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Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Jeff, Jun 8, 2013.

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  1. I aint got a twitter account but got my girlfriend to log into hers just so I could say GIVE ME MORE SOD lol to Jeff and the guys at UL you have done a great job with this game and its admirable the way in which you go about working with the gamers to find the bugs and fix the game along with putting our ideas to the test and adding what the community ask for. Very refreshing and long may it continue.
  2. Read the forums , lazy sons of beaches.

  3. more state of decay .with dlc new maps, new gameplay mechanics and why not, a state of decay 2 and not only coo-op or MMO...

    state of decay is an outstandig single player experience and i want to play it and the sequel in single player mode and dont want to be constrained to play in coop or online only..

    class 4 can wait for me and i'll buy everthing can do more state of decay single player experience but not MMO
  4. please please please more state of decay.
  5. Hello Undead Jeff
    I'm sorry but i don't have a Twitter account.
    And yes I'd love to play your game it is the best games i have played since GTA 4. Please don't stop doing what you do best. I will buy every adds on you will make.
    You at Undead labs hare the best.
    Thank you.
  6. What if we got a DLC that in the upcoming sandbox mode added more survivors or vehicle attachments new guns new bas faciltys new home sites and maybe a new area because I have almost depleted everything in the map my garden is already fully leveled up but I used up most of the ammo in the game I already depleted everything near synder and more than half of marshall and now I have to go up to the wilikersons area and the fairgrounds for supplies the only reason I haven't moved there is because I cant find 50 materials
  7. please give us more state of decay,, but not only MMO ( i dont live them) but a SoD 2 with better and imporoved game mechanics, graphics , a big world , coop, and EVEN MMO

    dont ruin this fantastic IP with MMO
  8. Hydrophobiac

    Hydrophobiac Starting Off

    More SOD and more braiiiiiiiiiiiiiinsssssssssssss !
  9. shametal

    shametal Starting Off

    yessss i need more state of decay
  10. I started t twitter account just for this. Please more content. Doc maps story content maybe even coop but leave the memo stuff to days and wars I would hate to see this awesome game turn into a bunch of bags camping out killing off all your survivors I am not against survivor on survivor feuding and raiding survivor camps but there has got to be a better way than the grating that goes on in dayz and warz sorry if off topic got a little wound up there:)
    Sorry meant dlc not doc
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  11. I want to explore the City.. Not in a new game, but in DLC :p I'm hoping a new game will have nothing to do with the survivors of this game
  12. I love State of Decay, but as we all know, the game wont make it a solid 10/10 until it has co-op. I's ridiculous trying to grow in the game, when you have no support. The games replay value is low at this point, beat the game on day 1. I would play this game nonstop if it was co-op and I would say this game is hands down the best. I know you guys are working on it, but it's just sad to see the game out and not at its full potential. I'm not meaning to be a troll, but I love this game and would like to reek havoc with a few friends rather than play single player. Keep up with the good work and PLEASE come out with a co-op patch or something. :D
  13. If I had Twitter I would, but I don't support social networks like them or Facebook and all that other stuff. Though I might break down and sign up just to send a single tweet. Then forget my twitter ever exists from then on haha.
  14. JussBL4ZE

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    Really hope some DLC will be offered to extend the content. Although I love playing and sandboxing, I can never have enough... Maybe adding a little bit to the map.. Or adding new vehicles, guns, weapons, zombies. Ill take just about anything you can give me.

    I think someone else had this idea already.. But it would be cool to play as another faction's perspective.. Ie.. the Army, Wilkinsons, the SWAT..
  15. Survivor horde mode will be exciting for the next DLC
  16. YES! DLC would be FANTASTIC!
  17. If this ever happens, I'll die a happy man.
  18. Rusty

    Rusty Got Your Back

    Hopefully the north west section of the map that is unused at this time will be a place for a future dlc town to explore. :)
  19. ShadowFlipsy

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    Anything for us PC gamers ?
  20. That feel when you see buildings from the dam, but you can't go there. :(
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