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Discussion in 'PC Mods' started by deathst4r, Dec 28, 2013.

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    DKsDEVIL Starting Off

    Is there not a way to make so you can clime up the pickup, not jump as in the standalone mod does ?

    Bug on shoting platform tower on fair ground the ladder up to platform is the wrong way AI cant get up.
  2. deathst4r

    deathst4r Got Your Back

    Thank you very much. Well, that's me and having never used an actual gun... just some video-game guns, who didn't perform that trick. :D
    I like the change, because the odd magazine sizes like 31 for an SMG never felt right for me... but maybe that's just me.

    Have fun, man! :D

    Thanks for your feedback, DKsDEVIL. I didn't change anything about map geometry, so the ladder bug must be a general issue that is not connected to ISSUE #2. :D

    If you want to climb up the pickup, I recommend installing Tronko's mod:


    Best regards,
  3. Rod3nt

    Rod3nt Here To Help

    @deathst4r - Just bought the pc version of this game (having played on xbox) just to try out some mods. Yours was the first major one I downloaded, and I gotta say having a blast!! Just wanted to say thanks and keep up the great work, love it!
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    DKsDEVIL Starting Off

    his only do so you can jump higher i don´t want that :) anyway thanks for the feedback.
  5. So, the gun +1 ammo thing is actually what we used to always do before going out into the field. There are two ways to do this based off of the gun.

    First way: Fill your magazine with rounds, load it, chamber 1 round, remove the magazine and refill that missing round.


    Second way: On a gun with no magazine inserted, pull the slide back, insert 1 round into the chamber, load magazine.

    This is handy for guns with small magazines (mostly handguns) because the difference between 8 and 9 rounds could mean life or death, so you load +1.

    I will say, the way it is done graphically in-game is kind of weird where you remove a magazine, throw it on the ground and insert a whole new one and magically go from 30 to 31 rounds... yeah, kind of absurd and personally glad it's removed in the mod.
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    DKsDEVIL Starting Off

    Ifii have a game the have the zombie spawn rate and car rarity can i remove it later if i think the zombie spawn rate is to high ?
  7. Sure, just delete the File with the Zombie Spawn Rate whenever u like. (see FAQ on first Page)

    DKsDEVIL Starting Off

    I read FAQ just look like it only work on new game not my old save that is lvl 4
  9. deathst4r

    deathst4r Got Your Back

    Thank you, Rod3nt. :)
    Your feedback makes me as happy as an intergalactic battle-station can be deep down in its heart... errrm, yes. :D

    That just reminds me. I think I have to visit Alderaan soon. ;)

    @ghimel : Yep, it was mostly the graphical/animation thing that bugged me, too (besides the ammo count unfamiliar to a video gamer like me).
    As you say: And magically a bullet appears...
    I wouldn't have cared, if it was a pink elephant that suddenly appeared out of nowhere, but I am dead serious on my bullets in video games. :D

    @Angelnight : Thanks for pointing out to the FAQ. ;)

    @DKsDEVIL : I think, the engine reads the sandbox.win.bmd only at the start of a new game, but I didn't test it for sure. You could try the following: Close State of Decay. Delete or rename sandbox.win.bmd or change the settings to your preferences in sandbox.xml and compile it to a win.bmd-file with XML2BMD.exe (simply drag and drop the XML file onto the EXE file). BACKUP your saves on all profiles. Run State of Decay. Pick "Breakdown". Switch to a profile that you don't need right now (just pick an unused profile, if available). On the new profile click on "Start New Game". When the game has started, quit that game. Switch the profile back to your normal profile, on which your savegame is located. Click "Continure". If the zombie spawn rate etc. has changed, it works without having to start a new game. If not... well, then you have to start a new game, if you want to have different sandbox settings.

