[MOD] QMJS's Extended Functions (2.01 YOSE current release)

Discussion in 'PC Mods' started by QMJS, May 13, 2014.

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  1. QMJS

    QMJS Famous

    QMJS Extended Functions Mod V2.01
    Updated 7/23/16- YOSE Edition


    This mod greatly expands the variety of characters, facilities, and actions available to the player. It is equally applicable to the player who chooses to keep a small group and rush through levels quickly, as to the player who lingers on a level as long as possible, building up the largest group of survivors they can.
    It touches upon many aspects of the game. Some parts are now easier; some parts are now much harder. There is no central theme- it was not designed to be a 'difficulty' mod, or a 'base' mod, or a 'character' mod. It touches upon many aspects of the game, including characters, facilities, skills, and items. The changes are ones that I personally found to be useful or interesting.

    This version requires the YOSE edition of State of Decay. It is not compatible with other mods that change the same files.
    If this is the first time using the mod, you must start a new game.
    If you are upgrading from a previous version, I recommend installing either just after starting a new level, or after moving to a new home base and before building any facilities.

    Place the zip file in the State of Decay YOSE\Game directory (By Default, C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\State of Decay YOSE\ ) Right click and select Unzip here.
    If you unpack the directory elsewhere, the directories get placed into the State of Decay YOSE\ directory to use.
    If you have a folder in the directory with the zip file name (ie. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\State of Decay YOSE\QMJSExtendedFunctionsMod-YOSE-V2.0-Game, that is incorrect. Move everything from inside that directory and put it into the Game directory, and then remove the empty QMJSExtendedFunctionsMod-YOSE-V2.0-Game folder.)

    Here are a few highlights (For full details see the attached readme):
    Larger bases with more building slots.
    Working journal expansion to allow interaction with the new facility slots.
    New survivors appear with new personalities and skills. (352 currently defined.)
    Five new unlockable heroes.
    New Jobs and Hobbies, with some redundant or less useful skills removed.
    Characters are more capable, able to carry more, and have a greater variety of skill choices.
    Characters will not be assigned jobs when away from home, and characters with base skills will not leave the base unless you specifically take them out.
    Complete workshop upgrade from munition shop and machine shop.
    Four new facilities- Generator, Lounge, Sanitation, and Small Watchtower.
    Many additional actions are available at base facilities. You can make more items, improve morale, and activate additional bonuses.
    Killing zombies reduces the overall spawn density. You can 'thin the herd'.
    Morale is more important.
    The Training/Trade options at the library, dojo and watchtower allow you to choose several options as payment.
    Options are now available at the kitchen and the infirmary to assist other survivor groups.
    Most built-in facilities are now upgradable, or start as fully upgraded.
    Additional research options are available.
    Many added fatecard events.
    Some survivors go scavenging on thier own and they may bring home small amounts of resources.
    Increased sandbox levels defined to 99.
    Allies are more likely to use ranged weapons.
    Mission timers have been adjusted to slow down the frequency missions are assigned.
    Killing zombies reduces the overall spawn density. You can 'thin the herd'.
    Zombies are much more plentiful.
    Ferals and juggernaut spwans to allow the possibility of more than one at a time.
    Zombies may be killed by non-head hits, but take little damage from those attacks.
    After completing the CLEO missions, there is a moderate chance in Breakdown of them starting up again after moving to a new level.
    Experience system now give experience to base skills, with bonuses at levels 4 and 7.
    Added a random trait assignment system, so some generic characters won't have exactly the same abilities each time they spawn.

    Please see the readme above or read the MODSummary.txt file included for full details.

