More State of Decay?

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Jeff, Jun 8, 2013.

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  1. Yesssssss, oh please yes
  2. This is no lie the best zombie game i have ever played. It combines elements from other greats like Dead Rising, Dead Island, and even non zombie games like The Sims Series. Keep updating this game please and thank you!
  3. I don't have twitter, but I DO WANT MORE STATE OF DECAY! YEAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Coyote

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    I don't have twitter. Is there a facebook option?
  5. We actually figured out a way to make it work, took a PC monitor connected to the 2nd 360 by HDMI, then use the 360 audio out plugin to wire in a pair of earphones so there was sound, put the monitor at the side of our bed and she played on that and I laid next to her playing on the 120" projector screen at the end of our bed, great fun, shame it's not coop yet ;)
  6. Definitely, MOAARRR STATE OF DECAY!
  7. They should know by the sales and all the love on the forums, and twitter/facebook that by hell almighty, fuck yeah we want more State of Decay

    II NIGHT G0D II Starting Off

    So after beating State OF Decay the game is fun and almost perfect but The Walking Dead Survival Instinct and State Of Decay both have something in common I hate the games are too short,please Undead labs make a few DlC campaign Expansion packs about what happens to the survivors after they escape the valley and make it at least 50-80+ hours worth of story for the Campaign and add 400-1200 new missions and add more dangerous zombies maybe one that run so fast they run up to your vehicle and throw you out of it if you don't slam the car door in their face a few times and I also tweeted phil on tweeter to by the way & if you need any ideas for more story in State Of Decay email me or send me a message on xbox live my gamertag: II NIGHT G0D II
  9. Yes def need more games like this a little buggy but skyrim has worse bugs imo and thats a full price game. State of decay so far the best game to come out in 2013, bring on the dlc's may never put it down after that. In short hell yes more SoD.
  10. I WANT moreeeeeeeeeeee XD
  11. I don't have Twitter, but god yes. This game is simply amazing. I've played nothing else since this game has come out. The only two things I could ask for is a multiplayer option and character creation. I would practically live on this game lol.
  12. Good day fellow zombie hunters! i need to ask a question ive posted it everywhere and i dont get any answers... on the last mission Two of your survivors leave on a mission with that one army guy. how do i get them back and if i cant can u guys in UL fix this please? Both of them are a cop and they have my LMG's Thank you very much!
  13. Please please please please more State of Decay!!!! :)
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    Done, this game and developers deserve more recognition for the effort and work they put into making this game. I wouldn't be surprised if SOD became the benchmark from which all other zombie survival games are compared to.
  15. yes.

    i hate twitter. :(
  16. Yes more, I don't want to stop playing! I need more... of everything. Love this game!
  17. IrishDead

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    You know I got my tweet in Jeff :)
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    I made a twitter just you guys. cool beans man. love the game.
  19. Yes please more brains!!!!!!!
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    Someone make a fake twitter account and reply to that for me!

    Heard nothing about this game before launch, happened to see it on the dashboard, I had been so disappointed with games being churned out with no depth all with false promises, from tomb raider, CoD, AC, GoW:J,... the list goes on and on and even goes back with other companies making new games from other peoples games such as New Vegas, all terrible! However this game was amazing and I would love to see a full project and so much more work put into this game! :D
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