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Discussion in 'For PC Players Only' started by Spksh, Oct 16, 2013.

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  1. Hola PC players,

    I wrote us a little launcher for State of Decay that I like to call Zombie Standard Time.

    I understand the persistent world concept, and why it's something that makes State of Decay stand apart from other games. But I guess I'm a completionist (or whatever adjective you want to use to describe my play style), so simulating time while I'm not playing doesn't really float my boat. Lucky for me, I'm also a programmer.

    ZST lets you manipulate the time State of Decay simulates between play sessions. Don't want any time to pass if you can't play for a week? We can do that. Want to see if your survivors can last for a few days without you? Or fast forward an hour to get repairs done? We can do that too.

    I'd like a few hardy survivors to give it a test. It was really only written for myself, but given the number of threads on the persistent world (here, and on the Steam forum), other people might like it too.

    You can find ZST at http://www.zombiestandardtime.com/

    Remember, this is really, really alpha code :)

  2. smashly

    smashly Starting Off

    Thank You for the explanation of how your doing it even though I haven't tried your launcher yet.
    Nice work from the reading of it, very helpful info.

    I thought of doing stop time by setting the save file time to current system time before launching game.
    Wonder if that will work.
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  3. I tried playing with setting Last Modified values on the save game files and the save game folder (after seeing some comments on Steam forums about copy/pasting save games to reset the timer), but I couldn't get that to work. Your mileage may vary, of course!
  4. Paton

    Paton Starting Off

    You should have a crack at customising characters ;)
  5. stemot

    stemot Starting Off

    Okay, just tried the launcher with my 2 week old end game save and can confirm my Morale and supplies were all the same as when I left them. This is what a lot of people have been asking for and is a great option for those with limited playtime. Well done mate. You should post this on the Steam forums as well if you haven't already.
  6. Thanks!

    I'm slightly concerned about this being seen as an exploit or cheat of some kind. I don't know how much Valve or Undead Labs would disapprove of me posting on the Steam forums (under a Steam account that has a lot of games to be banned from ;) ).
  7. stemot

    stemot Starting Off

    They always said they were fine with modding so I don't see there being an issue, it's the same in theory as the Dead Island launcher which was created to fix problems with that game and those guys now have a game on Steam. Maybe get confirmation from one of the team on here but I think it'll be okay.
  8. Cool. I'll give it a day or so before posting on the Steam forums. I'd expect a higher level of technical ability here anyway, which is one of the reasons I posted the request for testers here.
  9. Oh nice! Now I don't have to leave the game paused all the time to keep everything from blowing up.
  10. My current game did something weird, unrelated to this mod. I came back after two days real time, and I had several hundred materials in my stockpile. I was pleased, but it must be a bug, no? Should be interesting to test this mod and see if i can do the same without waiting for days of real time.
  11. Calloveri

    Calloveri Starting Off

    This is the best mod i've seen so far. :D I wish i had the knownledge to program aswell, soon i'm going to datanome school to learn Java and XML also to make applications.
    I would have gone to study sooner but didnt have the money or time to do so but now i have enough free time to buy a study that is just what i have been looking foreva and eva!

    It's my life long dream to be able to study how games actually work and how to do them if needed, since 3 years old i started playing games and since then i have had this urgent need to make things better in-games, what i mean by this is when i see a game that is pretty good but it lacks in someplaces like you are not able to customise or buy that certain things, i wanna be able to do that i want to create the game the way i like it to be.
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  12. stemot

    stemot Starting Off

    Can't believe this thread hasn't been more active after all the bleating people did about wanting this.
  13. babylon

    babylon Starting Off

    The forum isn't very active overall. Great mod though.
  14. Thanks for the feedback, everyone.
  15. Mikesla

    Mikesla Starting Off


    Interesting mod BUT this part I NEVER agree with. My information is MY information. How do I know that is all your collecting, because you say so? I normally don't go off unless something really rubs me the wrong way. This util takes your Steam profile, and does what with it?

    I'm all for modding, but when my Steam profile information is taken, and transferred to someone who I don't even know simply so they can collect, and gather information of bugs in their mod is simply going overboard.

    On your website, and I quote...

    You also say if you block it it via firewall, it may cause odd behavior. 3rd party? You are a 3rd party. The only people who should have my Steam information is ME, and Steam/Valve. Good luck, I don't share my info with no one.

    How about this, rewrite your util, and NOT have it attach itself to a persons Steam account (You shouldn't be messing with that anyway), or even use Steam.

    EDIT: Also, you say you won't share this information with anyone. Your pretty damn confident that your system cannot be hacked, and have the information stolen. I have over 600 games alone for Steam, and to have my account info transferred to you in hopes everything will be fine, and safe. In this world where Banks, Government institutions are broken into hourly I do not want to wake up one day to find my my Steam account has been compromised, and I have been locked out. I will lose thousands of dollars, and you wake up saying "Oh well, shit happens."

    Rewrite your util, otherwise I'm warning people out there to stay away from this, if anything happens to your Steam accounts, you can only blame yourself for it.
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2013
  16. stemot

    stemot Starting Off

    The launcher has to have you selecting you Steam profile to to determine the path to the State Of Decay executable file. They don't ask for any Steam passwords and even with that they would have to know your e-mail password with Steam Guard on. Many Launchers work in the same way. The info collecting is a slightly bigger concern but again as long as you block it in your firewall even that is of no concern. Maybe a version should be done where this collecting isn't done just to put peoples mind at rest.
  17. I understand. That's why I included the privacy policy; I wanted to be clear that I might see your Steam profile name in error logs, because I'm aware of the privacy concerns.

    To be clear, though; I won't ever see your Steam profile or any information inside your Steam account. Depending on the error message, I may see the name of your Steam profile. Nothing else. Nothing that could be used to access your Steam account is stored or transferred.

    I use Steam to auto-detect the path to StateOfDecay.exe and the userdata (save game) folder. That's done by reading the contents of a Steam configuration file on your PC. I can't, and don't access anything through Steam services or the Steam client.

    As for security, yep, that's always a concern when dealing with stuff connected to the internet.

    As I said, I understand your security concerns. I included the privacy policy so people could make an informed decision.
  18. smashly

    smashly Starting Off

    I can't get your app to launch on my pc (but wouldn't surprise me if it's because I have a crap load of windows services disabled).
    Win 7 SP1 x64 (dotnet 4.5 installed, yuck, I feel so dirty)
    Is your app dependent on WMI as well?
    Or maybe Bits service (dotnet 4.5 requires or advises Bits service to enabled to install)?
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2013
  19. Mikesla

    Mikesla Starting Off

    Thank you for your reply. This is only a util, and I don't think it should be going anywhere near my Steam account information.

    There is one thing that is concerning me here, and it has to do with in part what I quoted in my previous post, and it is...
    Why would this cause odd behavior? If the util crashes, and I don't want to send you a crash log, why would this cause any problems? I mean for this to cause problems, your util will have to be something like a sniffer of sorts which requires a constant connection to where it's storing the information on a regular basis. Will this also record key inputs as part of the error log file?

    I do thank you for responding, but this doesn't pass the smell test. I do appreciate your effort, but you can easily make this not do the things it is doing by rewriting the code to allow people to have it select where they have installed the game, and let them manually choose the profile, and not have it connect directly to your database, and have it not go anywhere near anyone's Steam info.
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  20. I said it may cause odd behaviour, because I haven't tested it while blocked by a firewall myself. Should be fine, though.
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