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Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Jeff, Jun 8, 2013.

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  1. Don't have a twitter account, but "Yes please!" More State of Decay with all the great ideas you guys had that couldn't get packed into the original!

    Some cool additions like operable boats for the water parts of the map and zombie dogs would be very nice too. :)
  2. Well, I have to say, I originally purchased this for kid as an earily B-Day gift, two weeks later and I think she been allowed a total of 3 hours on the game (yes im a bad parent) but I blame Undead labs for making the game so addictive, all I can say is more maps with a side order of sandbox mod...if you dont mind
  3. I love state of decay ONLY problem is that there is no online multiplayer it would be cool if there was free roam multiplayer.
  4. I dont tweet but i def want more...let us leave the valley!!!!
  5. Done
    I did what you asked .... now come on I got my money ready.
    SoD dlc or a new one Im waiting with joy lol :eek:
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  6. No i don't want to see a multiplayer where humans kill you more than zombies do. Just a coop mode.
  7. I don't tweet can I email someone or sign a petition for more amazing games from UndeadLabs?
  8. - DLC Maps
    - New types of Zombie Freaks (children/kids, animals, etc.)
    - Adding aggressive-violent NPC Survivors (vigilantes, cannibals, thieves, etc.)
    - Unique random-events (a plane that crashes, a boat full of zombies crashes on the borders of a lake, etc.)
    - New home locations

    I would love to see anything like that! :) (Posted on twitter, really want to have new stuff! That game is pure awesomeness!)
  9. Bravo SOD, Bravo. -_-

  10. this!!!

  11. Secretz

    Secretz Starting Off

    Just give us State of Decay 2 on an actual DVD (or Bluray!) with all the stuff you guys couldn't fit into the first one plus more!
  12. Not forgetting Digital too.
  13. Survivor mode

    Waves of zeds attacking our Home base. Rebuilding of wires, traps and etc..... Three Home base to begin with. Falling back to next Home base when the first fell to zeds. Failure when all our three HB goes down. Reduce the map size from 16 to 8 so less game lag when huge horde of zeds is on screen. Each HB will get an Special attack/defense weapon. Special weapon could be either mounted on watch tower or carry by group member.
  14. I don't tweet, but HELL YEAH !!!!!!!!!!!
  15. SapLivion

    SapLivion Starting Off

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm more state, sure. id like a free shirt plz haha
  16. CTANKEP32

    CTANKEP32 Starting Off

    Elegant in it's simplicity, marvelous in it's complexeties, this game is so awesome, i've been looking forward to something like this for yonks and State of Decay is everything i thought it would be and more than i imagined,

    The understated horror of this Zombie apocolypse sim is very clever, keep up the great work everyone!
  17. UL, make a series! After beating the game, I end up thinking that there will be another sequel? That's what I'm interpreting the ending as. Will it take place in a city where its infested with the undead? Or perhaps trying to escape by boat but ended up in another infested area? The possibilities are endless when you take ideas from other zombie movies! Awesome game. Replaying it the second time and I'm still not tired of it.
  18. BrainBreaker

    BrainBreaker Starting Off

    What I hope is that SoD expand into 60$ AAA title it was worth,with help of 5-10$ DLC`s,space would not be an issue with 2GB for each DLC,and there could be endless posibilitys of what could be added on :)
    I would also like to see map expand and evolve,like it did after release in War z,in wich it slowly expanded,something I would like to see on SoD,more houses,highways,forests and cities.
  19. Wake up NE0

    Wake up NE0 Starting Off

    Hoping for Class 4, on PC and Xbox one in 2014 :)
  20. Calloveri

    Calloveri Starting Off

    I'm not going to be alive if i hear that the state of decay will be released next year 2014 on the PC! :,(
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