More State of Decay?

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Jeff, Jun 8, 2013.

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  1. Mic Witt

    Mic Witt Starting Off

    I do not have twittter, but please, yes >9000 to more content and co-op. Great game and so much potential to expand via DLC. I will buy it all on day one. Love that game, I am so addicted...
    My personal game of the year! Really good work UL!
  2. So uh. I'd just like to take this time out of my busy (okay maybe not so busy...I'm still in boxers.) schedule to drop by and say a few things. First; I LOVE THE GAME! You guys are remarkable. Second, there are so many guns that my brain literally went bonkers when I saw the weapons list. (THANK YOU BRANT.) The only downside that I had was that in my first play through, I couldn't find my favorite pistol (also my carry weapon on the daily) in the game, at all. I searched every place I came across through three saves, and nope, didn't find it. Anyway, what I'm getting at is this...There needs to be more State of Decay. Especially some co-op, I know you keep hearing it, but the whole time I was playing and trying to find my pistol, I saw so many ways in which co-op would make the experience that much better. Preferably only maxed out at two players, so that it retains a bit of the tension.

    Thank you guys I'm going to stop adding onto the wall of text. Have a great day, enjoy E3, and please, throw me a Sig Sauer P226? I'm having issues finding it.
    ~ With much Love, Deadpool.
  3. both?? that would be nice
  4. More State of Decay?

    No more, just a PC version for the PC gamers ;)
    DLC would do me lol theres a big burning building at the southern town that i think could be a huge base that could support a big population atm i have maxed out at 16 comfortably at the warehouse.
  6. totally quote..

    and after dlc ,sequels and so on.. with fuel for cars, more crafting and more infection..

    on pc and with rights mods this game can be the best ever
  7. ooooo, i heard cookies!
  8. I don't even have the game yet, but I swear this game looks so good, I'm dying to get it!!! As the girl in the ATT commercial says, "We want more, we want more. Like, you really like it, you want more." I CANT WAIT TO GET THIS GAME, IT LOOKS LIKE EVERYTHING I HAVE WAITED FOR IN A GAME. Good job Undead Labs!
  9. Yes please make it happen, but please before that release the game for PC first!!!!
  10. love ?? i will grow to love it but atm it needs alot more then one patch.... i think you done a great job with sod but why stop there? put everything u got into this.this game is where u start so make it count!!!!!!
  11. I need more SoD. This is the best $20 I have ever spent on anything.
  12. Love this game and would love to have a co op with a mate would make this sweet game even better! Is it in the pipe line?

    I'm not very good at all this keeping up with games and that so might be stupid questions from me now and again lol
  13. Been waiting for a game like this for years. Been playing it like crazy! Great game! good to see some developers who do it for the love, I can feel it in the gameplay. Keep up the good work! Been spreading the word! Got 10 people to check it out. Spreading like a Zed infestation! ill do my part to help you guys go for a million by the end of the month. Game on guys!
  14. I think so. kinda gives a hint if you go on the home page and click the lab link
  15. I will reply here as i do not twitter, AWSOME MORE MORE MORE
  16. Never have I tried a demo a only 5 minuts in I went to buy the game straight away. I have been playing the game for over 15 hours now and I just want more :-D
    Sorry don't Tweet so I reply here :-D
  17. OMG Same here man!! When I started it up I thought "I have a feeling this is going to be a great experience" And well, IT WAS! I bought it the second I left the first safehouse. And I would be playing right now if I wasnt waiting on the update. Ive been suffering so much because I dont want to play it, I NEED to play it.
  18. What's this about?
  19. MrStrange

    MrStrange Got Your Back

    Love it. Its nearly perfect as is. By that, I mean it still needs some patches (which are in the works as I understand), but aside from that, love it. = )
  20. welp i deleted my facebook and twitter to get away from all that nonsense... sooooo i'm replying to this thread!!!! haha.. YES.. I WANT MORE!!!
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