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Discussion in 'PC Mods' started by Phacops, Jun 7, 2014.

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  1. VoiD

    VoiD Got Your Back

    You are using a pirated version of the game. Do not ask for assistance until you purchase a legit copy on steam.
    This is a common issue with pirated/outdated illegal copies.
  2. Phacops

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    Ah ha. If that's the case then well-deserved. Thank you VoiD.

    Aye I now recall the last person that said it, the pirating had come out as that being the issue. Which would then make sense with the initial comment of wondering if it was the right version.

    Really there isn't any reason it shouldn't work, especially given that the F6 works. And it works for me on the latest build of the game, with the latest build of the tool, delivered by the same method as users would.

    The only thing that makes sense is what VoiD said above, it would seem.
  3. Ahh yes, I see. So is the version of my game thats interfering with the multi tool? And welp, looks like I gotta stock up on some keys to buy this game then.. Oh well, I got told! xD
    Plus, if I am any bother because of my untruthfulness, I will be kindly to leave these forums and not communicate with anyone again, meaning not asking for help.
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  4. Phacops

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    Honestly I don't care if people go taking games from people like UbiSoft or something whom are horrible jerks and DRM pack their stuff so it loads down real buyers - not to mention the embedded social inequalities in their games - but Undead Labs is not a big time lab and they've been nothing but amazing human beings so I 100% do not agree with having their stuff taken from them. I can empathize with people that don't have the money because I come from a poor family, but the premise stands that this company is not like the rest and deserves every penny to give us more works that stand out from the crowd.
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  5. I totally agree with you 100%, but I do this because one, parents dont usually like to spend thier money on thier kids' games, or gaming reasons. We do have the money like we're totally fine, but they just wont buy steam cards, so my best step is tf2 trading. Once i find out how many keys the game is worth, and if its a cheap price, yeah i'll buy it, sure. But if its too expensive, then i got no choice but to deal with the outdated version I have. I do not like taking peoples' content as well, but if I see a game I wanna play, and if i can't afford it, then i got no other choice that goes with playing. I may sound like a jerk or a dumbass, but yeah im sorry. Im gonna try to get the game from steam by tf2 trade, then i'll come back to let you guys know.

    Hey i just found out its two tf2 keys, so i can afford it, once again im sorry for what ive done. I'll come back with a bought steam copy.
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  6. Phacops

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    Once you buy it then you shouldn't have any trouble, no worries.

    If you do, then we're happy to help - preferably in its own thread ;)
  7. Phacops

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  8. Hi Phacops,

    Awesome work with the custom vehicles and thanks for writing the tutorial - by far the most detailed I have seen on this topic! Which is why I am posting here... I was hoping you could help me out...

    There seems to be two (at least?) different animation options for a character entering a vehicle, to compensate for the difference in height between the ground and the driver seat position (think hatchback vs modern pickup). But I can't work out how to control which one the game chooses - it doesn't appear to be controlled by the scripts/entities/vehicles/implementation/xml file.

    For example, if you replace the contents of the hatchback_modern_variant.xml file with the contents of pickupnew.xml, the character entry animation still uses the hatchback version which results in the character being suspended a foot off the ground at the beginning to allow them to reach the correct seated position at the end. Playing with the Helpers doesn't fix the issue, as in this example the helpers all matched the pickupnew ones. I imagine there must be a section of code somewhere in another file which basically says "if you enter vehicle X, use character animation Y". So when I reconfigure the implementation .xml file to replace a short vehicle with a tall one, the game still calls the wrong option.

    I have looked through a lot of other files but either missed it or looked in the wrong place. Have you come across this in your work?
  9. Phacops

    Phacops Here To Help

    Hmm, I don't recall. It may be something to do with the model itself, using a helper they have it hinging on so that it knows where to play the animation.

    You could test that theory by building a model based on the walkthrough, adding an empty-axes helper with a name and hook up the XML handlers to that name. Then you'd see where you got in at.

