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Discussion in 'PC Mods' started by deathst4r, Dec 28, 2013.

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    I am just uploading a short presentation video (21 minutes total, 2 parts) for my CARNAGE MOD ISSUE #3
    on youtube... 2 hours to go at least. ;)

    I will post the link here, when the uploads are ready.
  2. Love your mod and just wanted to say that in this version in sandbox.xml file at max number of cars there are 25 for each scenario which i think it's vanilla numbers so to get to my question did you change something in there or just left it default? cause in your mod description says that there is a reduced number of cars.I know i can change that but just wanted to know cause in Issue#2 i remember cars were pretty rare to find.
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    Hey, Asteroth! ;)

    Thanks for your feedback. I appreciate it. :)

    These are the vanilla Breakdown settings:

      <SandboxGroup Scenario="0">
        <RTSValue OutputAmount="70" OutputId="Sandbox.MaxCars" />
    <SandboxGroup Scenario="1">
        <RTSValue OutputAmount="60" OutputId="Sandbox.MaxCars" />
    <SandboxGroup Scenario="2">
        <RTSValue OutputAmount="55" OutputId="Sandbox.MaxCars" />
    <SandboxGroup Scenario="3">
        <RTSValue OutputAmount="50" OutputId="Sandbox.MaxCars" />
      <SandboxGroup Scenario="4">
        <RTSValue OutputAmount="45" OutputId="Sandbox.MaxCars" />
    <SandboxGroup Scenario="5">
        <RTSValue OutputAmount="40" OutputId="Sandbox.MaxCars" />
    <SandboxGroup Scenario="6">
        <RTSValue OutputAmount="35" OutputId="Sandbox.MaxCars" />
      <SandboxGroup Scenario="7">
        <RTSValue OutputAmount="30" OutputId="Sandbox.MaxCars" />
      <SandboxGroup Scenario="8">
        <RTSValue OutputAmount="25" OutputId="Sandbox.MaxCars" />
      <SandboxGroup Scenario="9">
        <RTSValue OutputAmount="20" OutputId="Sandbox.MaxCars" />
    <SandboxGroup Scenario="10">
        <RTSValue OutputAmount="15" OutputId="Sandbox.MaxCars" />
    In my CARNAGE MOD ISSUE #3 the number of cars starts at 25,
    decreases to 20 after LVL 3,
    is again reduced to 15 after LVL 6
    and stays at 12 after LVL 10
    with the default settings.

    The Breakdown LVL is the SandboxGroup Scenario value +1.

    In ISSUE #2 there were in fact a little more cars than in ISSUE #3
    (for Scenario 0 to 5 the values are equal to the ones in ISSUE #3):

      <SandboxGroup Scenario="6">
        <RTSValue OutputAmount="17" OutputId="Sandbox.MaxCars" />
      <SandboxGroup Scenario="7">
        <RTSValue OutputAmount="16" OutputId="Sandbox.MaxCars" />
      <SandboxGroup Scenario="8">
        <RTSValue OutputAmount="15" OutputId="Sandbox.MaxCars" />
      <SandboxGroup Scenario="9">
        <RTSValue OutputAmount="15" OutputId="Sandbox.MaxCars" />
      <SandboxGroup Scenario="10">
        <RTSValue OutputAmount="15" OutputId="Sandbox.MaxCars" />
  4. Thanks for the quick reply deathst4r my mistake then,i deleted the files from Issue#2 and couldn't verify the difference between these 2 versions but in the end all is well and i think this mod has a great future.Keep updating it and maybe add a few new things in the next version!!
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    DKsDEVIL Starting Off

    hi deathst4r

    I run in to problem updating from Isue 2 to 3 so i start new game i deleted the
    so i not have more zeds sporn and with clean game and new save i still get more zeds

    i like the les cars thing not more zeds anyway i can have normal zeds sporn and les cars.

    or just norman zeds sporn
    celan game and new game and no sandbox.win.bmd i still get a lot more zeds than the vanila game

    do i need to rename or delete the zombies.xml: too ?

    Sory to bee a pain in your 455 :)
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    yes delete zombies.win.bmd
  7. deathst4r

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    State of Decay Breakdown CARNAGE MOD ISSUE #3 Presentation Part 1


    State of Decay Breakdown CARNAGE MOD ISSUE #3 Presentation Part 2

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    deathst4r, i found the new vans. They are great, thanks for adding them. :) Could you replace one of the default vehicles (or one of the vans) with the SUV? There was a mod that added a SUV to the game, i can't remember which mod. It would be great.


