More State of Decay?

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Jeff, Jun 8, 2013.

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  1. Undead Jeff

    Undead Jeff Got Your Back Staff Member

    Hola fellow survivors,

    Want more State of Decay in the future? Reply to this tweet and let Phil Spencer know how much you love the game!



    PS: Reply to the linked tweet, not this post... ;)
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  2. Yes yes YESSSSSSSS! Make it happen....
    EDIT: Oops replied to thread too :)
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  3. It awesome!!!
  4. Done and done. I would definitely like to see you guys continue in your success and in creating such a unique and promising game!
  5. I had to make a account but if it gets more SoD i don't mind!
  6. NiteFox11

    NiteFox11 Starting Off

    Done and done
  7. Not enough people are saying yes so i'm coming round for another go!
  8. Thorsfew

    Thorsfew Starting Off

    Love it.
    Best game ever.
    Haven't time to find my twitter password because I'm immerged in SoD. ( made time for this long post though)
    Want to know how good it is?
    Since release my Xbox has done nothing but SoD.

    I have unopened copy of Far cry 3, brought on 7th June.
    3 racing games for my new Microsoft force feedback wheel and pedals, bought on the 4th June. Not touched since 5th.
    Defiance along with a couple of older second hand titles ( including red dead redemption and undead nightmare) I picked up in the week.
    So yes I really do love it SoD...

    Love all the different sound effects for the many and varied activities, even surfaces we travel on. The sounds of the individual vehicles as the engine and wheels suffer.
    Love the lighting of the early morning sun and the long shadows cast across the ground
    Love the varing colour of leaves upon the trees.
    Love the different sort of trees, even detail to attention to add half fallen trees.
    The light upon the windows, clearly not cleaned as the dust is highlighted with certain angles.

    This game is a pride of joy, a labour of love for those that designed it from thier imagination and determination.
    I can't begin to thank you enough for all of the above and so so much more I have yet to discover.
    Each and every building and their rooms.

    Thank you all at undeadlabs, thank you for your devotion to an ideal, one that should always be considered " your baby, class 3"
    The start of a prosperous future.
    Never forget your roots, never forget the fan base that totally share your dream.
    Thank you for NOT disappointing the majority of us that followed the first concepts and for allowing us to share the dream.

    I know I'm not alone with these sentiments of praise!

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  9. Does this mean DLC or a new game?
  10. Billy

    Billy Starting Off


    I offered some cookies, he will say yes.
  11. Yes! Please! Yes! Please! Graaaawwggh...
  12. Replied :)

    Enjoying it greatly, as is the wife, shame we have only 1 screen to play it on (despite having two xboxes!)
  13. That's sound great :).
  14. Done! This game is awesome, love it every bit minus the FPS drops xD
  15. Undead Jeff

    Undead Jeff Got Your Back Staff Member

    Thanks for all the tweets folks! It's good for our publisher to get some love, too. ;)
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  16. I made a twitter just to say I'd give it a 10/10. I hope there's more SoD to come, whether that's DLC or a sequel, or an MMO.
  17. Don't forget you can play on two Xboxes! The first console it was downloaded on can be played by anyone. Then take the profile that downloaded it to that first Xbox onto the secondary one. Pull up download history, and re-download. BAM two copies! :cool:

    Then I realized you only have one screen... Advise fail! :mad:
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  18. State of decay is freakin awesome!! but its missing its companion co-op! but overall awesome game.. Designed by the gods, instructions left in the pocket of a corpse and found by a leader of a Undead Kingdom.. Aaaawwwwww yea!!!

    A Dead Man Was Here
  19. Silent_Bob

    Silent_Bob Starting Off

    Done! Been playing all day(finally some proper free time) and its so fun with so much to do. I really hope we get a proper sequel on xboxone.
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  20. Quite possibily the best game I've played on Xbox for a very long time. Without a doubt the best Arcade Game, and its way up there with all the top franchises like COD, etc. It would be really good if you could add some new things to the game though, like some new types of vehicles, and fixing some of the bugs. A few DLC's would be great.
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