    I can't test your issue nor this because I had to mod my version to force you into any vehicle that was nearby due to the entity count issues when you force vehicle summoning.
  10. No worries, thanks anyway. I will keep playing, and post here if I find anything...
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  11. NYPD12138

    NYPD12138 Starting Off

    As a beginner, what should I do?:-)
  12. NYPD12138

    NYPD12138 Starting Off

    As a beginner, what should I do?:-)
  13. NYPD12138

    NYPD12138 Starting Off

    Modify the XML or LUA files ?
  14. Phacops

    Phacops Here To Help

    As a beginner in this thread, you won't have to modify any LUA at all. XML would be your core items that need to be fiddled with. On the bright side, XML is insanely easy and you can literally copy every bit of a vehicle from the ones in the game except the name and the model and basically be done :)

    As such, you can follow this thread start to finish for all the bits - as I did ~20 times, just to make sure I didn't miss anything. Given that was as of quite a long time ago, so let me know if you get stuck. I don't have the time for full reviews of things, so hopefully it's not all broken :O
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  15. NYPD12138

    NYPD12138 Starting Off

    Thanks :-)
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  16. NYPD12138

    NYPD12138 Starting Off

    I tried to modify the shotgun ammunition xml... Perhaps useful:)
  17. NYPD12138

    NYPD12138 Starting Off

    I did it,new shotgunshells are useful.Now I'll try to add this new ammunition to the game.I can make it,i think…;)
  18. Sorry if i'm beating a dead horse here.

    I've been attempting to do a custom vehicle, but so far i've had no success in succesfully importing a model with working textures into cryengine.
    Just to make sure that i'm doing things correctly, i'd hope to get some more clarification.

    The tutorial speaks of a simple box-shape with 4 wheels. But i can't figure out if i need to make more groups beside the hull and wheels.

    So far i've been making an object in blender for each breakable object.



    Since each one uses several materials (e.g. hull uses glass materials and chassis materials) one of them gets messed up during the export, and sometimes a differnt texture gets placed where it's not supposed to be (like light textures on the windshield)

    Is this correct, or does animating work different, and do i only need a hull object and wheel objects? As i noticed in the image showing the HMMWV, all objects are placed seperately, so i assumed that each one is a different object.
    If it isn't correct, i was hoping to see an example of how to do it correctly.

    Also, some of the cars in mod files are .cga and some are .cgf, which one should i be using?

    I am using the latest version of Cryblend with a 3.4.5 rc.exe and 3.3.9 resource converter for the images. As for the version of CryEngine, it is 3.4.5, which is a few versions above the 3.3.8 that was used to make SoD, but i hope it wouldn't affect things too much.

    I'm hoping that i'm not too late to be jumping on the SoD modding bandwagon, as most of the vehicle-related stuff here dates back to atleast 1 year.

    Thanks in advance, i hope i can fix my vehicle with the communities help

    P.S.: The Cambriandesigns website doesn't exist anymore, so i can't download the files, if someone still has them backed up, i'd really like to take a look at them.
  19. Phacops

    Phacops Here To Help

    Quick tidbits:
    • Sorry for the late reply as my job is well beyond that full-time number thing they give you :)
    • The short answer is that you are late to some degree, yes.
      • But it looks like you were able to circumvent the chief issue of the Saas model that CryEngine went to - so no worries, maybe :)
    • The RC is version to version, as you note there, and may be a chief trouble because I seem to recall that 3.4.5 was the first I tried and I didn't meet success until 3.3.9 was utilized.

    To be specific, minimum is hull, hull proxy, and wheels:

    • Make sure you're correctly assigning the faces to the right texture, which is the only reason I can think of why you'd get funky exporting with the wrong material type if everything else is good.
    • HMMWV has separate bits to handle for the damage model with things getting blown apart.
      • I didn't have the time to try to handle for that, playtest all of it, and assure it was pretty at the end of it, so I just left them as solid bodies.
    • All vehicles that you want animated should be .cga, some are .cgf because they're meant to sit around in the world
      • .cgf is also how you can export the base geometry without the extra bits so you can use that as a length width model for a vehicle to do your own
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