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Discussion in 'PC Mods' started by Phacops, Jun 7, 2014.

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  1. Phacops

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    Extremely detailed! :O I'll be sure to start working on a few custom vehicles. I have always wanted to make a front end loader and mow zombies down in that thing xD Would you be able to give assistance if I run into any snags Phacops?
  3. Phacops

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    The core reason I write all this out is to help, and because I enjoy helping - so, surely, yes :)
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  4. Phacops

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    Note: The solution to flying cars when you spawn them is to have special GameToken references that are only called in the respective levels at the start. If it doesn't load that level, it doesn't load that GameToken set, therefore no flying cars. At the time of the prior writing I hadn't gotten the GameTokens to work correctly because CryEngine placed them differently than the game.

    Feel free to ask if you need to know how to do that but that's rather more advanced stuff so if you're doing basic things then it will most likely be irrelevant.
  5. VoiD

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    But what if we like our flying cars xD I still hate CryEngine free with a passion. I might buy the actual Dev CryEngine on steam, You think that would be wise or stick with the free stuff?
  6. Phacops

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    If you like the flying cars then you are free to populate them in your own flowgraph so you can keep pretending you're in Roswell, watching the skies :)

    If you're only using CryEngine for modding this game then it would be silly to get the paid version. A) Because it's paid, B) Because the version is much later than the game's, it appears, and thus you will have loads of incompatibilities.

    If you're building your own game, then feel free :) I'll be building my own later but I'm not going to start paying til I actually do that.
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    :(People tell me please what value may to put so that mailbox on camp not filled given the what ammunition i on 255 one cell backpack how should be value maximum:oops:

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  8. hi I'm not an expert at modding, in fact im very noob at it.. but i think i got something good figured out.. but i just need 1 more thing..
    can someone help me make a model of a LAW or any rocket launcher .cgf file.. ?.. i really need it.. please.. to all the mesh gods in the forum, mr. phacops or anybody out there.. just a simple attachment to the previous weaps in the game something like this...
    i also made a some-what kinda-like a flamethrower weap too.. but i also lack the mesh/model(?).. i hope someone can help me.
    i really need it. XD thanks!
  9. Hey Phacops You should upload the Basic semi Truck I Like it, And is the the same texture from the broken down ones in lifeLine.

    There is a project I've been starting with not alot of progress yet, If you wanted to help I've been trying to add the charoke that's broken down all over the place, but it's hard to balance my time.
  10. So, I believe that editing just the .xml file doesn't change any in game events. You have to change the .bmd as well, which I also think is a compiled version of that .xml coding.
  11. Hey Phacops! It's Edge, aka Latin Rythms and such, you know, that profile with the Donkey in a robe as a profile picture. I added you on steam because I need help with some things, not modding wise, but using some commands and using the ingame trainer tool mod menu thingy. I read your steam discussion on CVars and cm. commands and such, that's how I found your steam. I added you because I thought it would be easier if we just had a one on one discussion or a session of help, and reason why I assumed it would be easier is because we can instant reply and that way, it's alot easier to help step-by-step. I'm sorry for just randomly adding you with no warning or such, and I just made this account to reach you. See, I REALLY need to do some modding or cheating in this game, as it is "too" realistic, you get me? Anyways, please accept my request, and have a pleasant and wonderful day!

    ~ Edge
  12. Phacops

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    I don't think I actually have that semi lying around anywhere. If you follow the guide here, and then find that burned out semi, then you can just turn the wheels into workable ones like it shows. If I recall, the only funky thing was that at least one of the wheels was smegged up so you'd have to delete it and then copy and paste one of the others in its place. Also the fact that I could only get the arcade wheel system working, which means that only 4 wheels can work at a time.

    Further, I believe the door at had be replaced because it was opened on the model which looks pretty weird when you drive around without changing it :)

    All easy stuff in Blender, really.

    @ Edge - I barely have time to even play games, let alone assist people with things specifically. Sorry, mate. If I had the time then I would spend it modding because I still love this game and I still have 10-million ideas, and small programs I want to build for being able to randomize or make your own mods, etc.
  13. @ Edge - I barely have time to even play games, let alone assist people with things specifically. Sorry, mate. If I had the time then I would spend it modding because I still love this game and I still have 10-million ideas, and small programs I want to build for being able to randomize or make your own mods, etc.[/QUOTE]

    Ah, that's okay, I understand. I just couldn't figure out how to install your multi-tool menu thing, and i tried both manual and using NMM. But when I did try to use NMM to "install" it, my game now crashes whenever I continue or start a new game on a new profile. Then I tried "uninstalling" the mod, and still the same problem. This was yesterday 11/30/14. I'm seeing people saying to uninstall the game but they say later on, thier game continues to crash, and I don't have breakdown or lifeline. So if I do want to uninstall my game, I want to back up my save. So which files represent your save file? And besides uninstalling, you have any other suggestions?

  14. Phacops

    Phacops Here To Help

    Haven't played the game since 10/19, apparently.

    Just started the game and nothing terrible happened. I could run around without an issue.

    Not my mod causing it because I have the latest version.
  15. well my game started the crashing issue after trying to install the multi tool, not saying that you're responsible. But I deleted it from my pc and re install it later. How can I install your mod without having the game crash?

  16. Double comment accident. Ignore this
  17. Phacops

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    If it's working for me then there isn't a reason it shouldn't be working for you unless you're doing it manually and it isn't going in correctly? I always use the Nexus Mod Manager to make sure I have it deployed the same way most people do it, to ensure it is working.

    So, I couldn't say.
  18. I don't know what version of the game I have, is that an issue? And i'm using the mod manager too. How do I install it manually? I don't think I saw a tutorial about manual install.
  19. Phacops

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    If you have the steam version then you'd theoretically always have the most up to date, unless you specifically turned off updates.

    Manual install is just putting it in the State of Decay directory, and then unpacking the zip - nothin fancy.
  20. Okay, I just remembered something. I think I did install your multi tool thing correctly the last time i did manual install, as every time i pressed f6, it spawned like flare light beneath me. But what concerns me is that i couldnt open the menu, as I pressed every key on the keyboard. f1 didnt work, and neither did anything else. Is there like some file I gotta edit to enable the mod menu or no?
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