like is your character changes, i don't want custom movie characters or overpowered traits, so i deleted characters folder and characters.xml/win.bmd. The problem is in the hero selection screen, some heroes still have custom portraits. How can i remove your custom portraits?
  6. :D Same as me.

    U want to kill this File: State of Decay\Game\libs\ui\class3_journal_i1a.dds
  7. yk999

    yk999 Got Your Back

    Thanks :)
  8. deathst4r

    deathst4r Got Your Back

    deathst4r's CARNAGE MOD ISSUE #3 (for Breakdown only) (2014-01-18)


    1.) There are less cars and more zombies right from Breakdown LVL 1 on. Cars are actually much more valuable now.

    2.) From Breakdown LVL 1 on, there won't be any radar blips for zombies.

    3.) Everybody loves SWAT-Zombies. They were re-enabled.


    1.) Weapon names are altered to their real-world counterparts (for example: Condor = Desert Eagle).

    2.) Changed some melee weapon durabilities, encumbrance etc.

    3.) Raised the usage times of silencers a little bit (20/60/120).

    4.) Some ammo weights were slightly changed. Standard ammo stack size changed to 50 (6 for Grenade Launcher grenades).

    5.) Weights of painkillers and some other stuff have been adjusted.



    1.) Characters are heavily modded. We have legendary survivors like Tallahassee, Chris Redfield, Daryl Dixon, Maggie Greene, Shane Walsh and Rick Grimes. See the file Survivors_List.xls for details.

    2.) There are custom portraits for the legendary survivors. Hooray!

    3.) Some characters have different appearances, names, traits - GENERIC surviors have only one name/surname.

    4.) Some new custom traits (Check "Roofer" or "AdvancedStart" in the characters.xml to see how it's done).

    5.) References to extra character cdf-files in the characters-folder to make customization of the really good generic characters a lot easier without having to restart the game every time for each slight change. All generic characters with 2 bonus traits have an extra cdf-file. See characters.xml for details. I don’t recommend changing the head, since the portrait is locked to each game.

    6.) No artillery strikes and no cars "out of the magic hat" anymore. Sorry, everything was overrun. It's the apocalypse.


    1.) You can now choose a MELEE weapon and a FIREARMS specialization for each character.

    2.) Cardio and Wits are trained faster.

    3.) The progression from level 3 to level 4 in weapon specializations takes 50% longer.

    4.) +1 Cardio point will be awarded for every zombie kill in melee (unarmed or armed).

    5.) You will get Wits for killing freaks: Screamer (+2), Bloater (+2), Feral (+15), Juggernaut (+20).

    6.) Reworked the Revolver and Rifle Specialization to make them more worthwhile to select. The Revolver Specialization provides a little higher fire rate and reload speed on higher levels and retains all the stopping power bonuses. The Rifle Specialization provides a higher fire rate and a little more reload speed and movement while aiming at the higher levels.

    7.) Changed the search durations (scavenging) that are determined by your character’s level of Wits:
    10, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3 seconds.


    1.) TiredTimer set to 1800 (was 600 before). The active character won't be exhausted so quickly (I hope).

    2.) The cost for bringing another survivor as a follower with you was reduced from 100 influence to 50 influence, as this seems more fitting.

    3.) Outpost horde trap reset cooldown increased to 300 seconds.


    1.) Standard Stamina Regeneration is a little higher (+1) on all levels of Cardio. Stamina costs for actions were decreased.

    2.) Stamina Bonus of the RAGE special technique is higher now to actually make it useful: The original values were 6/10/14. The edited values are 10/13/16.

    3.) Falling damage is higher. Falling down several metres can actually kill your characters now.


    1.) Guns (especially sidearms) are much rarer now. Okay, Breakdown seems to happen in America, but there won't be a gun left in 1 of 2 civilian houses, after the zombie apocalypse broke out. ;)

    2.) Overall melee weapons are a little rarer now.

    3.) This mod stops the strange automatic filling-up of the suppy locker with a bunch of precious weapons etc. To make it work, I had to edit the "break up resource container" mechanic.
    I do not recommend breaking up material resource containers, since this won't really yield anything at all anymore except for a homemade oil-can silencer.

    4.) Breaking up food, medicine and ammo containers is a little more valuable now, since the yield is slightly higher in most cases. Just remember not to break up material containers, since that is a totally useless decision right now.


    1.) Homesite Limits have been tinkered with (again) to actually make the Church or the Alamo a little more valuable (an increased number of possible good choices is always better):

    - support for 2 outposts

    Church of the Ascension, Alamo:
    - support for 6 outposts
    - 15 materials needed to establish homebase

    McReady Farm, Kirkman Residence, Savini Residence:
    - support for 6 outposts
    - 20 materials needed to establish homebase

    Snyder Trucking Warehouse, Trumbull Fairground:
    - support for 8 outposts
    - 50 materials + 10 population needed to establish homebase

    2.) Standard storage capacities have been lowered, so that the Storage Facility becomes more valuable.


    1.) The built-in facilities are upgradable.

    2.) Watchtowers and shooting platforms cannot be deleted anymore, since that was a stupid option. ;)

    3.) The quality of silencers consructed from materials is determined by the tier of the workshop: tier 1 --> oil can, tier 2 --> homemade decent, tier 3 --> durable. The number of gun shots references to the setting in my items.xml (upped them a bit: 20/60/120).

    4.) Changed some quantities, material, influence costs and building times: Flame fougasses are upped to 6, but cost 2 fuel now for example... the dining room material cost was halved, since 40 was hilarious... and there were some other slight changes I lack the time to document right now.