    One more thing, is it possible to make LMGs part of the Assault Weapon Specialization? Not that AWS is particularly useful, i always fire single shots, but i hate it when AWS doesn't improve for LMG using characters. I have an OCD or something. :)
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    I'll keep the SUV in mind, yk999. :)

    UPDATE: Small characters.xml-hotfix added to the ZIP-archive.

    There was a problem with Trait.Job.Mercenary, which Zeika Riveira and Leon Montague had.
    I disabled the Trait and replaced it with something adequate, because ingame a strange bug appeared that made all mercenaries nurses (by trait). :D

    In my country nurses are indeed badly paid, but I wouldn't consider them mercenaries because of that...
    Hmm... nursenaries. :D

    UPDATE II: Small sandbox.xml-hotfix added to the ZIP-archive.

    The number of SWAT-Zombies was too high. That didn't feel right. I adjusted it, so that they are something special actually and not your average Joe on the streets.

    Proceeding to a new Breakdown LVL in your actual game will apply the sandbox changes for the next Breakdown LVL and all Breakdown LVLs that follow that Breakdown LVL.
    Breakdown LVL! :D

    I just like the expression "Breakdown LVL".
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  12. I'm having some issues don't know for sure it's from using this mod but i'll post the problems anyway maybe someone else has them too.So first one that i saw was that the challenge that unlocks The Dealer hero only takes 10 zombies to kill with car doors I remember there were needed 400 kills for that to be unlocked.Next one when i complete The Dealer Challenge,The Killer and The Father challenges also complete themselves by doing nothing and the respective heroes appear in my home o_O .And the final problem is that i played the game yesterday just started another Breakdown run and established my base in Macready farm and i hadn't encountered any cars while i played.When i quit and the game auto saved today when i loaded the game up i had 3 cars on my garages that appeared from nowhere(the fast sport car,the modern pick-up and one taxi).I say again don't know if it's related to this mod but my game has the latest update that's available and i didn't get these issues while playing without mods.Deathst4r did you also tweaked the requirements for the challenges or they are all left untouched???Other mods that i use beside CARNAGE mod are one that changes Lily to something more nice to look at:D,and Chris Kennedy's mods one mod that changes the moon to Majoras Mask Moon,and the sign and paintings from Resident Evil also the Steam T-shirt for zombies don't know if these mods conflict with yours but i think they are not conflicting need an answer soon.Thanks man!!
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    Hey, Asteroth! ;)

    Thank you for notifying me. The problems with the challenges you describe have to do with another version of the expertise.xml that I created solely for testing purposes.
    Unfortunately that expertise.xml found it's way into the mod ZIP folder ("Ya sneaky git!"), where it should absolutley not be.

    I updated the ZIP-archive with the correct expertise.xml and expertise.win.bmd.

    Sorry for any inconvenience.

    I don't know about your car issues though. Diagnosis from afar is difficult on that one. Sorry. :(

    Best regards,
  14. What level of Breakdown? And there aren't generally a lot of cars around the farm area to begin with.

    Finding new ones on reload is normal, your survivors will go out (when the sim runs) and bring back cars for you. This used to puzzle me too when I first saw it; they are also apparently very good at driving them...because I would blockade an empty parking spot for a day, come back and a new car would be there without the others having moved.
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  15. I like what you did with your mod deathst4r. I just want to ask if it would be possible to separate the Combat(fighting,shooting) special techniques from the Physical(wit,cardio) special techniques.
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    Thanks for your explanation, SwissArmyKnife! :)

    Thank you, Majin Buu. A very similar request came up a while ago. I will probably release a submod for the special techniques.
    But for now my work schedule contains about 50 gritty, dark and dangerous hours of Doom per week for the next month at least.
    I hope to find some time for modding and playing though. First world problems... :D
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  17. Thanks deathst4r! And good luck with those dark and dangerous hours of doom! :D
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    Bump. Real life still got me cornered..

    Happy modding and happy playing, everyone! :)
  19. This mod seems to be switching around my Journal Icons, etc. It is also removing one of the supply locker tabs while replacing icons. I haven't narrowed down which file is the problem yet.

    No other mods, freshly verified install, most recent game version.
  20. Its the "class3_journal_i1a.dds" file because of a new version in the gamedate.pak.
    There are new icons and a different order.
    Please can you make an updated version deathst4r?
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