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Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Jeff, Jun 8, 2013.

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  1. brutados

    brutados Starting Off

    No twitter, so I tell you here how much I love your game... It was a crazy nightmare to wait for it because it was looking so nice... And now that I got it, I feel like I stole this amazing game with the little 20$.

    My first game ended with the loss of my favorite character with near 12 hour of play, and my second game, I got about 20 hours of play and still haven't finish to collect everything from the first city !

    Amazing how many fun we can have, thank you so much. And can't wait to buy it again for pc and maybe an second one for pc (for my brother) if we got coop ;)
  2. I love this game. This is easily one of the best zombie game I have played, and certainly the most realistic. I love the attitude of each individual character, and how they become scared, sad, angry, ect. The fact that you have to make supply runs to keep your home base filled and running. And also how your character becomes tired and hurt, making you switch between them. And one last thing, I love how you guys incorporated the leveling-up system into SoD without making it to supernatural. Like how you increase cardio by running, and weapon skill by using the weapons. Seriously, you guys did an amazing job. If you do come out with DLC or a new game, then PLEASE put in some sort of storyline multiplier, that would make this game even better.(If that's even possible) Go Undead Labs!
  3. I agree with every word you have said. I would also like to see the ability to turn off the simulator in the options; I love the simulator but it seems to make the game inaccessible to the casual gamer. For us to get Class4 and the DLC we are craving we need this game to be embraced by the casual gamer as well.

    Undead Labs has done so much right I will give them money gladly to support and show my approval for what they are doing. Getting Undead Labs paid is crucial to us getting what we want from them. So please encourage everyone you know to spend $20; and do tell them the truth; that it will be the best $20 they ever spend on gaming.
  4. Greetings undead Devolpers! :)
    i would love (and not only me but many other's) if you guys could post something on the Home page about the PC version to make sure you Poeple Working on it
    Thank you :)
  5. Oh hell yes. love this game
  6. I've been waiting forca game like this, to come into my life.
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  7. Hallejuia! This is the best game ever! I have not touched a single other game other than SoD. My friends who don't have the game hate me (in a brotherly way, you're not ruining my friendships.) and those who do adore my advice on how to play. Cod can go back to the stores because SoD is the new shooter game in this town!

    Thank you for such a wonderful game.
    P.S. Perma-Death is awesome and annoying, Maya died twice to feral zombies lol. Had to reload cause I'm iron manning it!
  8. Dead Paradox

    Dead Paradox Starting Off

    Why Phil Spencer? Does he fund the game's development?
  9. I would but I don't do twitter. Does he have a facebook? Either way I can't wait to see what happens next with the series. Customizable characters, new weapons, outpost features, home bases, ZOMBIES? I can't get enough LOL
  10. Yes love the game! (also just got the update, thanks for staying active and on issues and such!)
  11. More. We demand more. I would have more to say, but everything I wanted to say has been said, like the game addiction and the lack of Twitter.

    I love this game. There are so many glitches, so much that could be improved, and yet it still is one of the best games I have ever played. This coming from a person who has literally played thousands of games.

    You got it right. I'd love to see just how much more right you can be.
  12. want more.. but FIRST... a PC version is NEEDED!!!!!!!!!
  13. BrainBreaker

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    I would rather see SOD expand with DLC`s, as class 4 will be years from now,expanded maps like big city in the distance,vehicles,weapons,more bases,character creation or clothing options at least.
    That would be THE ULTIMATE BADASSERY! :D
  14. this...

    class 4 and mmo can wait..first expand this beautiful gem
  15. Fresh Ammo

    Fresh Ammo Starting Off

    This game is honestly one of the best games that I have ever played and its better quality then a majority of games on the market that cost 60$, but if they would add co-op then this game would become 10x more fun and a a lot more people would buy it.
  16. By far one of the best game's I have played in all the many year's I have been a gamer. (yes I know what ColecoVision is .. lol)
    This game is up there with Fallout, GTA ,Elder Scrolls and much Much more!!!!.
    My girlfriend's friend come's over and play's it all the f*&^%*ng time as she dose not have a 360 she's getting one so she can play the game.
    After my friends played it at my place they all got it I have been telling people to try the demo to many to count. Halo, Defiance... infact all other games I have I stoped playing but for SoD so ya I say I give this a 10 out of 10 for sure I love this game best 20$ I ever spent.

    I want more SoD and willing to spend 20$ more an so on for a DLC I think almost all of us would? ( just think of all the money you can make off of us gamer's lol )

    It would be great if you could hold a few rucksacks in a truck like 4 or 3 and car's 1 or 2 instead of what we do now to do it
    ( just the trucks )

    Co op would be good just 2 I think any more would be over kill

    give people orders... so youre not stuck in a a room with one way out you.... can tell them to get the hell out of your way lol

    If the 3 things i said happen in a Update... or DLC then this will be the best game out for the 360 it is already in my opinion one of the best zombie games out and if it dose get the 3 things i said done then it wil be the best one
    I can see how much you all put in this game and us gamer's thank you :eek:

    I'll be getting a Xbox1 if there is more SoD to come like ( SoD 2 ):rolleyes::confused:
  17. Félicitation undead labs pour votre jeu ;)

    Pour moi la coop à faire vu la carte c'est seulement à 2 joueurs ,
    sinon à voir plus après suite au DLC. :rolleyes:
    Congratulations undead labs for your game;)

    For me the coop to see what the Map: it's only 2 players
    Or wait after following DLC.

    Et encore THANK YOU :cool: Continued......
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  18. xbox live patch today thank
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  19. Keep up the good work!

    You guys have done an amazing job with this game. The number of copies you manage to sell in the first week was mind-blowing. Best $20 dollars I've spent on anything. I would really like to see more in the future. A setting in the city would be a great follow up to this one and I remember seeing the city in the background near the river. As far as the gameplay goes I know that there is much more interactive elements to come. Keep up the good work guys!
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