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Discussion in 'PC Mods' started by deathst4r, Dec 28, 2013.

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  1. Afetogbo

    Afetogbo Got Your Back

    some versions of the game still use the old icons and my mod has the newer version journal files. A simple fix is to delete the files from your folder and use the default ones.
  2. I fixed it by myself.
    Here you can download a version 2014:

    Content of zipfile:
    -class3_journal_i1a.dds in State of Decay version 02/2014 (new icons and a different order)

    -correct journal icons
    -fixed supply locker
    -and of course working carnage mod legendary survivors portraits (like Tallahassee, Chris Redfield, Daryl Dixon, Maggie Greene, Shane Walsh and Rick Grimes etc.)

    overwrite \State of Decay\Game\libs\ui\class3_journal_i1a.dds

    Thanks & credits to deathst4r
    Have fun
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  3. ZombieDeathMob

    ZombieDeathMob Starting Off

    thank you for posting this awesome mod and included assets to teach modders. this has inspired me to learn modding if i can i have started tinkering with characters.xml to make the walking dead heros a bit stronger :p thanks to all who shares modding tools and knowledge
  4. deathst4r

    deathst4r Got Your Back

    Hello, everyone!

    It has been quite some time since my last visit, because I had and have a lot of work to accomplish right now.

    Thank you, Micha LNH HSV for providing the fixed journal-file, while I was away.

    I have just updated the Carnage Mod by including the most recent files.

    Thanks for your kind words, ZombieDeathMob.

    Best regards and happy surviving! :)
  5. Very interested in trying this mod. I have a query though. I can see that this mod allows for upgrading built in facilities. How would this be added to another mod? I assume it uses the facilities.win.bmd but what sections would need to be placed into another version of facilities to get this to work? I am not very good at looking through code or understanding it. Would it just be a case of copying out the relevant sections? If so what bits?
  6. hEY dEATHST4R

    Wanted to write and let you know how much your mod is kickin my ever luvin butt around. I just bought SoD on steam sale and played vanilla a bit but found it lacking, decided to put a few mods in and chose yours, as it seemed a pretty good fit for my play style.

    MAN, am I learning to respect the zombies now! I have not survived for a full day yet! Special zombie are terifying, zombie hordes rip me and my partner to death.

    I think I really have to start strategizing every step I take.

    So, kudos to you, its made the game super fun times@!

  7. How to unlock all the characters?
  8. deathst4r

    deathst4r Got Your Back

    [​IMG] [​IMG] carnage mod issue3 title small.png carnage mod issue4 title small.png

    carnage mod issue5 title.png

    Hello, everyone! :)

    I have updated the CARNAGE MOD to work with the latest version of State of Decay - Breakdown.
    Unfortunately the vehicle changes (ambulance car, SPRANG van, small changes to steering, speed etc.) of ISSUE #4 have not been included, yet, because of the trunk inventory system and how it changed the file structure.

    Disclaimer: I don't even have the slightest clou, if this mod will work with YOSE - probably not - because I do not own YOSE.

    Enjoy the game (and the waiting time for State of Decay 2, which will most likely become the best zombie survival game ever)!

    Best regards,
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