    5.) The storage amount of the Storage Facility (Storage/Food Storage/Refrigerated Storage) was increased (+20/+40/+60 Food, Ammo, Medicine, Fuel, and Materials capacity).

    6.) Bed capacity increased to +12 instead of +8.

    7.) Garden food amount changed to 4/6/8. Greenhouse food amount changed to 6/9/12.


    1.) The cooldown time for establishing outposts was reduced from 5 minutes to 2 minutes.

    2.) The cooldown time for sending runners for pickup was reduced from 3 minutes to 2 minutes.

    3.) The cooldown time for relocating the home base was reduced from 60 minutes to 30 minutes.


    1.) Enclaves should have 1 less survivor now. (Has been tested. Looks good so far. :) )


    1.) Zombies are a little hungrier now and won’t give up hunting your characters down so easily now. There will be more zombie pack action... so use your survivors' unsilenced guns with caution. (Has been tested. I like it. :) )

    item scripts/lua:

    1.) Some shotguns that had only 2 or 3 bullets have a slightly higher capacity now (ranging from 6 to 8).

    2.) All Molotov types burn a little longer now - some had their damage radius adjusted, so you can bring firey death upon those zeds.

    3.) Overall weapon range of LMGs, assault rifles, SMGs and rifles increased. Some clip sizes changed (e.g. H&K MP5K: 30 rounds).

    4.) No more “one in the chamber reloading”: You cannot load one more round than the max clip size into your weapon anymore. Changed for all guns.


    1.) Removed the intro movies.

    2.) Updated HUD due to core changes by UL patch.
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  9. Renegade

    Renegade Starting Off

    Hi. First time poster. Love you mod. Does it work with Phacops' vehicle mod. Thanks
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  10. deathst4r

    deathst4r Got Your Back

    Hello, yk999. I'm glad you like it. :)

    Thanks for spreading the word, Angelnight, and helping yk999 out. ;)

    Howdy and thank you, Renegade! ;)

    I recommend installing my mod first and then installing Phacops wonderful vehicle mod.
    Whenever you are asked, if you want to overwrite a file, click "Yes".
    This should work.

    Announcement for everyone: deathst4r's CARNAGE MOD V1.1 is now online!

    The download link is the same as in the first post.
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  11. Last Post

    Last Post Got Your Back

    Loads of nice changes in your Carnage Mod.
    Keep up the good work deathst4r!
    So many excellent mods coming out very fast, while I was away!
    ermagawd.. I need more time... :eek: :p
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  12. DKsDEVIL

    DKsDEVIL Starting Off

    If i whant to kill

    1.) There are less cars and more zombies right from Breakdown LVL 1 on. Cars are actually much more valuable now.

    2.) From Breakdown LVL 2 on, there won't be any radar blips for zombies.

    then i just remove
  13. deathst4r

    deathst4r Got Your Back

    The game only reads the win.bmd-files in the libs\rts-folder . So removing (or better renaming) sandbox.win.bmd will be enough to play without my changes.

    @Last Post:
    Thanks, man! :)
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  14. deathst4r

    deathst4r Got Your Back

    Hello there! I added a small hotfix, which was badly needed. :D

    - I forgot to update the bed capacity of the sleeping rooms, which is now done.
    - Tweaked some weapon stats a little (Tomahawk should be way cooler now ;) )
    - Tweaked the characters a bit further (appearances).

    Just download the ZIP-archive that is linked in the first post.
    It is the updated version 1.11.

    Enjoy and have fun!

    I recommend keeping your savegame on your profile, making a backup of the savegame, quitting the whole game, restarting the whole game from your desktop or Steam, switching to another profile, starting a new game on that profile, quitting the game and then continuing with your savegame on your correct profile.
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  15. Afetogbo

    Afetogbo Got Your Back

    so from v1.1 to v1.11 you changed items.xml, characters.xml, and facilities.xml?
  16. yk999

    yk999 Got Your Back

    Hey Deathst4r. Could you give us 2 special techniques instead of 1?
  17. deathst4r

    deathst4r Got Your Back

    Hey, Afetogbo! :)

    Yep, that's what I did.

    Hey, yk999! :)

    I could do that in a submod. But the special techniques will have to be split up into 2 groups then, so you can choose one for each group.
    If I remember correctly, CypherDiaz has done it in Brimstone.

    What would you recommend for group 1 and what for group 2?
  18. Afetogbo

    Afetogbo Got Your Back

    I did all the stamina ones as a group and then ninja and focus aim as a second group. So you could be a ninja or a shooter. Ninjas don't use guns. I finished my xml but I messed something up and it won't compile :(
  19. yk999

    yk999 Got Your Back

    Draciel's mod: "(marathon or combat endurance) & (rage or ninja or aim focus)"

    Cypherdiaz's mod: "'Utility' Group: Maraton, Ninja" "'Combat' Group: Combat Endurance, Rage, Focus Aim"

    I think Cypherdiaz's groups are better. What do you think?

    Hey btw you will edit Carnage Mod expertise.xml, not vanilla expertise.xml, right? By "submod" you mean that right?
  20. deathst4r

    deathst4r Got Your Back


    I highly recommend installing the new version V1.12, which is out right now.

    See the Survivors List that is included in the ZIP-file for details.

    The new version also contains some item tweaks.

    By the way: All the best wishes for 2014, you guys! I'm off to celebrate the New Year now.
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