[MOD] State Of Decay Lonewolf Mod - [Latest Version: Alpha 1.5]

Discussion in 'PC Mods' started by Amelia Crasman, May 3, 2017.

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  1. just some quick feedback after about 10hrs in..

    the atmosphere you have created through the new sounds, darker nights, music etc.. are amazing. UL needs to consult you before they release sod2!

    I do like keeping a small tight group of survivors and switching between them, but seems like you are stuck playing a single person here.. which is also a nice change of pace. but regarding the other survivors... i somehow magically had one of your new badass chick join me when i moved into the alamo. but she was already hurt, and remained that way the entire 10 hrs. only 1 survivor popped up on the map. i quickly saved him and brought him back to base, where he promptly wandered off and went missing. when i found and rescued him again, he died on the way back home. this was all within the 1st hr. the next 9ish hours i have completely explored marshall. found a lot of rucksacks (dead survivor), but never another survivor. so just me and the perpetually wounded unique chick. I dont mind playing alone, or even the severely reduced materials in the world, but the problem is "not enough labor". i have not been able to build a single building lol.. no med lab, bed, library etc.. nothing.. it seems its just a matter of time before i get sick, and then, game over... this is game breaking for me, as there seems to be no survivors to find here to increase the "labor" so i can start building facilities... maybe im doing something wrong, or just bad rng/luck with this play through... idk..

    i was up to zombie density level 4, at the start of day 2.. not sure if this is normal or not.

    the freak bases you have to clear out (forgot what theyre called) are tough, but awesome.

    the random feral attacks need addressing lol. the concept of, drop what you are doing and run... now!... is a great addition to keep you on your toes. the problem is they dont spawn down the street, and then chase you. regardless of if you are indoors or not, about 15 ferals spawn out of thin air right on top of your head.. i saved my character twice by pausing the minute they spawned on top of me and quit the game.. not much else u can to. im guessing this is a problem with the game where you cant pick the distance at which they spawn, and have them still be "locked onto you" the minute they spawn...

    the town im in is now completely covered with infestations. its impossible to move anywhere. i could probably take them out, one by one. but have like a millimeter of stamina, because of lack of buildings/farms/food etc... but they are literally every other house. so if i engage one infestation, i draw zombies from at least 2 more.. impossible to deal with when you get tired from 2 swings...

    but wanted to thank you. its evident the amount of work and effort that went into this mod.
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  2. Thank you so much from your words. Your concerns will definitely be taken in to account :)
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  3. The mod is wonderful, but it has many errors. When I do reconnaissance missions, I can not finish them. First game, inventory bug. Playing with a random character and being marcus with another name. To arrive at the place of a mission and to mark me another location next. I hope you can fix these errors, for the moment I uninstall it. Thank you very much for the time dedicated to this project. Not. I havent Another mods now.
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  4. Thank you for your words, do you recall the names of the missions in which you were experiencing these errors?
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  5. When you arrive at the church. The first mission to recognize the area. Sorry I dont Know take pics from the game :)
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  6. OHH, survey missions? That's odd, never seen that before
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  7. Yurì Zagorac

    Yurì Zagorac Starting Off

    @Amelia Crasman
    How's the update on Lonewolf coming along? Mod is amazing and got me back into State of Decay, I would say best survival Zombie game out there now a days with your Mod.
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  8. Yurì Zagorac

    Yurì Zagorac Starting Off

    Man I can't wait until you guys get your hands on SOD2 for modding. ;)
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  9. it's been flowing awesomely. Unfortunately I haven't worked on it for a while for personal reasons but I really hope to have time to begin again
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  10. Yurì Zagorac

    Yurì Zagorac Starting Off

    Great man, if you need any help or ideas please let me know. We need more modders like you. :D
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  11. Bob Crees

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  12. Yurì Zagorac

    Yurì Zagorac Starting Off

    Yurì ZagoracStarting Off
    @Amelia Crasman Hey buddy, I don't see the audio files in Lone wolf 1.5 or 1.3 with the epic screams from the Youtube video you posted. Will you be able ton send me the files? I love the screams!
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