[MOD] State Of Decay Lonewolf Mod - [Latest Version: Alpha 1.5]

Discussion in 'PC Mods' started by Amelia Crasman, May 3, 2017.

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  1. Shady Allie

    Shady Allie Got Your Back

    i think @Romes2007 is asking if the pile of zombies at a drop sight ever stop spawning. they won't stop spawning until the loud beacon is turned off. in other words, open the drop as soon as you can.
  2. Ahhhhhhhhhh. Yea, TOP PRIORITY!
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  3. sc2mitch

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    My quick 2 cents on the mod, some lingering crashes need to be worked out when a lot of zombies near you spawn it's pretty annoying, especially when you're on really long hauls and you crash because a lot of zombies spawn in around you. Feral packs are a really unique flavor to the game, I really like it. While I'm not too sealed on the lone survivor kind of thing it really does play out well, you need to micromanage a single guy and keep him well protected but being able to play as more than 1 guy would be cool.
    My only requests? If you can put it that way would be:
    > Reduce the sizes of the horde waves because the zeds clip through the car at really huge sizes.
    > Fix some crashes
    > BIG ASK: Custom voice acting? Some lines in the characters are reused from the game but it'll be cool and unique to have some voice lines from outside of the original game. While I'm not a voice actor, I don't mind helping in this.

    Overall solid 8/10.
  4. Del44ZSlayer

    Del44ZSlayer Here To Help

    Love the new voice clips idea. I'm sure many people here would love to volunteer a sentence or two LOL!
    I'm purchasing a decent gaming PC soon as I can, purely to be able to experience YOSE on PC and more specifically, these dam cool mods! Also as SOD2 will be cross platform, I would like to be able to switch from PC to my xbone on the same profile. @Amelia Crasman you are frikkin awesome! This mod has made for some of the best YouTube videos Iv watched, ever! The hours I spend playing, and then watching people playing, my goodness, I dread to work those hours out? :eek::p
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  5. Thank you so much. Good lukc on your PC you won't be disappointed, YOSE is AMAZING on PC!
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  6. <3 <3 <3 Thank you! I will look into the crashes, that's odd, this is a first
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  7. Romes2007

    Romes2007 Got Your Back

    I have run into the crash issue as well. I don't even mind as it does not happen often. I have noticed it happens around the very large hordes. Still loving the mod and have to say that the Cleo drop now that I know that you have to open them first. I do have to say at zombie level 9 that is a lot tougher than it sounds lol. Anything you want me to watch for let me know
  8. Any errors in general please let me know, suggestions and everything
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  9. noah

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    Note to self: Don't start with a hero that isn't good for solo play. :/

    I did ok my first run, chose heather larue bc i was like "oh some of these people are sisters, heather is a mom, let's pretend she is there mom!" I spawned and my jaw literally dropped as i saw the amount of zombies in front of me, burned through all my ammo and my weapon broke. I found a car, drove through a horde, flipped the car over, but it landed back on it's wheels (thankfully). The sun was setting as i made set up my base. 6 or 7 hordes formed during the first night, each infesting locations around spencer's mill. A guy needed help in southern spencer's mill, but I couldn't get to him for a couple of reasons: I was too scared, no melee weapon or ammo, and i had a low max stamina bc i had no food. (I couldnt scavenge at all the first day.) So Rip Luke. (Or...?) Waited out the first night in the near pitch black, got ambushed by a zombie who broke down the back door silently, at least i didnt hear him. Got a bloater mission on the west side of the map, across the river from fairfield. Went there, encountered a feral pack along with the seemingly never-ending zombies, and quite a few bloaters, trashed my car trying to kill them all. Ultimately, i met my demise when i got back to my base after clearing most of the infestations, completing the bloater mission, a screamer mission. What happened was my max stamina got so low to where i couldnt even jog normally, and i was trying to unload my car, but there was a bunch of zombies that came running out of the forest, and a feral also. I had to run around back of the wall surrounding my base before i found a spot to jump over, i made my way to my supply locker to relieve myself of the over-encumbrance, got a fire bomb for the mass of zombies beating on the back door, and as i was about to throw it, the feral came rushing in the front door. Then the back door came down, zombies swarmed in, so panicking, i threw the bomb. But i was too close. I set myself on fire, ran into the bedroom, fell on the floor, and just died.

    Before i started, i was like "Oh this sounds great and interesting!" so i downloaded it, little did i know i'd be terrified. What a test of skill this was, i loved it. Gonna play more after this reply, but dang! Y'know, i thought it would be a feral pack that would kill me. But nope. I set myself on fire. *facepalm*
  10. noah

    noah Got Your Back

    I think i found a glitch: I started a match as the Aldemire person, it says her AR is suppressed, and it wont let me put a suppressor on it, but when i shoot it, it's not suppressed, it's actually quite loud :(
  11. That's rather odd, I'll look into it! Thank you! Have fun and sorry for the inconvenience
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  12. Romes2007

    Romes2007 Got Your Back

    Any news on your next update?
  13. Next update is gonna be a full, non alpha version and have many additional files for personalization. I haven't had too much available time due to school and family troubles; however, i still need to keep you guys fulfilled with the full, functional, release :)
  14. your mod is great i love the atmosphere and the sounds make it scary at night got jumped by a juggernaut and 5 ferals didn't see em till it was too late haha you have really shown that this game can get some really great mods i didn't even know you could put custom text in there's a possibility for story mods keep up the amazing work :)

    oh quick question is there a way to prevent the zed getting stuck in walls?
  15. I don't think so :(
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  16. Thank you! Its my pleasure : D
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  17. Great job,on this mod.
    In my first hour of playing I put up alot of gravestones..lol,but that was a learning curve,good fun,scared all the time.
    Found a few glitches,freeze up,at some points,stands with arms out like is going to fly away.Is the constant bad mood normal for all the survivors,missing all the time,can not switch to them.
    Is there any mods that you could recommend.

    Thanks for all the long hours spent building this mod.
  18. The arms out glitch will be patched next update, along with survivors missing all the time. And more patches. I apologize for the inconvenience. The next update is gonna be a full complete feasible rather than a glitchy alpha. My apologies.
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  19. Apologies not needed,thank you for the work,,and the quick reply
  20. Bob Crees

    Bob Crees Banned

    @Bow720 - Welcome to the Forums:)
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