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Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Jeff, Jun 8, 2013.

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  2. The game is great if anyone that works in undead lab would fix the ai of other people
  3. It will be very awesome that state of decay have multiplayer for me is the only thing its missing!!!
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  4. NOOO! Please no!
    This would destroy it, hecause it would become a game like DayZ / H1Z1.... Man i play both but, it never reaches the atmosphere and fun level of state of decay. Simple reason is there are no other assholes around that want to troll you, grief you and more. Thiink about elder scrolls or fallout these games are the same way, and it works only cause it´s made for singpleplayer... I think SoD was first planned to be an MMO.. Read sometihng like this, but im glad they changed their mind!
  5. AirwolfUSAF

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    I too am against multiplayer, but I would like to see co-op. Up to 4 other people on map who can help with infestations, seiges, as well as trading resources and even survivors in your enclave with theirs.
  6. I have a lot of ideas let me know if u like them please.
    Ok a suggested name for a multiplayer state of decay would be world of decay it would not be an add on to an existing version of state of decay but a stand alone game.
    There would be the option to play with up to 4 other friends or other players via a quick match making system. You could invite friends to your 4 person squad or enter match making. I was thinking new items, buildings to loot, and vehicles could be added. I also have an idea that there could be 3 separate cities each with 2-3 towns that could be fully explored and people could drive between them, travel on foot, or fast travel once they have been to a city and when they did they would start at the city entrance after a appropriate amount of time etc. by new items I mean how about new weapons I remember looting 50 cal bullets in breakdown and never finding a gun for them, what about new weapons, we have rucksacks in game how about being about too find and loot them and have even more inventory space. What about a new city city bus vehicle that could hold 10 things. Let me know what u think thanks.
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  7. Bob Crees

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    I am very anti Multiplayer (as the Zombies would just become a 2nd enemy). I would be willing to try a Co-op game. What I would like to see, though this is just a wish list:-

    1) No more then 4 players (as suggested by @snnecksjr)

    2) The ability to help each other out, with swapping equipment, the movement of survivors (I do not have a medic, but player B does), with Sieges (see below) etc.

    3) A bigger map or maps

    4) Being able to set up a Home Base anywhere (within reason).

    5) Four players being able to set up a secure Zed free area, providing they worked together, so their Outposts overlapped. Once this area is set up (The Green Zone), then it would trigger 'Sieges' as per Lifeline. Maybe not as frequent as in LL, but the hordes could attack random Home Bases or Outposts. The Hordes get larger per Siege, say to about 10 attacks, and then they die off. (This being based on a Players setting up their defenses in a rural town - a city would see far more hordes.

    6) If the Co-Op survive (5), then they can start to set up farms, restore wind turbines, water plants etc (Depending where they are). This in turn would allow for more advanced 'Facilities'. If they wish to expand their 'Owned' land, then they set up a Home Base and outposts further outside the 'Green Zone'. Again like (5) all outposts will still have to overlap. Likewise as soon as the new Home Base and Outposts have been set up, the 'Sieges' start. This would give the Co-Op something to consider, do they all expand together, or support just one player. Though the Horde attacks would still appear anywhere. The bigger the 'Green Zone' the harder it becomes to look after your own Home Bases and Outposts or support others. There would be no detriment to the Green Zone, if an Outpost was removed in the Green Zone, providing it did not form part of the outer defence.

    There are so many good things that could be introduced, if the software allowed. As I have said before in other Threads, I would love to see another Story Mode, starting from the blown Trumbull Wall (end of SoD). Maybe a group of survivors trying to make their way to Danforth, or heading to the city, then going elsewhere.
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    Anyone have the link to the tweet? Not showing on my iPhone :(
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    Yes, but allow me to point out that is from the year two thousand thirteen(2013)...not exactly "current events".
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    Haaaa woops didn't even notice that thanks for the heads up. It was at the top of the thread list for me thought they were planning a sequel :p
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    How come there isn't a rally in Washington DC about this?
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    Cuz those a-holes can't get anything done in Washington.
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    Long time no see. However I am long for State of Decay and I believe the project will be there!
  14. I know really need multiplayer , new map , new weapon , new stats and need moreeeeeee resources. Really need more game ı will waiting all time :/
  15. Why the silence from Undead Labs? Are we going to get another taste of SOD? Best game ever.
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  16. So, I've been in this thread, on and off, since State of Decay launched. I keep coming back, looking for info about the next State of Decay, Class 4(?) I think it was? Is there any news on that, or have I wondered into the wrong thread? lol. If anyone's still out there from Undead Labs, let us know. :)
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    If they have something their tell us. It's not usual for small studios to release games as quietly as possible.

    So excited for whatever Undead Labs is working on. Zombie related or not. I hope they take lessons learned from Moonrise for this next/current project and if possible are able to apply some of the technology or concepts for another project as well.
  18. Wayne

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    Whatever it is it will likely be XboxOne only at the onset, which will exclude my participation in the beginning. I will see it whenever (if) it gets ported to PC. I am sure Microsoft is pushing the console over PC so us PC users will still be waiting long after any kind of announcement is made.
  19. Yeahyua
  20. Auditorex

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    It really doesn't need to be H1Z1. Multiplayer can also mean co-op.
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