    Have fun, everyone! :)
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  10. @deathst4r and @DKsDEVIL sandbox.win.bmd is read on every new level of Breakdown so existing save-games would require the player to move to the next BD level to get the changes updated
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  11. deathst4r

    deathst4r Got Your Back

    What is the answer to all your modding and zombie apocalypse survival needs (or when you want to cut cheese or open a can or trim your beard or fire a plasma slug or make an international phone call)?
    SwissArmyKnife. Simple as that. :D

    Thanks, mate! ;)

    (I think, two things in the list might actually be wrong...)
  12. yk999

    yk999 Got Your Back

    <Value Default="180" Name="OutpostHordeCooldown">   <!-- edited by deathst4r - original value: 120 -->
    Deathst4r, is this for increased outpost safe zone duration, or is it for outpost trap re-arm cooldown? You are sure that it's trap cooldown, right? I just wanted to be sure. I'll increase it to 300, then maybe 600, damn outposts make the area too safe, too boring. :)
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  13. deathst4r

    deathst4r Got Your Back

    Yep, that is for outpost trap re-arm cooldown, Sir. ;)

    Increasing it further seems to be a good idea. I think I'll go for 5 minutes in the next release.
  14. yk999

    yk999 Got Your Back

  15. MattyDienhoff

    MattyDienhoff Here To Help

    That's called tactical reloading, it's not strange, I'll explain how it works.

    Let's say you have an AR-15 rifle and a full 30 round magazine for it. You insert the magazine and pull the charging handle to chamber a round. Your magazine now contains 29 rounds, because one was moved out of the magazine into the chamber. Now, if you replace that magazine (which now has 29 rounds in it) with a full one, you've got 30 rounds in the mag again... and there's still one in the chamber, so that's 30+1. 31. :D

    This is something that can be done with most magazine-fed guns. Pistols, rifles, shotguns, etc. It can't be done with revolvers for obvious reasons.

    It's an animation issue, that's all. They don't retain the old magazine (which would be discarding perfectly good ammo) and they always rack the charging handle/slide (which would eject the live round in the chamber, if there is one). Ideally, there would be unique animations for doing a partial reload: The survivor would put the partially empty magazine back in their pocket, and load a new one without racking the slide/charging handle (because there's already a round in the chamber).

    But making so many additional sets of animations just to cover those small details would've added a lot of work and a fair bit of data to find space for, so I don't blame Undead Labs for keeping it simple, even if it compromises realism a bit. :p
  16. yk999

    yk999 Got Your Back

    Deathst4r, could you explain a few things about search.xml?

    1. This is for non-resource ammo, right?
    <SearchItemList Cap="100" Fallback="" Id="Ammo.Common" Min="100">
    2. This is for ammo as a resource, right?
    <SearchItemList Cap="60" Fallback="" Id="Resource.Ammo.Common" Min="60">
    3. How is it possible that with a reduced cap of 1, there are still lots of material resources in the game?
    <SearchItemList Cap="1" Fallback="" Id="Resource.Materials.Common" Min="1">
    <SearchItemList Cap="1" Fallback="" Id="Resource.Materials.Crap" Min="1">
    <SearchItemList Cap="1" Fallback="" Id="Resource.Materials.Industrial" Min="1">
    4. Are these caps what really matter? Regardless of the previous cap and min values in the file, these values say the last word about caps?
      <AmmoCap Max="60" Min="40" />
      <FoodCap Max="200" Min="180" />
      <FuelCap Max="60" Min="40" />
      <MaterialsCap Max="130" Min="110" />
      <MedicineCap Max="80" Min="60" />
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  17. deathst4r

    deathst4r Got Your Back

    Hey, Matty!

    Thanks for your explanation. It's always good to learn something new. ;)

    Hey, yk999! :)

    Regarding 1., 2. and 4.) You got it all right! :D

    About 3.)
    <SearchItemList Cap="1" Fallback="" Id="Resource.Materials.Common" Min="1">

    defines, that, if this list is used, it may only be used 1 time (e.g. it generates a maximum of 1 item out of this list).

    Best regards and happy modding!

    I am just preparing ISSUE #3 and I hope it will be a blast.

