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Discussion in 'PC Mods' started by ThatChristmaskid, Feb 19, 2015.

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    Family means they are part of your enclave and have full trust. I don't know whether the limit is engine based or code based.

    A couple of things that also occured to me:
    Duplicate traits. Many characters have Trait.Voice.Playable specified, but they also get that as a subtrait of the main voice trait. They can be removed from the TraitBlock, but I don't know if it makes a difference. But, for cleaner code and the possibility it makes a difference, you could remove these.
    Some have Trait.Sandbox.StartingBackpack, but then have a backpack assigned in the inventory. You don't need the Trait.Sandbox.StartingBackpack if you are automatically giving them a backpack.
    Some jobs and hobbies are essentially the same in terms of effects... if you have a character who has two hobbies that give them the same effects (like Starting Cardio 2)... pick one and remove the other. That can save you a slot.
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    That sounds tedious, but so was removing all the extraneous names haha. If you need any help with some of this let me know.
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    Yeah, some of these things do get very tedious... but when it works the way you want, its worth it.

    That is a really good reason for planning first. I have done a few things one way, then later decided to change it to something else... tedious the first time, but undoing that and replacing it with something else is worse.
  4. I've been removing all the names except the "GENERIC" to help me troubleshoot which characters (in breakdown) are able to additional skills added, and I must have spent 3 hours last night removing names and adding powerhouse and reflexes... And I'm still not done. This next build is going to take a little while longer to get out than I expected.
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    Is there a version of this for Yose? If not can anyone help me on how to make one for myself for Yose because this mod is a must! Just pointing out the lines of code that need to be looked at and changed would help a great deal. I know it involves characters and expertise xmls. I modded my character xml but just the traits weapons bios names and the option from true to blank to make it so i can have powerhouse and reflexes. I also downloaded a mod from nexus which seems to be a mod that sort of gives you ranged and melee and energy tactical skills but it doesn't work very well and is glitchy when it comes to the energy and tactical skills though the melee and ranged works good. I have Christmas Kids vanilla xml's so I guess I can compare them with the new Yose ones and see if I can just do a copy paste job? So far that has worked quite well with other mods because I have gotten every single mod I use to have with vanilla working for Yose so far besides this one. Thank you.
  6. Dude I haven't touched this mod in so long, I appreciate that you still have an interest in them.

    I've been out of modding for a while, but I think that should work. If you want I could give it a shot again, it would just take some time because my extra curriculars are stacking up.
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    If you had the time my patience is literally infinite. If not I understand completely. Only do it if you enjoy it and like to still play but if not no worries man. It is just a really great mod that makes all my characters more unique and having more options while I play is refreshing. I would try a copy and paste job i'm just not sure which part of the character xml you edited and how you edited the expertise file. I would need to copy the whole second half of the characters xml anyways because all my characters I custom put in the info for every one with new bios and starting inventory and traits and names and skins lol.
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    Also that reminds me I used a hero unlocker mod and it worked just fine but i was wondering if you knew if i modded the heros AFTER i used the hero unlocker if it would mess things up or if it will just take the new info as long as I keep the "GENERIC" / "HERO" number info the same in the character xml?
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  9. No, it wouldn't mess them up, but it wouldn't affect them until you start a new game. Your current game runs off of the original XML script, and putting in a new one won't affect that game, for characters at least.

    I'll try and get started this weekend, I have to finish up my homework before I can do this, but it shouldn't take too long.

    If you want to add me on steam, my username is Captain Christmas. I'm the one with a chrsitmas tree profile pic.
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  10. More like a cheat....
  11. Eh it's a mod dude.

    Mod is short for Modification, meaning a change or alteration to an original work.

    Technically, all mods are cheats because it changes how we play the game from how the developers originally intended it.
  12. Mate a cheat is something that gives the player an UNFAIR advantage, by picking up EVERY SINGLE specialization on every character you are getting an unfair advantage.
    And no cheating doesn't equal modding, your mod does.
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    Different scale, same concept.
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    Part of modding is seeing what exactly we can do to push the game in every direction we can think of. It's actually more difficult to get every ability onto a single character than you might think due to the menu limitations. And also as TCK said, any mod would be considered a cheat. Even increasing zombie count by 100x would be a cheat because you could get experience faster.

    Besides it's not like there's anything competitive in this game that would make 'cheating' a concern to anyone. This isn't a moba or arena shooter, it's a small single player indie game. If I want to make my weapons have infinite ammo and shoot out shotgun blast explosive rounds, what does that matter to you honestly? Does it diminish you having fun in your game?
  15. SirPedro does have a point though, maybe my mod does make it too easy... I'd consider increasing the difficulty to balance it out.

    Also, I'm going to try to get started on the YOSE version of this tonight.
  16. Okay, so I did a short playthrough last night for breakdown, it seems to be working with the original files (SOD) for YOSE, but I'm not sure if there's any issues I'm overlooking.

    I'm going to keep playing with it until I'm sure this isn't going to mess up someone's game.

    Also, thanks to Silent Resident for allowing me to implement their Powerhouse and Reflexes mod into mine, and Nadjorf for helping me put LMG's as a specialization.

    Looking at this right now, I'm going to have to redo all of the Characters.XML for the yose files so players won't miss out on any of the new characters, but I *think* expertise.XML should be okay without updates. I'll let you guys know.
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    Thanks ThatChristmasKid!! The game for me is unplayable without this mod. It really opens up the style in which u can play the game and makes the difference between characters better. I do make the game MUCH more difficult and for others that do the same this MOD is great to play with.
  18. I didn't say I don't cheat did I? I just pointed out what the difference between cheating and modification is.
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  19. Like Q Said, same concept different scale.

    I'd even argue that the part or QJMS' mod you took is more of a "cheat" than mine. That removed one of the most important aspects of the game to make it easier, while mine is something that you have to work for in order to be OP.

    It doesn't matter honestly, but you're missing out on arguably a huge aspect to playing State Of Decay if you keep that mindset.

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