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Discussion in 'PC Mods' started by Haru, Jan 11, 2018.

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  1. With state of decay 2 so close to coming out i would think modders would be hyping up and making mods for state of decay in the mean time, has the modding community just tired out? Mount and blade warband has been out years and still has mods pumping out, what happened to state of decay modders?
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  2. Bob Crees

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    Welcome to the Forums:)

    I am not a modder, so I am guessing that without something to read (SoD 2 - if it ever happens) it is very to hard comment on how to change something. If you want thoughts on Mods for SoD then the people at Discord will try to help - OR come to the Alamo where all the Modders live
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  3. I am hoping modders will come back it has been a while since we got mods and with no news on sod2 new content for sod 1 would be amazing to hold us off
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    There are so many Mods of SoD? - All are posted here or at the Alamo
  5. Alamo? i mean new mods xd and good ones too.
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    These Forums will close in 18 days time - All the good Modders have moved over to the Unofficial Forums - Or try a question on the Community Discord site.
  7. Where are the unoffical forums?
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  9. Still working through some mod ideas, Haru! So it's not all fully completed yet and I think @QMJS was still working through his mod.
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  11. There are still moods coming my good human specimen :)
  12. I'm sorry, WHAT WAS THAT!? 18 days?????
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  13. Morak

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  14. Way off topic but it makes me laugh now whenever I see the reactions to the forums going read only...because it really tells you where some of us spend ALL our time on this forum. I wouldn't have seen it either if someone hadn't pointed it out to me in Discord.
  15. zechs

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    I feel it's that the forums going Read Only is a primary reason mod support has slowed. It's no longer a viable place to update and maintain.

    The Alamo however...
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  16. mystyk

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    I'm still modding, just not releasing :p
    Most of everything I'm doing is only for my own game, anyway.
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  17. YojimBeau

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    Same for this modder. I've released a couple or three mods, met with more demands than appreciation, walked away from it.
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  18. Come over to the new forums, throw some mod ideas up, and learn how to mod too!

    I'm about to start modding again, so there will be new stuff coming from myself and the others.
  19. Bob Crees

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    Yes these Forums are closing down 30th Jan and will be just 'Read Only'
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