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Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Jeff, Jun 8, 2013.

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    HND DUNKEL Got Your Back

    Greetings from México
    Thank you for a Great game :rolleyes: , i buy it on 360 and xb1 :) I like the game difficulty :eek:,the story, the characters, the environment, sounds, music, details on buildings,the way the zombies move and attack, (It has small errors but not unplayable) I hope the next delivery (;);)wink, wink ) can shoot from farther away or use iron sight,red dot, sniper scope .
    and fully support the idea of not pvp and make a cooperative experience which is more satisfactory, team work and survive together or otherwise fall as a team
    and finally I hope we can build our base in any building.
    Sorry for my english i used google translator.
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  2. This game is a paragon of innovation. I replayed it so many times. I love survive, gather resources and build games. Also zombies are smelly cool. The expansions were a bit underwhelming for me but I still can't wait to see what zombie survival goodness you will deliver in the future.

    Some news about Class 4 would be great. You've been so quiet about if for so long I wonder if it's even being made. Hint, hint, brains, hint!

    And WHY is there no zombie emoticon on this forum?!
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  3. But if you dont talk the surviver will get you ah ah ah ah (have nice day and thank for reply)

    Sorry i am french, but why it is an insult....

    I will not survive so much time !! need urgently State of decay 2 (or new DLC) my reserve of food is almost 0, i will starve to death !! S.O.S (have nice day )
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  4. Undead Nicole

    Undead Nicole Community Manager Staff Member

    I believe in you. You can make it until we're able to talk about something. :D
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  5. can someone license xfer me sod
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  6. Cadeyrn

    Cadeyrn Starting Off

    Yes, please. More State of Decay, either 2.0 or a whole new game. You're probably well underway, so this suggestion for a mod / revamp will be a side-track, but here goes.

    State of Decay - Breakdown variant - Ruin

    Strategic overlay map / path (unlockable?) - ultimately provides some player choice between scenarios. Once unlocked and enabled by drones or satellite links (?hacker?) this can not only give hints as to nearby areas, but can give an approximation of the undead population. Cleared zones may be a lighter shade of red or even yellow (but never fully green absent an extreme situation).

    Modify existing scenarios into manageable chunks / scenes: a) Urban, b) suburban, c) rural, d) woodland, e) forward observation base, f) fortification zone, g) supply depot (w/variants food, construction, ammunition) h) hospital (ground zero raid?) i) existing settlement j) survivalist compound / mini-fort (maybe occupied, maybe overrun - proceed cautiously!). Each zone has a reason to enter it e.g. FOB to obtain satellite or drone coverage to gain strategic map, survivor rescue / hero unlock, regain supplies, obtain construction materials, trade, information, etc. Bonus level: players could work on building their own Urban Assault Vehicle / War Wagon from the ground up by scavenging parts and recruiting talented mechanics.

    Fortification zones are the major new innovation. These should, once cleared, allow players to deploy individuals in their group to strongpoints, to lay down mines, move cars, drop trees, build deadfalls or deploy razorwire, set funnels and killzones, drop propane tanks, and generally prepare for horde mode. After all, why get the big guns and thumpers and hoard all of your ammunition if you don't eventually get to put them to good use? Sooner or later, some players will want to go loud and stand proud. These huge throwdowns will be precipitated when the player launches a big starshell to attract every undead within several miles. Waves will be triggered the same way and can continue until infected rate drops below 20% in the zone or the player radios a call to their team to retreat or the player's team is overwhelmed. Survivors may turn up at a rally point or they may not. When you play for all the marbles, sometimes you wind up with none.

    All of the foregoing is voluntary for the player. They can skulk around the woodlands forever, build trade by bringing in scavenged items maybe even hire a mercenary team to go do their fighting for them. It's still free-form, but if we want to build up to a major engagement, let's see whether we can prevail. Sure, we didn't choose to be attacked by the undead, but now it's us or them. One way or the other, someone's day is going to be... Ruined.
  7. Hungryzombie

    Hungryzombie Got Your Back

    In the USA calling someone a "Fanboy" is usually meant as an insult. Being called a Fanboy means you care about whatever you're a fan of above and beyond any logic.
  8. Ohh... Pleaseeee... Those survivors have been leaving downtown and towards the city for so so long... where's the Part II?
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  9. I think it would be really cool that, should Part 2 be the next game, that the remaining survivors post-base game be able to be transferred by transferring your save file.

    Failing that, a good feature would be the ability to transfer your save file to be able to pick a handful of items from your storage to take with you. I mean, not EVERYTHING will be taken because it's a definite that a lot will be used as the group proceeds. Or maybe everyone dies and a new group finds what's left of them and their gear. Or the chosen items is left as a stash for a nearby group as the survivors pass by.

    Either way, it would be cool to take a few memento's from 1 over to whatever sequel(s) that are planned.
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  10. Dunadain

    Dunadain Famous

    Serious request: a blood/gore on/off toggle. I don't mind the gore level in current SOD, but I'm also not fond of it and I know it repels my wife. It would be nice to shut it off if desired. It might cut processing needs and attract a few more customers as well.

    (Oh, sure! And let's make a PG-13 Deadpool while we're at it. Dunadain you moron!)
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  11. Tsewe

    Tsewe Here To Help

    I really fantasize a lot about playing SoD in a huge new map, with a big city and countryside.
    Like, a lot.
    A lot.
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  12. Are you guys gonna be at E3 2016?
  13. I absolutely agree!
    And the most important for me : PLEASE STAY IN TPS!
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  14. Dunadain

    Dunadain Famous

    I too want a HUGE new map, and several of them shuffled randomly. What the devs have stated though was the trade off between the gorgeous, 'limited' world map in SoD vs. the ideal version of dymamically-generated, massive worlds, where there is nearly no limit on scale, other than RAM.

    In the first and LL, all the environments were assembled 'by hand', not automated, so everything looked real, but took a LOT of time to build in to the code.

    If they were to do a procedurally-generated map, with random content, yes it might be huge, fun, and unique with each playthrough, but the resulting world might end up so fugly that it might be a pain in the eyes to play.

    That is one of the balances they were/are/will continue to work with.
  15. Are you guys gonna be at E3 2016?
  16. Cadeyrn

    Cadeyrn Starting Off

    Because there's a rumor on Reddit that's been picked up by a few sources that says Microsoft's E3 trailer shows "an X-Box exclusive zombie game." Please tell me two things: 1) as far as you know it isn't Dead Rising (I know you couldn't say anything more) and 2) when a State of Decay sequel comes out, you're not going to leave your loyal PC gamers in the dust. Please? :)
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  17. Bob Crees

    Bob Crees Banned

    If you consider that the original SoD was original just for XBox and then opened up for PC Users, then I am sure that any further games will include everyone:)
  18. Way to avoid this one Nicole! I don't want to put you in a bad position but I will say this, you guys have very loyal undead followers because of the great work that has been set forth in SOD. I know it may seem like we bug but the anticipation is rather overwhelming. I really hope that there is some sort of news coming soon. For all of our sakes! I'll even take new dlc if you can't talk about the new game.
  19. MstrJedi Kyle

    MstrJedi Kyle Here To Help

    Undead Labs will not have an E3 presence this year.
  20. then if they are not in E3 this year then it means no new DLC or new game this years ....well for Jedi they can be patience but i am Sith .....please please tell us when are we going to be in State of decay 2 ?
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