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  1. Has there been talk of mod support. Or is everyone at UdL just hyper focused on getting it done and ready for release?
  2. Well type your ideas on the wishlist topic maybe they add some mod editor for custom maps etc :)
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  3. Furie

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    At the moment, any talk of mods has been behind closed doors so we don't know if they're going to be doing something like that.

    I can tell you that it's quite difficult for a team to build a game engine as they're building a game and support changes to it through mods. That's normally the sort of thing that comes through refinement later on in a series, or if an engine has been used before. Those that do it tend to budget for it up front, and a game this size already has a load of its budget spoken for. Mark it in the "unlikely but may well surprise us" column.
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  4. IMO Mod support + steamworkshop = MAP Creator Artist Less Work :p Its Great Idea for players to crate custom content we need more time for more info from DEV TEAM.
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  5. Erudain

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    well, it's the unreal engine, one of the most "modable" engines out there....see XCOM and its complete overhauls
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  6. Thunder Ice

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    If they add some kind of map creator/editor, I feel like it'd be better to make it available in-game for both PC and consoles, similar to Far Cry's map creator. That way, people can build their own maps and have people play on them. It'd be nice to be able to create my town in SoD2.
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  7. Byerly724

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    Mods are a great way to provide replay ability to a game like this, In my opinion.
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  8. Kiya12352

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    I really hope that there are mods it would definitely help with replayability and it would be so cool to see what people can do with the new engine. Weather, new character models, new maps like some people have already said. This game has such a huge fan base I'm sure there will be mods out there for everyone maybe not console but either way, mods will most likely be a part of the game, as it was in the first.
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  9. Kiya12352

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    If any future modders look at this, create different body types for the characters, if possible, to add to the realism. emersion.:cool:;)
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  10. BoogieMan

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    Games that don't have good modding support are shooting themselves in the foot and will not live up to their potential.

    Excluding "AAA" titles, the ones I see with the biggest and most active communities are the ones with strong modding support. See Rimworld, for a good example.
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  11. Thunder Ice

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    Mods are the only reason I play Fallout 4 at this point. Sure, it's a fun game on its own, but it can get boring real quick. If it wasn't for Sim Settlements or Zombie Walkers or even Alternate Start, I would've stopped playing a while ago.

    Mods are something that UL should really take advantage of to really broaden their relationship with their players. And I'm also talking about console mods. I own FO4 on Xbox One. If they never released console mods, I would've gotten bored of the game after a while. It still brings something new to the table with mods.

    So let's say I do somehow manage to get bored with SOD2. With mods, I can just download a couple and boom: The game's replayability has gone up a million fold.

    Now imagine quest mods or even overhaul mods that completely reshape the game to give players a whole new experience. People will be playing the game for years with those kinds of mods. Hell, look at Fallout: New Vegas. People are STILL playing that game with mods SEVEN years after it released. Overhaul mods like DUST made sure of it. Same goes for Fallout 4 with FROST.

    Can you imagine people creating an overhaul mod with something similar in SOD2? UL wouldn't need to make another sequel to it for a long time.

    Mods are amazing and one of the best parts about a game. I don't want to say it like this, but UL would be stupid not to use modding for their gain. Bethesda really made a mark with mods; UL should really do the same. Two cents.
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  12. Kiya12352

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    There are huge possibilities for mods for this game. There could be complete overhauls for people who want to be a lone wolf and make it similar to fallout 4 survival where you have to eat, drink, sleep, and worry about and treat sickness. There could be a mod for weather, there could be bandit mods that make it so you can kill whoever whenever, or make it so that there are roaming bandits that you can run into at any point throughout the exploration of the world. There are so many possibilities and I hope that modders look into this thread and see some of the ideas for mods that people want because this game has so much potential for them.
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