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  18. yk999

    yk999 Got Your Back

    I've customized search.xml a lot. The only part bugging me was that material cap of 1 and values at number 4. Thanks, i think i get it now. :)
  19. deathst4r

    deathst4r Got Your Back

    deathst4r's CARNAGE MOD ISSUE #3 (for Breakdown only) (2014-01-18)

    Download link:
    http://www.affenbauch.de/deathst4rs CARNAGE MOD.zip

    carnagemodv113title_low_tiny.jpg carnagemodissue2title_low_tiny.jpg carnagemodissue3title_low_small.jpg

    Hey, everyone!

    The brand new update is online and ready!

    Inspired by zombie comic books I changed the version numbers to issue numbers. ;)
    The actual mod is ISSUE #3.

    Zombies will be more aggressive hunters now...
    Please understand: They are very hungry. :D


    See the FEATURE LIST by just clicking on the large backpack icon below:



    Q: Will the mod require a new game for the changes to take effect?

    A: I highly recommend starting a new game. But you can also BACKUP your old savegame and try, if it works out somehow. You should switch back and forth between two characters once at the start of a new game as soon as possible, so the game registers traits like “Powerhouse” correctly.

    1.) Everybody loves SWAT-Zombies. They were re-enabled.

    2.) Changed some melee weapon durabilities: Weapons are more durable overall.

    3.) References to extra character cdf-files in the characters-folder to make customization of the really good generic characters a lot easier without having to restart the game every time for each slight change. All generic characters with 2 bonus traits have an extra cdf-file. See characters.xml for details. I don’t recommend changing the head, since the portrait is locked to each game.

    4.) Outpost horde trap reset cooldown increased to 300 seconds.

    5.) Standard Stamina Regeneration is a little higher (+1) on all levels of Cardio. Stamina costs for actions were decreased.

    6.) This mod stops the strange automatic filling-up of the suppy locker with a bunch of precious weapons etc. To make it work, I had to edit the "break up resource container" mechanic. I do not recommend breaking up material resource containers, since this won't really yield anything at all anymore except for a homemade oil-can silencer.

    7.) Breaking up food, medicine and ammo containers is a little more valuable now, since the yield is slightly higher in most cases. Just remember not to break up material containers, since that is a totally useless decision right now.

    8.) Homesite Limits have been tinkered with (again :D ) to actually make the Church or the Alamo a little more valuable (an increased number of possible good choices is always better):

    - support for 2 outposts

    Church of the Ascension, Alamo:
    - support for 6 outposts
    - 15 materials needed to establish homebase

    McReady Farm, Kirkman Residence, Savini Residence:
    - support for 6 outposts
    - 20 materials needed to establish homebase

    Snyder Trucking Warehouse, Trumbull Fairground:
    - support for 8 outposts
    - 50 materials + 20 population needed to establish homebase

    9.) Enclaves should have 1 less survivor now. (Needs testing!)

    10.) Zombies are a little hungrier now and won’t give up hunting you down so easily now. There will be more zombie pack action... so use your unsilenced guns with caution. (Needs testing!)

    11.) The tan US Boat Car and the normal Hatchback have been replaced with the SPRANG Cargo Van and the Ambulance, which are as durable as the modern pickup. The SPRANG Cargo Van replacing the Hatchback may show you some impressive parking skills executed by the former drivers. As if size mattered... :)


    12.) No artillery strikes and no cars "out of the magic hat" anymore. Sorry, everything was overrun. It's the apocalypse.

    WORK IT!

    Of course you may have a look at my modded files and change them as you like it.

    I provided all the XML-files for the current version of my mod and the feature documentation refers to which XML-files/scripts include which changes, so that others can learn from my modding.

    If you plan to release your own mod based on my files, a little credit is always highly appreciated.

    Best regards and happy surviving! :)

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  20. MattyDienhoff

    MattyDienhoff Here To Help

    Wow, nice! I'm particularly excited about the Cargo Van and Ambulance. :D

    I like the comic book style!
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