More time to scavenge/do what you want or mission overload?

Discussion in 'Polls' started by markwynters, Jul 30, 2017.

  1. Yes, I want lily annoying me.

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  2. No, I want to explore & scavenge

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  1. I feel like in breakdown it was always mission after mission and no time to go out and scavenge for items/supplies without lily calling in telling you that there's a enclave needing help or something. Lily would get annoying after a while "Are you gonna go look into those survivors that i mentioned?"
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  2. Bob Crees

    Bob Crees Banned

    To be honest I do not mind Lily and her missions. I can cut out her voice from my mind, if I want to:)
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  3. andydabeast

    andydabeast Got Your Back

    I really like the Dead Rising 2 style of gameplay where there are lots of things to do, most optional, some required. You cannot do everything in your first playthrough. Maybe by chance some side quests don't even appear? Maybe by doing this one obscure side quest early on that person you saved or whatever comes back with more optional things to do that wouldn't otherwise be available.

    I think making it possible to do everything in one playthrough would be a mistake. Hard choices we make in one quest should influence which side quests are available later on.

    I have 48 hours in Dead Rising 2 with not everything done and only 24 hours in Dead Rising 3 with everything done. In DR3 they relaxed the timer. Keep the replay-ability alive!
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  4. zechs

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    I tend to ignore all support/back up missions. If my people can get themselves into trouble, they can handle it.
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