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  2. Nice Work, dude i only want "Extra buildable facility spaces (1-5 depending on home site.)" how i do to install only this mod?
  3. Dilin

    Dilin Starting Off

    Now this is very cool!
  4. QMJS

    QMJS Famous

    You don't. The changes necessary for that one feature are spread across a number of files, which contain other parts of the mod, so pulling out just that one part isn't possible. There are also drawbacks to them... they are essentially built on top of parking spaces, so if you use them all, you can't repair cars.
    Last edited: May 13, 2014
  5. This is looking amazing. Finally a mod with more build spaces, must have been pretty hard! Dont stop the good work ;)
  6. SilentResident

    SilentResident Got Your Back

    I am left speechless. Awesome. How can a non-"Undead Labs employee" do such things??? Truly awesome.
  7. Slain Necros

    Slain Necros Starting Off

    I`ve been testing this mod the past few weeks for Big Q and it works really well. It also makes the game a lot more fun. To me this is what the stock game should have been more like. More content changes are planned so keep your eyes peeled.
  8. niftyeye

    niftyeye Got Your Back

    Nice job, this mod will keep me entertained until Lifeline comes ;)
  9. Im quite certain that i installed this correctly, but every time i go to start a new game it crashes loading the character screen? :O
    What can i do to fix this, i have re-installed the game several times now.
  10. Slain Necros

    Slain Necros Starting Off

    This mod is not compatible with other mods. I had a similar issue when I first started testing the mod but I had a number of different altered files that I removed before installing this and it gave me the same crash. What I did to fix it was delete state of decay and reinstall it, then I verified the integrity of the game cache and then installed the mods files. Steam did find that I needed 3 files and installed them before I installed the mod. The game then worked fine.

    Another thing too is to not use the Nexus Mod Manager when downloading. That manager has been buggy since it`s implementation on the site for other games. Easy way to install the mod that I like to follow that always works is to make a new empty folder on my desktop and extract all the contents of the mod to it. Then just drag and drop all the contents from that empty folder to your StateOfDecay/Game folder. That way it doesn`t get unzipped in the wrong location by mistake.
  11. QMJS

    QMJS Famous

    Here is an easy way to check and see if you put everything in the right place... State of Decay\Game\levels\Class3 should have two files in it, level.pak and mission_mission0.xml. If you only have level.pak, you have installed it in the wrong location.
  12. mission_mission0.xml is packed inside level.pak by default.

    Some people might have it visible in this folder because Masterclock uses this file to create the clock in the top left.
  13. QMJS

    QMJS Famous

    Hmmm... you are right. But if following directions, they will have removed it.

    Let's see... here's an alternate test. State of Decay\Game\libs\prefabs should be there and have only one file, facilities.xml
  14. Well, the only thing which doesnt seem to work is the hero selection as i start a new game, it just instantly crashes there. Im somewhat clueless right now, but im gonna keep trying.

    PS: Do you usually have a StateOfDecay/Game/Characters folder or is it only used by mods?
  15. QMJS

    QMJS Famous

    No, that should not be there. You still have remnants of other mods installed, and that is likely what is causing your problem. You need to get those cleaned up.

    The only directories that you should have in the Game directory before installing this mod are:
    \levels\Class3 and it should have only one file, level.pak
    \sandbox and it should have only two files, dlc.xml and BreakdownC.pak

    Clean it up, verify the cache, and try again, and let me know what result you get.
  16. Shouldn't there be three directories, language, levels and sandbox? If not, steam is installing a whole other version of the game.
  17. QMJS

    QMJS Famous

    Actually, I don't know... it may be required if you are in using a non-American English version. It is not present in mine for a clean installation.

    I know the Australian version has some variant files to comply with some of the terminology restrictions, but I am fairly sure those are generally kept in one of the pak files.

    For that one, for now, since it only changes one file there, as long as the correct version of embeddedstrings.xml is present it should work. It will have this tag near the top of the file:

    File Modded by QMJS
    © 2013 Undead Labs LLC. All Rights Reserved.™
    Updated for 4/23/14 patch
  18. What do you have in your language folder?

    Language is packed inside the gamedata.pak folder by default (American English install) so you may have a mod change to the terminology in there.
  19. QMJS

    QMJS Famous

    Just a quick note based on some questions asked on the nexus page- the mod is incompatible with other mods that use the same files. There are some other mods out there that address some specific areas that don't touch these same files... they should work just fine. But install this one clean (or any overhaul MOD clean) and then attempt to add in the smaller ones. Look at what files the (other) mods are using, and if they already exist, they are not going to be compatible.

    I had that 'other' as 'little', and that sounded dismissive... changed it to 'simple' and that sounded worse.
  20. Dialog.win.drl
    embeddedstrings (From this mod)

    These files dont show up when i install the base game, they only appear after installing Breakdown.
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